How to prevent throwing up during pregnancy

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Avatar n tn one of the reasons i think i do this is cause last spring me and my mother where walking around in the mall when i felt very sick so i headed for a bathroom but unfortunatley i didn't make it i throw up about 3 to 4 times on the way to the bathroom and i was totally embarassed bout the whole thing and the fact i hate throwing up period!!!
2081089 tn?1334992025 This has been a long journey for me bc I have not been able to completely enjoy my pregnancy because of my strong headaches which lead to throwing up. It's not my blood pressure bc thats is great and I'm six months or 25 weeks tomorrow. I went to the hospital but the say it's normal. What do I do? Btw tylenol is my best friend.
Avatar n tn I am suffering so much already and my poor husband is horrified to see me crying and wailing and throwing up from pain...already! How do I control this pain at night? I stayed home from work today but know that I cannot go through this every day and leave my patients and my job hanging. I'm ranting now...I am just so so so desperate for relief..already.
9764007 tn?1405811428 But now what really gets me is that it's happening more at night.. this morning aka around 2am ish I woke up throwing up in my sleep throat on fire and belly pains aka tightness in my belly.. my other pregnancy was nothing like the the acid attacks only happened during the day now it's at night and I'm kinda getting scared I might choke in my sleep and you know the rest...
Avatar n tn I really can't say that I understand any of this. My first point, I know that both of you girls are hurting. But some 14 years ago, I suffered from migraine and tension type headaches.. The doctor put me on fior #3. I got pregnant about a year after being put on that medication, that is what me and my husband wanted... After 2 months of trying, we were so happy and that is the last day I ever took that medication, when i took the home pregnancy test and found out that way....
Avatar n tn she needs help and you can't save her could she be lying - probably - even if she isn't - in 8 months go though the legal stuff and share parenting or get the kid away from her - but it won't do any good to stay if she is! Ask her to pea on a stick for you.
Avatar n tn 1. If your allergies show up during ur period, chances are you are allergic to something or the other. Get an allergy test done. Also, get your IgE levels and Eisenophilia checked. It is usually one of the three. 2. Wash your hands very very often! Sounds lame, but it really helps 3. Exercise! It has helped me immensely!
Avatar n tn Were you able to find out anymore info on how to tell if you are ovulating? I actually just started having the O pains yesterday and I checked my cervix and it feels pretty soft which is one way to know. Normally the cervix is a little hard like your nose. I'm going to check for the next few days to compare the way it feels.
159744 tn?1233726298 It if funny how things work, so many women long for a healthy pregnancy and cant and women who try to prevent it conceive. It is a mystery but there really is no need for the guilt. You did try to prevent it. You are still young and you are educated. Maybe try turning your sadness and guilt into an overwhelming Joy for a perfect stranger.
Avatar f tn anyhow i just hope that ppl will learn that if they dont want a child to do something to PREVENT pregnancy....too many abortions really will mess with a woman's body anyhow.
Avatar f tn bowing down to the porcelain god after a night of partying, passing gas during lovemaking, runny nosed and hacking up a lung during a bout with the flu, squatting to pee in the woods during an outdoor sporting event etc. etc. etc. And if those things happened in the company of someone who really loves you, they probably still loved you just as much, or even more, afterwards. Cuz hey, you’re human!
Avatar n tn and the doctors don't seem to care. The pain is mild during the day if I'm up and around, but lying in bed is pure agony. I've read all these comments, but so far no one has said they found an answer. I sure wish I knew a Dr. House around here..
Avatar n tn An hour ago, I took a old hpt I had from almost a year ago and it was negative. That caused me to panic, googling 'negative pregnancy test ivf ' and that is how I ended up here. I will follow everyone's advice and wait until my doctor's test March 24th. It's just sooo hard to wait. Best wishes to all on our quest to motherhood.
Avatar n tn i have been extremely tired, some foods i have put in front of me and start to eat and have to stop because the taste makes me nauseated and these are foods i have eaten before, my breast were tender but that is not as noticeable, and i am feel more cramping, more urination, lower back pain, and my husband says i have a different overall scent, but i was bad an took an at home test a few days ago and i guess the test worked but the line was so faint i could barely see it and had to hold it up
Avatar n tn I am looking forward to trying again but I really wish that this never had to happen. P.S. I forgot to ask my long does one have to wait in order to have sex. He did advise to wait three months to get pregnant but i forgot to ask him that important question.
