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Avatar f tn however, what was the bleeding like?? you said lighter than usual, but how light? was it only few drops a day, or actual flow like period? was it all brownish or you had blood with it? and what CD did were you sexually active? all these may help knowing if it is only lighter period or implantation bleeding. you can test if you want, especially if you had sex at leaset two weeks from testing. sorry if i'm not much of a help ...
Avatar n tn you should not be having extreme heavy bleeding while on the pill. the pill is suppose to regulate ur body and make ur periods lighter and less. mine are only 2 1/2 days now.
Avatar n tn I am using the Mirena iud to manage my bleeding and for me it has been the only thing to make it much lighter. Birth control pills didn't do that for me. However the only good thing about the pill was that I was able to skip my period if I needed it by starting a new pack when I was supposed to have my placebo week. But that only works if you're on a monophasic pill which is one that has the same amount of hormones the whole month.
Avatar n tn Im a teenager. I have very heavy flow periods & very heavy discharge. It is really aqward. Everytime i stand up after sitting for a long time.. i almost wet myself because the discharge is sooo heavy! Its really embarrassing and when im doin trampolining or athletics at school it always happens. Anyone have any advice!?
Avatar f tn It could take some time for your periods to get back to normal. It's not unusual for them to be heavy right now. And there is no way to know if you will get your period at the same time next month. You are going to just have to wait it out and see what happens. I have been keeping up with your posts and I'm so sorry what you have gone through!! But you should NOT conceieve right now. As others on here have told you, it would be dangerous for you to get pregnant so soon after a C-section.
53833 tn?1235000229 This is at age 46 after a lifetime of regular, heavy flow, intensely crampy but predictable periods lasting 5 to 7 days every 28 days, which last year turned into periods lasting 8 to 10 days with extremely heavy flooding. When will there be an end to this madness? It seems like I get about 3 days a month where I feel like my normal self, then it all starts again.
Avatar n tn For some reason its been 6 days and very heavy with varying sizes in the clots. I would think my period was about to end and then it'd get heavy again. Should I be worried?
Avatar f tn Now I am wondering if I could have ovulated later than I thought because I had sex 8 days ago which was 3 days before my expected period. If that were the case it would make sense to have implantation bleeding yesterday because that would be 7 days after ovulation. I am so confused! Anyone know how long I should wait to take another pregnancy test if that were the case??? btw weekellydee...any change on the negative results??
Avatar n tn Many of you couldn’t possibly be pregnant as early as you think you are, and as for others – having sex over the weekend does not equal pregnancy symptoms on Monday – it takes about a week AT LEAST for the baby to implant and then, and only then, would you be showing symptoms. A lot of advice on how to make a baby is simply incorrect and will not work for MOST women.
Avatar n tn but also, over the past year my periods have gotten lighter and lighter. still perfectly regular, every 30 days, but definitely lighter than i think they should be. anyone else have this from being hypothyroid? i suspect its caused by a change in hormone levels due to being hypothyroid, but im worried maybe something else is my ovaries are failing or something. any feedback would be appreciated!
Avatar n tn last year i had a scan as i used to suffer from heavy periods, my dr wanted 2 test me for poloistic overies so i had a blood test and a scan. my results were negative however, they noticed a 1.5 mm cyst on my left hand side overy. my dr said it was normal and how its common. ever since then ive been having periods that last for months and are never ending. my dr has refered me to an gynicolgist in a few weeks.
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm only 17 but I've been having an almost entirely black period with lots of clots for a few days now. This time it's a lot lighter (i.e. not heavy) than and with barely any pain. Is this normal? Just incase this makes any difference... Background that may help...? Normally my periods are quite heavy, the pain is so bad I'm sick and can't go to school and I've been having them since I was 11. I've been on a 1200cal diet for just over a week but would that make a difference?
Avatar n tn A few years ago there was a talk show that came on every afternoon called Jenny Jones. I dont know if anyone else watched it, but while I was in college, I was addicted. They had a saying, "Drop that zero and get you a hero" You should take this advice. If you are pregnant or not, you need and deserve a hero. I consider my husband a hero. Good luck with yourself.
Avatar n tn 15th and stopped sept.21 my periods are normally so heavy that i need to use the ultra tampons with a pad changing them every hour with cramps so bad that im doubled over for the duration of it. this last period at least what i think is one started on oct15 and ended on oct. 18th but was so light i only needed a pantyliner i had no cramping but have been getting frequent headaches and dull lower back aches. my bf and i had unprotected sex on oct.
Avatar f tn anywas to make a long story short i went to see a RE who also gived me clomid and told me to take it from days 5-9 i was only taking one a day 50mg at the im guessing ur taking 100mg so you take both pills at the same time..and to get less side effects i would reccomend taking it at nite before going to bed it worked out for me!! its ok to be nervous but clomid does work! GOOD LUCK.
