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Avatar n tn I'm trying to make sure the decompression of the eye will take care of the vision loss and the bulging eyes, or do we need to look into correcting the Glaucoma ? We are puzzled why the eyes started bulging almost immediately after cataract surgery. Could this have triggered something ? You probably figured out that my husband has eye issues: Glaucoma and Cataract. He's had the cataract removed from the left eye .
1201433 tn?1329001237 Optical complications hardly ever come about, I mean plenty of blurred vision problems and stuff like that but swollen eyes and spots are a bit different. You can go to the archives and look up (cotton wool spots) but either way, you should talk to your doctor about it. Any kind of visual spots are something to focus on, no pun intended.
Avatar n tn I did some reading up on this and it also seems to coincide with the fact that when I was on Biaxin they got much better and flared back up only 3 days after stopping the Biaxin. I must have an infection; I am going to go to the ophthalmologist tomorrow!! Thank you, Thank You!!! Knowing what this is will help me get it under control ..
Avatar f tn My legs are super swollen but I dont have high blood pressure it's normal so I know it's not preclamsia..
Avatar n tn I have been taking the medication but have noticed that everytime I feel a stressful situation coming on my eyes start to itch and pretty soon they are very swollen both on the lids and under my eyes. I really don't know whether to go to an allergist or dermatologist. I was prescribed medication to control my anxiety but it does not seem to be working. Anyone have any ideas of what may be wrong? Please help!
Avatar f tn will the weight go away when the Lyme is treated? Some of the weight gain may be due to your thyroid situation (I was on thyroid meds for a while, but whether it was due to dietary deficiency or to Lyme, I don't know.) I'd talk with your doc about that aspect to be sure it's under control, and also to factor in the effects of Lyme on thyroid function, because they are real.
Avatar f tn There is at least one in that area, who believes that people can be helped by his protocols, which often include alternative 'cures'. You will have to make up your own mind if you want to go that route. I, personally, wouldn't. These tbi's are bacterial infections that need abx to kill them. Even then they're hard to eradicate. Not that some herbs and supplements aren't a good adjunct. But not INSTEAD of abx.
Avatar f tn I have developed ongoing low grade fevers, dry eyes, bone and joint pain, a sensitivity to sun-light and facial rash and some problems with my kidneys as well as extreme fatigue. My doctor once again orders lab work and once again my ANA is elevated. I am put on Plaquinil and start to feel a lot better. I am given the diagnosis of mild Lupus or UCTD at 40. Most recently symptoms have become a bit worse and include neuropathy BUT for the first time in 20 years my ANA is normal.
Avatar f tn It wouldn't go away, so I went to the walk-in clinic and they said it was a virus. Then it still wouldn't go away, I then went to the walk-in again....they said I had Bronchitis and gave me Doxycycline and Prednisone. It still did not work, I went to my regular doc and had a chest x-ray and they told me I had Pneumonia and he gave me Levaquin. In the meantime I took some Asthma tests (per my doctor's suggestion) and found out I have Asthma. I was given Pulmicort and MaxAir.
Avatar n tn I have found that if I take about four 1,000 mg of vitamin C and four or five Odourless Garlic capsules before I go to bed I do not wake up with swollen itchy lips and swollen eyes. I also find that I can't drink too much Pepermint tea. My sister made some salve out of the Calendula plant and bee's wax and it is wonderful, healing and soothing.
Avatar f tn You need to make an appt for an evaluation. Please don't put this off. Chances are it won't go away by itself. Good luck and let us know how you do.
Avatar f tn I woke up and took them off. My eyes were red but nothing else. The next morning I used clear eyes to make the redness go away but it made it worse! The day after that my eye was swollen, smaller(kind of like pinkeye) and had unsightly red veins on only one corner of my eye(the corner closest to my nose) and a small off white bump touching my iris! I used similasan and it made the swelling go away and i also used rohto yesterday as indicated in the box.
Avatar m tn Anyhow, ENT did sinus CT Scan and suggested that I need to go for a sinus surgery where he would make sinus holes bigger as there is an infection that won't drain. I didn't feel too hot about surgery and didn't feel comfortable at the speed at which he suggested. Three weeks ago, I decided to give natural healing a try again and went to a homeopath who gave me a Medorrhinum remedy and is confident that infection will discharge.
Avatar n tn It use to happen very frequently, it would get swollen then go away for a week and come back, but it stopped occurring for a couple of months and thought it was because I threw out my mascara and used a new brand, but today the swollen eyelid has returned along with the bumpy, red skin. When I got the swollen eyelid in the past, my eyeball would be red too, but this time around, my eye isn't red, just my eyelid is irritated. What is going on? How do I stop it?
Avatar n tn Do some fungal sinusitis research on the web, and good luck finding a doctor to listen to you. You can go to Sinucare ( and they may be able to help you find a doctor in your area who understands. You need a prescription to get the sinus washes. I went to a doctor and took all my research data, papers, ect. and I gave her a presentation of the Mayo Clinic research. So now she gives me prescriptions for the washes.
