How to pass a urine test for opiates

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Avatar m tn Hello I've been taking anywhere from 40mg to 180mg of oxycodone a day for atleast 5 yrs now and have an upcoming urine test for my new job in 3 weeks . I don't take these for fun they are for pain L4 L5 so right knee both wrists and hands . am 43 yrs old been doing moving for 20 yrs . Dr stopped giving me script because I won't get surgeries due to can't miss alot of work also don't want to affect my performance or ruin it altogether .
Avatar m tn to give her some Rx so she could pass a urine test for one of her part time jobs. Her mother (not sure of her sanity) recently called me saying she was taking her grandmothers pain meds. A very close family friend just told me she took 20 pain pills from her 13 yr old son who was just involved in a atv accident. I have no doubt in my mind that she has a problem but I have no solid evidence to approach her with. Her mother is about to drive me nuts to confront her. Where do I start?
Avatar f tn I am sure you feel relief and take this as a sign that someone is watching out for you and wants you to be a mother. Now it is time to put all of that behind you and take care of you and your baby. Be responsible and cherish each day you get. No more slip ups, stay strong.
Avatar m tn I believe the military uses hair folicle testing, if they do YES you will pop positive for opiates, if they don't and nows the time to call a far off recruiter to find out; go get some Vales test clean and follow the instructions if you are taking a UA..if it's a blood plasma level, your still gonna test positive. How are your w/d's from your opiates coming. Been there honey, I know how bad it usually starts the 3rd day and lasts for about 2 weeks. So, if you get in on this UA...
1381087 tn?1279226927 First off let me say that I've never used Fentanyl ever and haven't had to do a urine test. I do take vicodin for my pain. But what I wanted to say is kind of what you were talking about, I've been reading on the posts lately and it does seem like there are quite a few people that are failing the urine tests with the fentanyl.
998456 tn?1249914105 I began to worry 2 days ago when i went in for a pre c section surgery run down basically, and i was asked to give a urine sample , i know if they test that sample that it will come up positivie for opiates, if they were to test me again on tuesday the day i have the c section i know i will come up clean but ive been reading that they can test the baby and that the results from that can go back months meaning there would be opiates in his system too, I really just want to know what to expect he
Avatar m tn Would ingesting or chewing a piece be enough to have a positive urine test? How quickly does Fentanyl show in the urine? My previous tests have not been a problem because I've had 'accepted level' of Fentanyl....though I don't know what that is. Previously I was on oxcodone for over 7 yrs and when I started abusing, I was switched to the patch and have not abused since. I'm so relieved to finally have a constant relief to the worst of the pain that I do NOT want to risk loosing this relief.
535089 tn?1400677119 Vicks Formula 44M containing Dextromethorphan, and Primatene-M containing perylamine as well as the pain reliever Demerol, and prescription anti-depressant Elavil test positive for opiates up to three days. Even Quinine water can also cause a positive reading for opiates. Poppy Seeds such as the ones on a bagel from your favorite deli, etc. The journal of Clinical Chemistry Vol.33 No.
Avatar f tn The "official" taper was suppose to start tomarrow (Thurs) but I was running low waiting for my script to fill so had to start it early (the day before yesterday) I had no idea there was going to be a random and they do in fact test for the "levels" to see if u have exceeded your script so u can have a script and still get caught (I am also a urine and saliva drug tester) but since I was in the limits at the time and I also pee alot I am hoping it is going to be fine.
Avatar f tn I had the same thing happen to me a few months ago, except my urine tested negative for both of the opiates that I'm prescribed (methadone and oxycodone). My doctor stated that the urine cup that I used must have been defective, and that was the end of it, lucky for me (I did offer to give another sample, which the doctor declined to accept, maybe due to the cost of the "instant result" test cup?).
Avatar n tn Opiates are generally detectable for 2-3 days and sometimes up to five. A drugs half life and detection time are not the same thing. Fentanyl has a half life of 1.5 hours and it is detectable up to three days.
Avatar m tn i totally agree the dose is huge and not healthy and i want to be clean. Having said that, a drug test for a job i want is great motivation to get clean. coming down off of 300 will not be easy. Going cold turkey would be a horror. I have taken adderall the last time i was looking to get clean for the withdrawals and for the most part it helped. obviously i don't have that option now. as for the script, i had major surgery 5 1/2 weeks ago and will need another MRI - so there are issues.
Avatar f tn i said to her anything is possible i do take sleeping meds and there are times i have awaken and taken meds so i said is this a problem, she had said no this is just for your consent for us to take this urine test.( I thought she had noted this on the form ). As always i just signed it . Just so you understand my nurse practitioner and I have a open and honest relationship of trust i keep nothing from her ,I have never in over 20 years raised a red flag,I have turned down meds .
