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Avatar f tn Certainly, the decision to take a medication to help treat anxiety and panic is a personal one. You have to decide if it's something you are willing to try or not. I don't know how debilitating your symptoms are, but if they're bad, I would think it's reasonable to try a med to help get the symptoms under control, while you work in therapy. How often do you go to therapy? You may need more frequent sessions.
Avatar n tn I know exactly how you feel, I get the same way, mostly everytime I get in the car, If someone;s with me I try to get them to drive instead, and even with that I get nervous but not as bad as when Im behind the wheel, Try to keep your mind busy while driving, think of positive things and say to yourself "Im ok, Your ok, I'll get througgh this, nothing bad will happen, it will be ok, ill be home soon" Positive self talk can make a big difference, dont give the anxiety a chance to take o
Avatar m tn The bottom line that we all need to remember is that many times we assume (or are supposed to assume) that doctors know what they are talking about. Many of us already know that this is incorrect. We need to move away from the mindset that we simply need to be at a doctor's ideology of what is and what isn't. Although, it seems as though that is what this post is all about.
Avatar m tn Hit the trail the next day, and almost got struck by a Rattlesnake, only by sheer luck, the snake missed, so can't say that the trip into the wilderness was all that helpful to my anxiety problem, although it did provide additional exercise in running back to my car to get the ( you know ) out of there.
Avatar f tn This morning my anxiety was a little higher than it's been in the last few days so I wanted to see how I would react to the Kolonpin while I was at home as opposed to at work. Have you started taking it yet? If so how is it working for you?
Avatar f tn If its something we need to work out or go over he immediately rolls his eyes in annoyance an gets pissy where its useless to even continue talking to him, then he will get mad that I no longer want to talk to him about whatever we were talking about or going to talk about an yell about that. He says he wakes up in a bad mood, but he is ALWAYS in a bad mood, I am waiting to see him in a good mood.
1514613 tn?1385096318 I can relate to this. I am addicted to the internet, especially this site. When ever I am on this site I feel safe. I cant deal with everyday problems either, even small things like answer a phone. I take a SSRI, my severe depression symptoms are gone, but my avoiding behaviors are still there. Basically I avoid people and communication. I feel like I have no motivation to do anything except distract myself with the internet. I have a lot of ideas I just have a hard time getting motivated.
Avatar m tn I would never take more than a tab 5 at once b/c I would feel like I am wasting money then. He said my problem is I have nothing to occupy my time. I work in sales and I am my own boss. I am in a field where you might work hard for a day then maybe 1 hour a day the rest of the week. My office is my home and in my office is the root of this evil. VIDEO GAME SYSTEMS. I loved to take a pill and play games. That was it. I did that for four years off and on.
Avatar m tn When you’re sitting there and you hold it, and breathe, you can feel the muscles higher up in the colon participating in the process. The more they start to work on their own, the stronger they get, just like any other muscles in the body. Juicing: I love juicing, however, it doesn’t work for me when I’m dealing with a flare-up. I would in fact recommend against it, unless it’s a small supplement to a meal.
Avatar n tn Anyway, calling in your own prescriptions is not good....don't do it, think of how much it would suck to have to detox in jail! If you ever need to talk you can email me or IM me at Bungee7!
Avatar f tn i got ultrasound scan done and they said that the lump is my breast tissue and referred me to a surgeon. i am yet to meet the surgeon...would any one please let me know, how the procedure is done, will u be given genereal anesthersia, how much does it costs, how long do we need to stay in the hospital..etc i am feeling relieved to see that i am not the only one with this problem...
Avatar f tn (except that I'm damaging myself, which is the most important thing in the world.) I do not want to live this way anymore. I just don't know how to stop. and I keep saying that this is the last time... and then I say that the next day, and then I say that the next day.... and I know that is absolutely the most common thing in the world, and I have helped others through it. But i can't seem to do it alone. So maybe here I will find that support. I really do want to stop.
10533519 tn?1418460993 I speak to countless people over the phone who are located in different states and none of whom I have ever met in my life. If the conversation goes long enough each person will eventually cough or clear their throat. On days when I feel more anxious or nervous the cough or clearing of the throat will happen almost immediately when the conversation is starts on the phone. Try it for yourself. Next time when speaking to someone just wait for the cough or clearing of the throat.
Avatar f tn Any diet that pushes one food over another or bans anything might not be a good idea. "Man is a hunter-gatherer." A varied diet is our anthropological heritage. Most people should eat more veggies and whole unprocessed grains and less meat (about 7/8 veg grain and 1/8 meat.) OK I can buy that. While a diet high in fish sounds good (Omega-3 Fatty acids, etc,) not all fish is created equal. Bottom feeding catfish should only be consumed if farm raised.
Avatar m tn Or that some medical research group, hospital research center, or private group would be finding evidence to the contrary, at some point? How much proof WILL you need in order to accept the findings of the many and different research studies? I am still open minded on this, but at the moment I have to say the evidence swings very far to the position that HCV, replicating HCV, exists long after SVR. I am looking for something to latch onto to demonstrate otherwise.
Avatar m tn The reason why some, particularly young and very healthy - like a historical example the whole eastern Germany womes olympic swim team- persons clear the virus is, ( that is at least the the current belief according to analyses of their immune responses and repertoires) , that they have a rapid and effective class I and class II T cell response combined with an effective innate response (to which the virus has not had the time to adapt) .
Avatar f tn I do not fight one inch of my life now, just go where the wind blows me and enjoy each moment. To each his own though. Living in the moment is the most satisfying way to live. Try not to think about all the past, as that is irrelevant to the good in life that you may enjoy if the depression passes. I read that most people spend 2 hours a day regretting the past, (which I was doing too) but my boss thought that was odd because he said there was really nothing he regretted.
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Avatar n tn It seems like an aweful lot of us are out here suffering the same symptoms in silence. I do have to say that it is comforting (in a strange way!) to know that there are others out there, though, and that I am not dying or anything (I hope!~) Please comment if you know of anything that can be done about this besides asthma treatments and yoga. Been there and done that. thanks...
393685 tn?1425816122 As time past and I started getting the resources on WHY I was in such bad shape - I developed a system of how to overcome these symptoms of this terrible disease - I am now plague with for life. In addition - I gained the knowledge of understanding I was an individual and what may work for one - may NOT be right for another. I found this out simply with trial and error and a willing doctor that worked with me. I learned about ME.
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Avatar n tn I can't put into words how much it helped (during my withdrawl) to read the threads in this forum. And how much it hurts to see people like Sqirrel struggling for the answer, wanting to take that step. (we're here anytime you need to talk!) Now that I am past the rough physical stage, I have to keep the demon 'in check' so it don't drag me back to hell. I can tell you, honestly as tough as the physical withdrawl is, it is magnified 100 fold if the psyche isn't taken out of the picture.
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544292 tn?1268886268 You also will never need an understanding ear as much. You can do it. You can quit. You do not need to be a slave to Tramadol.
Avatar m tn get involved in aftercare it will help with the mind screw part of this thing most people that dont make it fail to use aftercare it is a critical part of your recovery keep posting for support and to let us know how your doing im in sales myself so I understand the motivation thing....hang in there you will get threw this become pro/active in your recovery good luck and God bless......
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921323 tn?1268679412 As a physician who believes strongly in the power of personal choice to influence one’s health outcomes, I tend to favor an investment in healthy lifestyles. But in all fairness to the other side of the debate, one can also argue that prevention hasn’t worked out so well either. Despite the fact that we have effective treatments, we are not very effective in their prescription or compliance.