Avatar n tn I am at that point where my bleedings are getting longer each month (now about 12 days a month with huge blood clothes) + I have major cramps every month during ovulation, I can barerly stand up, and my migraines are out of control, I have to take narcotics.... The docs says we can take it out and maybe have another baby now - I asked him will he pay for all the formulas and diapers? I can barely pay for the gas right now!!!!! I want a baby 5 years from now and not now!
Avatar n tn The problem im running into being that I dont have insurace that its hard for me to find anyone to do a blood test on me they tell that they cant to a blood pregnancy test because I have had a tubal. I have come to the point as to say I know my body well enough I have had 3 kids and I know in my own little way im pregnant so im just going ot wait until the baby comes. I am so frustrated with this situation.
Avatar n tn Please keep me up to date on everyones pregnancy I too want to get pregnant after ablation, my lining is 5.5 to 5.9mm, has anyone tried viagra vaginally? Please email me if you want, delete the spaces, this is the only way i can include my email address, good luck danielle dsl 213 @ adelphia.
Avatar n tn Okay so to add to my story.. I had my first af on 8/12 so I guess I'm ready to ttc. Baby Dust to All!!
Avatar f tn I had my HSG done abt 2 1/2 wks ago ~ I was due to ov last mon,but unless i some how missed it with my ov testing I don't seem to have. Has anyone else found this??????
Avatar f tn stage where everything is wonderful, then it keeps cycling over and over. Been there, done that. For years I thot that was how it was supposed to be, and I woke up one day and realized I had all I could take. Someone once told me that when you think uve had all u can take, ull take some more until it breaks. And after the break comes relief-its over, its done, u stood ur ground and cant be hurt by his yelling any longer! I hope it works out for you! If you need help/advice, just message me!
Avatar f tn i transfered 3 embies&suppose there r 3 to freeze in lab but they were growing slower so they said will wait till reach good size then freeze but for my 3 transfered they were good at exact time of transfer,my transfer was last thursday 24/4 &still i'll test pregnancy next thursday,a whole waiting week waits me,u said u'll make 3rd beta test,how many times do we make it?is it quantitative or qualitative?
Avatar n tn Hey, I went into the docs again today and he did a quantative blood count test to check to see how much of the pregnancy hormone I have and he said it was very low (as it should be if I just got pregnant), but I am still bleeding after peeing sometimes and the doctor said his suspision is an early miscarriage. i Just dont understand how that could be since i took a home pregnacy test 2 days before the bleeding and it was neg then i took it during the bleeding and it was positive.
Avatar f tn look plain and simple you are the one in control of your life narcotics are the devils drug, my withdrawls lasted almost a full year till my body got back to normal, the hard withdrawls where the famous feeling like a dead fish flopping outside of the water, cold chills, shaking badly after i woke up, couldent or dident want to move at all, throwing up for no reason, peeeing out of my rear end, pure hell..
Avatar n tn Dont give up yet it is known for some women to have pregnancy symptoms similar to period symptoms. Also my doctor said sometimes women spot during implanation. When do you go back for your pregnancy test? Did you have any symptoms from the day of IuI until now? I am on day 6 and I have no symptoms so I am worrying also.
Avatar f tn My BP(blood pressure) was always Normal. Within the first two wks(after Delivery) i lost 40lb, not fat- but water. During pregnancy i felt like a cow, and didnt want to go anywhere........ everyone whos been there knows. We are currently deciding on whether to have a second one...... our daughter turned one a couple months ago and we want our children close in age.
Avatar n tn After surgery he said he removed a little bit of tissue but not much just while he was up there. He told me to take a pregnancy test a week later and if it was negative than nothing to worry about. My bleeding turned into spotting and I thought this whole ordeal was over...until i took the pregnancy test..POSITIVE!! Went to the doc...checked my levels every two days..they were going up, so he wanted to see me did an ultra sound found nothing in my uterus...
Avatar n tn Hi, I just had 2 shots of Methatrexate to abort my ectopic pregnancy. It's amazing how fast we go from being pregnant to getting injected with chemotherapy. I thought I was miscarrying last week because I was bleeding heavily. My doctor's office kept instructing me to have blood work done at the lab to test my HCG levels (I wanted to go in to see my doctor, but you know the drill. . .too early for them to see anything).