998456 tn?1249914105 I began to worry 2 days ago when i went in for a pre c section surgery run down basically, and i was asked to give a urine sample , i know if they test that sample that it will come up positivie for opiates, if they were to test me again on tuesday the day i have the c section i know i will come up clean but ive been reading that they can test the baby and that the results from that can go back months meaning there would be opiates in his system too, I really just want to know what to expect he
Avatar f tn You need to be on top of this if you want care in the future. I know how hard it is to find good pain management care. You may have to drive a ways for your new doctor. I live out in the boone docks as well and I drive 60 miles one way. Good luck.
Avatar f tn I'm prescribed Norco but wanted to know if they do a simple test that will just tell them if you have opiates in your system or if they do one that can tell which opiate is in your system. I'm just worried because I was cut from 6 norco a day (my primary had me on that many) to 3 a day. Some days were worse than others so I took more. This was before I really knew that they could tell what you've been taking. So I've taken some oxy's to help.
Avatar m tn You are under no obligation to reveal any medical condition. However an employer does have the right to preform a drug test and opiates will show up in your drug screen. I was probably too honest during my last interview for a medical facility in 2007. I told them that I took pain medication that would show in my drug screen and I have a physician's note with me attesting to that fact.
Avatar f tn We aren't asking for drugs and whatever tests they require, homework to do, we will happily do it if they would give us a chance. I understand how hard it is for a doctor to look at someone who is physically normal in every way with no health problems, to just treat them for pain, but it has reached a point that I worry about him taking his own life if we can't find some way to put his life back together.
Avatar n tn From the time I was 8 years old to the time I was 15 years old I spent my life in Rehabs for a year at a time and sometimes more. I know some of you ask how I had access at that age to the stuff, but I had a broither who was 5 years older than me and since I was always the one in trouble, they never payed attention to what he was in to. I just want to tell you that it does get better with time. I can honestly say that I do not have and have not had the urge to drink or pop a pill etc.
Avatar f tn I could see how a job like that may not allow for a person to be on a narcotic or other similar type med. That wouldn't be discrimination, but rather a job requirement that an employee not be on ANY kind of mind altering substance. I'm simply saying I don't think this is as cut and dry as you might think.
Avatar m tn why have you not ever bashed anyone for giving tapering advice on any other pain meds? There are posts on here all the time for people asking a how to taper or how to get off their meds. When it comes to benzos or tramodol people always say it must be tapered due to certain risks. Robert is not telling the guy to just stop cold turkey. He said he would share his knowledge that he has because he has tapered off of it himself and has helped many start the process.
1684282 tn?1505701570 National Center for Injury Prevention and Control Opioids are a large family of biologically active peptides that bind to and activate receptors in humans and can reduce pain and induce euphoria. Humans have a voracious appetite for opioids to the extent that our own brains produce them (eg, endorphins), and many people avidly consume those that are produced by plants or synthesized by factories in our environment.
Avatar n tn I'm starting a new job and they will ask for a drug test. How soon do I need to get off of them so it don't show up on my test. Thanks.
Avatar m tn Hair tests are expensive, employers threaten use to gauge a reaction of a potential employee. They will only ACTUALLY pay for a pee test. Which are easy to pass if you get in a bind, you can buy urine substitution kits etc online. Really, known people hiring to do this a hundred times over, but please don't think that means they won't find out IF YOU KEEP USING. There's a slim to 0.
Avatar f tn I have several other conditions in which I require pain management. My stones go in streaks - for example I can pass 3-4 in a few weeks time then go a month or two before I pass one again. I actually went close to a year before I passed my last one about a month ago. The few years prior to that it was at least monthly - though most were passed at home and I never "reported" them. I've even gone as long as 3 months without passing a stone.
458998 tn?1208336243 I helped my 8 year old through a being bullied crisis, when I was using I wouldn't have gave a f--k about something like that. 25. No fear of a random urine test. 26. Return of self-esteem. 27. No coping of bad decisions made while high. 28. I have something to be proud of instead of something to hide! 29.
Avatar m tn I have been smoking pot since I was 20 years old but when I lost my job in March, I immediatly stopped because I didn't want to blow any new job opportunity due to a urine test. in fact, I am on my way to another doctor today because since I stopped I can no longer control my blood sugar with diet ( I have type II) and my blood pressure is out of control (never had that problem b4 either) anyway, I'm sure this disscussion should be on another forum.
Avatar f tn You can find IC friendly doctors in your area who you may need to see. Even if you go for a single appointment as a second opinion, you cn get a treament plan established that your local Urologist can follow. Many patients need to be seen in a special pain clinic and a regimen of pain medication recommended. Its not uncommon for an IC patient to need a local Urologist and Gynecologist, a pain management specialist and possibly a regional IC expert to help coordinate care make suggestions.