Avatar n tn I also notice that ever since my rash in 2002, I tend to crop up with alot of blemishes on my skin. The worrying thing is that they do not go away, but instead linger indefinitely and make my face seem alittle older. I am not so vain as to care about the aesthetic side, but they do feel abit sensitive to any scratching.
131817 tn?1209532911 I know it is going to be soon. I just want to say how important it is to let go if you have to. I surely want to go and make him get up and run around like we used to. sad can't even explain what I am going through. I love this man so much, and am glad I told him it was okay to go......
Avatar n tn I found it by googling and sent for some and it's great. I think it actually stimulates your eyes to make tears and after a few days I hardly need it now. I also have had sinus infections, the same crusty, bloody nasal passages that Cougareyes described, and my doctor says that the meds make us extra sensitive to allergens and it simply is part to tx.
1418951 tn?1305041820 I'm having check-up for every 2 to 3 long i need to go for frequent check-ups? 4.From last one month floaters in both eyes increased alot( now i have floaters full of my eyes dark & vision bacame said when i see increase number of floater i need to go for check-up...but i can't make any difference because i already have a full of floaters in my eyes...most of them i can see in any background...what do i do? said my vision is 20/20...
Avatar n tn its kinda been a reoccuring problem but i had a topical solution that i got when i had another skin problem that kinda kept it at bay but still came back.
200558 tn?1189759425 Bad flaking of the scalp, along the hairline on my neck and forehead, behind the ears, and around my eyes. It was embarrassing to go out in public the flaking was so bad. My doctor diagnosed the condition as eczema and prescribed a 10-day program of prednisone, starting with 60 Mb/day reducing to 20 Mg/day plus cortisone-valerate 2 percent creme. By the end of the prednisone routine last week my problem had cleared up and I was home free -- I thought.
560501 tn?1383616340 The found my optic nerve to be swollen and I am having to return on Wednesday to see if swelling has subsided and if has left any lasting damage. Colour acuity isn't so good in right eye and causing me some trouble still. They discussed putting me on steroids but then decided to wait until they ***** me after 3 weeks. I have also had raised pressure behind the eye when admitted to hospital on several occasions but it seems to subside very quickly.
215461 tn?1331866365 Once you are awaken from the surgery, you will find that it's very difficult to turn your neck, due to stiffness and bandaging. You will have to use a bedpan until you are able to make it to the bathroom. I found myself having to go very frequently due to the iv solution. You are required to stay one night for pre-caution. Due to the fact that the parathyroid glands are disturbed during surgery, the calcium level will more than likely drop at some point causing symptoms of hypocalcemia.
Avatar m tn Have you tried laying in a dark, quiet room and sleeping to see if this makes the headache go away? Have you tried any ice or heat to see if this helps. Sometimes with tension headaches (H/A) heat helps more. Do you notice these H/A occur more at times when you are stressed out? Are you running any fevers or have an earache? Does light or noise make the H/A worse? What makes the H/A better? Has anyone done a brain MRI or CT scan? Do any neurological diseases run in your family?
Avatar n tn the endo has never tested renin or aldosterone-----i think she has testd electrolytes before---but i will have to go look at my tests to be sure. i try to get copies of all of my blood work. ihave had times when i have woken up in the morning with my fingers swollen and my face kind of puffy---like i was retaining water. it usually goes away after a little while.
Avatar f tn they have completely relied on a man to take care of their every need, the man gets tired and burnt out from working hard to take care of another human being and takes this anger out on them, the woman -- having nowhere else is to go, is house bound and unsure how to leave as she has no plans. Given your family history, the last thing you need is some a-hole hitting on you and putting you down.
Avatar n tn I had to lance it myself on Saturday and Sunday to keep draining it. Finally got to a vet 100 km away on monday. Drained and antibiotics. no obvious cause .. possibly a sharp bone pierced side at rear of mouth into neck tissue .. causing infection .. however no apparent wound from which it could have drained itself. Two broken front teeth .. right side removed .. not associated with problem. To go back after 3 days .. vet will check neck after swelling gone down to see if glands enlarged.
Avatar m tn * Anytime it feels dry, take a little Mentholatum (grandmas cure for everything) and put it on a q-tip, wipe it genitally on the sore, I usually do both sides to make it even. * This will keep it moist, the longer you use that, the less you have to apply... I am down to once a day.... *** I think I also figured out why I get them! So I noticed that I always have a runny nose, just a little runny though.
Avatar m tn If this isn't in the right forum section, please move it to the correct one, but read my post first. I guess this could also go in the allergies section. I am nearly 16 years old, now a Junior in High School, and have had problems with bumps and swelling on my eyelids since the 4th grade. I woke up this morning to my right eye being half open. Looking in the mirror, it's swollen yet again. There are two "folds" or "wrinkles" it looks like on my eyelid.