Avatar n tn but after it just got heavier..not so heavy like heavy heavy periods but i would say is medium heavy and bright red..not dark..with some little clots not as much as my regular i dont know anymore im really confused..its my first time having sex without protection..i am 18 years old..i just need some help..i wanna know if i could be implantation bleeding or just my darn period..i just dont get why on the day of my period i spotted once in a wipe..and then 10 days after im bleeding...
Avatar n tn I need advice. I'm going to tell you about my periods. I am not one to play the victim card, but I legitimately feel like I lost many days of my life to my debilitating period pain, that I strongly feel is more than just dysmenorrhea and I feel the need medical advice to learn what was/is going on. Here we go. I got my first period when I was 12. Every single month, for the first 2 days of my period (lasting on average around 6 days) I would be in absolutely debilitating pain.
901991 tn?1281613225 but now (day 4) it is more red and more heavy to the point where I need to use a tampon to take a bath (and will wear a pad to bed to be safe)... Untill now I have just had a panty liner in, (but I wear them daily anyway just to feel fresh and clean) and not alot has transfered to them, but then I'm not working so am not exactly on the go all day, Im sitting down alot....
Avatar n tn but yet it does have a little blood on it. I can't figure out if I'm going to be heavy enough, for long enough to wear a tampon or if I'm going to be too light and need to use a pad.... HELP!! My b-friend and I had sex once in the last 2 months, during a day in which I thought it was all over, but after we were done, I started spotting again, and then started a full period only hours later. The period started 12 days ago and still flowing.
Avatar n tn My sis in law is still having really heavy periods since giving birth to a 12 week fetus at 14 weeks in November. She is getting some blood work done to see if anything is wrong. I really don't know what they are looking for but I hear that it is very common to have really heavy periods after a m/c. I am very sorry for your loss. I have had two m/c and still bleeding from my second three weeks ago. It's all so very sad and unfair. (((((HUGS)))))) to you.
Avatar n tn Im devastated, I dont know what to do and I dont know how to tell him. I hate doctors and would also like to know if I have to be seen, or if I can cope with just loving support. All advice is appreciated.
Avatar n tn it took exactly 1 year and 3 months 4 my periods to return i am now havin very heavy painful periods every other week and this is ruinin my life. i have no sex life and am desperate 4 a baby.
Avatar f tn but i just don't understand how my flow could change so dramaciaclly!!!!!!! From having a heavy flow and having to change 12 times to having a lighter than normal flow(for me) and changing only 3 times...(if even) cause i can't use the tampon i normally a VERY VERY big differance!!!!!!! I did have unprotected sex 2 days b4 my expected period.....i couldn't possibly be pregnant!!!!! Could I?????? You canNt get pregnat 2 days b4 ur expected period......could you??????
Avatar n tn My Doctor keeps telling me everyone is different but I just wanted to know if this has happened to anyone else? And how long it took to get a regular cycle and how long it may take to get preg again? My Cycle was always regular before, every 28days. Thanks to all for taking the time to read this, hope to hear from someone.
Avatar f tn I've had numerous tests and none show why I have developed heavy menstrual periods. In face, I tried to test the pattern again tonight. I waited 2 extra hours to take my meds and between the 18th-23rd hour, my menstruation slowed down - as it should, considering it's been going on 6 days. Then I took my meds on the 26th hour and within 2 hours, my menstruation started AGAIN as if it hasn't been here already all these days. It is definitely the meds...I'm just not sure why.
Avatar n tn that make me so drowsy I have to drink some caffeine to function, but I can cut back. Never been diagnosed for PCOS, but I have insurance so I'm going to go get tested soon. Lots of doctors appts. right now for me. I will let everyone know what I find out. I don't think there is any possibility I'm pregnant, I'm not having periods now, but I usually don't unless I'm on birth control. So thankful for this forum! Take care everyone :).
508106 tn?1269962799 Something that would probably REALLY help is birth control pills. They work wonders to make your periods regular, lighter, and less painful. If you were my patient, I would really encourage you to try them. They also protect your female organs from the damage that endometriosis can do. Good luck!
Avatar n tn When I was on regular Orhto-Cyclen my periods never really got lighter or shorter. They were still somewhat heavy and my cramps only got a little bit better. Now I am on Ortho-lo and my periods are light and cramp-free? (Not that I'm complaining lol!) Should I be concerned or assume it is the switch of birth control pills?
Avatar f tn I cant remember for sure. I have thought of going to the dr, just to make sure that everything is right with us. :) But I was just thinking that it could just be my body going back to normal. We will see and if I am prego, well then that would be all the better! If im not prego I guess it wouldnt hurt to get the drs opinion. Thanks for the input!!