How to prevent a stroke after a tia

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Avatar n tn sounds like the doc could have been more aggressive and got you a catscan sooner. if they catch a stroke within 3 hours you could have gotten the TPA drug to help with the blood clot. but i am not a doc-just a family member who is still going through the process of stroke (dad) and has read up on stroke for hours and hours.
Avatar n tn She doesnt believe it to be a tia. there have been many symptoms after and she believes them to be stress related.
Avatar n tn How does one know if they have had a mini-stroke especially if their Doctor is not willing to do further tests? What tests of the head or brain are available to determine this ? Do tell, please, as my Doctor says there is nothing I can do but live with the attacks which I have now had 4 of in just over a week ! He seems to think they are just Migraine Variants but they really present like a min-stoke and my family thinks s too. Ta, K.
Avatar n tn Hi everyone! Hop all is well and kicking the stroke's ass!  I was just wondering, what do you do during a mini stroke? Do you get up and start walking around to get the blood flow going, (that's what I do), or do you sit down and relax? It's crazy that this mini stroke came back into my life! I had it come and go for about six months when I was younger back in 2006. When it happened back then, my whole right side of my body was paralyzed.
Avatar f tn I recovered very well; but last week I had what I thought was the start of another stroke, it turned out to be a TIA. I am 62 years of age, and work full time; I don't smoke, exercise daily, drink an occasional glass of red wine and eat healthily. Now I am so worried that I will have another massive stroke and that I won't be as lucky next time. The only symptoms that I have from my TIA are intense weakness and fatigue and an ongoing nagging headache.
Avatar f tn Could you tell me exactly what symptoms you had? My doctor seems to think it wasn't a stroke. He said nothing of a TIA, so now I am confused of what exactly happened to me that day. They did a CT scan of the brain (this came back normal), then they did an MRI of the brain and this came back clear as well. I am scared because I haven't a clue as to what happened to me that day. Those were all of the symptoms of a TIA and they are saying it wasn't one.
Avatar f tn m so glad that you got to see a decent neurologist. The rate of having a full stroke within 5 years of having a TIA is about 33%. So I'm glad that you're taking measures to prevent one. There are other recommendations as well if you go on-line such as exercise and eating fruits and vegetables--along with your other food of course. Don't smoke--a big risk.
Avatar f tn Why were you put on Plavix in the beginning... for heart attack or stroke? Absolutely going off of it can lead to a mini-stroke/TIA, but going odd wont CAUSE one. Unfortunately you have to go off before a biopsy as it makes your blood thinner and there is too much risk of bleeding. Don't worry too much about the TIA, most have no long standing effects unless you have a LOT of them. So you want to go back on the Plavix and DON'T miss any doses! It should work right away.
Avatar n tn I'm also 49,no high blood pressure,I quit smoking about20 years ago. And I took a stroke 3 1/2 years ago. It's absolutely the worst. Please go see a neurologist, do whatever you need to do to prevent this from happening to you! I had a tingleing sensation in my upper back, near my neck. I went to a regular doctor, who told me I was in good health,she gave me some samples of Plavix,which I disn't take. All I should have done was gone to a neurologist.
Avatar f tn She described a feeling like someone putting pressure on the right side of her face and pulling down over. I thought it might have been a TIA/stroke and I am wondering if she should request to see a neurologist??
Avatar f tn Delaying surgery longer than 2 weeks increases the risk for stroke, because people are more likely to have a stroke in the first few days and weeks after a first stroke or a TIA. The likelihood of complications from carotid endarterectomy varies, depending on the skill and experience of the surgeon.
Avatar f tn we need to have faith in god & take a good recovery after a mini or a full stroke, good healthy diet, try no to stress out & take everything easy. i had a mini stroke on my rightside brain 29 years old with 3 kids 2 months ago it was a horrible experience still recovering from & praying for all the people with this same bad experience. God will help you.
1481176 tn?1291392092 A TIA is different than a stroke. Unlike from a stroke, a TIA does not cause brain tissue to die. The symptoms of TIAs do not last as long as a stroke and do not show changes on CT or MRI scans. (Strokes usually show changes on such tests.
4837124 tn?1359906493 2 weeks ago, while I was having a conversation with my handyman, I suffered a severe headache, feeling like my head was going to explode. (A year ago had a heart attack and stent implant.) My first reaction was to get a painkiller, which I did. Then I thought I should take my blood pressure, I got my cuff and sat down at the table. Then before taking my bloodpressure, I thought "what if I'm having a heart attack", so I went to the fridge to get a nitroglycerin and sat back down.
Avatar n tn Please consult a cardiologist and neurologist as soon as possible to go through all the investigations like Computerized tomography(CT scan), MRI scan, MRA (magnetic resonance angiogram), Computerized tomography with angiography, Conventional angiogram, Carotid Doppler ultrasound, Heart tests and Blood tests to detect inflammation of the arteries. Please take treatment to avoid stroke according to your risk factors. Hope this helps you. Take care and regards!
Avatar f tn My gp referred my case to stroke consultant who without seeing me referred my case back to gp. and im not getting anywhere. are these symptoms related to the TIA im still so tired, sleep alll the time etc.
Avatar f tn I'm 22 and had a TIA transient ezchemic attack (minor stroke) when I was 24 weeks. Justbwondering if anyone else has had one of these and what your doctor did to prevent more TIAs and even massive stroke. I'm currently taking asprin which thins my blood out and I'm a little nervous about taking it as I get closer to my due date.
Avatar f tn Has your mom tried to get copies of your dad's medical records? My father-in-law died and when my husband needed to know about his father's medical history, we were able to get copies of the records. That might give you the information you need to share with your doctor. If you don't mind my asking, how do you know you had a TIA? I'm going for an MRI tomorrow to rule out stroke/TIA because of a visual problem and on a separate occasion, arm weakness.
Avatar f tn When I was first diagnoised with a-fib my EP put me on 325mg of aspirin because it was considered a "lone" a-fib. About a year later I was switched to coumadin because my a-fib changed to a "rapid" a-fib and I had also developed a-flutter even thou my "chads" score was still a zero.
Avatar m tn Smoking and drinking are both high risk factors for stroke. I would suggest that you make a radical decision to give up both and maintain a healthier life-style.
183202 tn?1219853659 and got pissed at me. I have no family support if I choose to stop the BCP. But I am scared about getting a TIA or stroke, and I want to decrease my chances, esp. after the scare and after what happened to my BF's dad. What to do?
2086874 tn?1332686494 Thanks went to hospital today it was a TIA mini stroke more test on the way but thankyou x
Avatar f tn My symptoms are sudden onset and the headache seems to come on after the stroke like sypmtoms have started but last for days after. I am not a Dr hopper - I go to the Dr 2x a year - my physical & to get a refill on situational depression meds. The episodes also leave me completely fatigued for days. My symptoms are: limbs get weak, disoriented, slurred speech, right side of my face is tingly, right side weakness. These episodes have totally disrupted my life.
Avatar m tn And they usually show up on imaging studies. In the absence of a lesion, it could be a TIA. TIA or transient ischemic attack, which as the name indicates there is a temporary lack of blood flow to a particular part of the brain. This usually recovers, but these people are more prone for strokes. For the TIA, if you are a hypertensive or diabetic, ensure to keep these under check. Eat healthy, a low salt and oily diet and exercise regularly.
Avatar n tn We have been married 40 years and now both retired, he can not work due to stroke(also a blow to ego), together 24/7, not good. If he becomes really mean I don't know what we''ll do, so for now I guess we take it a day at a time. Definetly, stroke related and I miss the man I once knew..Take care and good luck..