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Avatar n tn my blood sugar is 245 b4 bed how do I lower it quickly to a range that is comfortable?
Avatar n tn You feel low at relatively lower value just becuase you are not used to it. Also rapid changes in blood sugar can make you feel bad. 2. Humalog should be taken before meals - 15 - 20 minutes before. If you are going high at 40 minutes it is becuase rice is easily digestible and the sugar from the rice is hitting before the humalog can cover it. Do not take the humalog after (only before).
1192309 tn?1264804832 How fast should blood sugar levels come down with strict adherence to low-sugar, low-carb foods? My situation: I am greatly encouraged; my level has gone from 402 a little over two weeks ago to 105 this afternoon. Numbers are mid 120's and 115 or so prior to suppertime.
Avatar n tn I, like you, feel anxious when low. So the solution is for you to learn how to raise the sugar levels when you are low without causing them to spike high and then drop lower later in a vicious circle of ups and downs. I would encourage you to sit down with a good cup of tea or something DECAFFEINATED (did you know that hypoglycemia can be made worse in folks whose pancreases react too strongly to stimulus by caffiene???
72351 tn?1281996142 Both actually have sugar in them. The sugar in regular soda goes into your blood sugar comparatively quickly which will naturally stimulate your body to produce insulin. You may also be a little more active during the day which helps with lowering blood sugars. The sugars in the milk are absorbed into the blood stream a little slower than refined sugars which is actually better for your body because it doesn't put that immediate demand on your body to produce insulin.
390388 tn?1279639813 The blood testing a few weeks later showed a issue with the blood sugar. When a person is said to be Glucose intolerant what is that incomparison to being Type 2 diabetic? I still am doing a lot of studying out the blood sugar subect, with the hopes that I have a more detailed understanding.
Avatar f tn I had no idea what was going on so I made the trip to my doctor and she did some blood tests ad that's how I found out I had Hep C. The doctor referred me to a hepatologist who did some further blood testing as well as a liver biopsy. It was his opinion that I had contracted the Hep C long before I was released from prison which was hard for me understand because they tested for HIV and Hep C once a year in prison?
Avatar n tn His mom told me that he's had really high blood sugar lately but he says she's exaggerating. I think he is trying to lower it though. Does type 1 make you hungry a lot? He eats like non stop but stays fit anyway. It goes right through him. One more thing, he has an addiction to diet coke/ this just him or is it because of the type 1?
Avatar n tn The other is to look at your diet -- cholesterol can be caused by foods that contain the wrong kind of fat but also by foods that metabolize quickly into sugar that you don't burn off quickly enough. What's your diet like? How much do you exercise?
Avatar n tn The second test is a GTT (Glucose Tolerance Test) this test measures how quickly a persons body responds to a given amount of sugar ingested. This tells the Dr. if your body is producing and using its Insulin normally or not. Also it should be noted that you can buy an A1c test at the pharmacy instead if you like. The other part of your question centers on normal readings. For a person that does not have diabetes readings should be in the normal range all of the time.
Avatar f tn Ms, and about 20 minutes later my blood sugar is DOWN to 71. I really don't understand how all this works. Should I eat another meal? A sandwich? What?
Avatar n tn If he drank a bottle of water in one gulp, this is a sign of high blood sugar since he is probably very dehydrated to be able to drink it so quickly. Usually people with extremely high blood sugar become slightly delluded/lose touch with reality. Anxiety and depression is also common when chronic high blood sugars are present because it affects the chemicals in the brain which deal with mood, disabling people from thinking/behaving the way they normally would.
Avatar m tn Use this vs your postprandial [after meal test] to see how the foods you ate affected your glucose [blood sugar] levels. Normal levels - 60/70 to 99 mg/dl 3. Postprandial - Test 2-3 hours after eating. This is when sugars from foods you ate have plateaued in your body. Waiting longer as you did, glucose is on the decline and you end up with a false/positive inaccurate reading. Normal levels - <99 mg/dl Diabetes - Aim for <141 mg/dl, optimum <121 mg/dl. Above 141 mg/dl is not good.
Avatar f tn I remember when it all started very suddenly with panic attacks which felt like being shaky,nauseous and hypoglycemic and a strong need for something to eat immediately, but it turned out that my blood sugar level is always okey in these situations,also my blood pressure except for the fast pulse rate,but after all, eating something makes it better.
Avatar f tn This may sound silly but I believe this is true because I went on a hike at 18,000 ft to Pico De Orizaba in Mexico, I took a supplement that has an effect on your blood and the level of oxygen taken in. It's amazing how changing the way your blood reacts to a change can actually change your taste buds. Different foods had different flavors before the supplement wore off. Even water tasted different so I'm convinced that your body can absorb certain foods better related to your blood type.
Avatar m tn • Burn off excess fat • Improve insulin production which helps lower glucose levels • Lower blood pressure • Improve overall health When exercising the body requires fuel/energy. It gets this from your muscles and liver. Walking briskly like you're late to catching your airplane flight makes the muscles and liver release stored glucose, in turn you burn this off. Continued exercise cause the muscles to store excess glucose for future use. This lowers your glucose levels.
Avatar m tn Educate yourself about the foods available to you, what you put into your body and how these foods will affect your life. All carbohydrates are broken down to glucose to produce the energy. But there are two forms of carbohydrates that diabetics need to understand. The good is complex carbs, what you should eat. Complex carbohydrate foods are basically those in wholegrain form such as wholegrain breads, oats, muesli and brown rice.
Avatar n tn how many carbs should I intake daily to raise my ft3 levels back to normal?
Avatar f tn I know i have the same problem .The question is how do you solve the sugar problem because everything has sugar in it. i went to lots of Doctor and all they give you is a pill that makes you sleep . Doctors won't get to the problem they like to hand out pills because they don't know them selves so let me know when you find the cure.
Avatar n tn My girlfriend is in the hospital and has gotten all the disorders in the book since she got in there, the doctors is running lots of tests but we're at a standstill and she has cancer in her ribs right now which we've faught for idk how long. When she does chemo, she has to take the chemo over several hours, she did it over 7 hours because of 1 as other people would. And she drops weight very fast. I'd like some help or ideas to figure out what this can be.
Avatar m tn My heart rate slows by 10-20 bpm. Does this happen to any one with low blood sugar? Pulse 40-50 bpm Pressure is stable at 120/70 Adult male 5'9" 140 lbs.
Avatar n tn Also my normal blood pressure or 117/67 (avg) has been dropping quickly to as low as 80/58 and everything in between. I spent 36 hours in hospital after one low spell caused fainting and paramedic had difficulty detecting pulse.Blood pressure drop is not related to body position. It changes when I have been sitting, standing or lying down. I had nuclear chemical stress test that was normal. Several ekg's all normal. I began experienceing some partial seizures in hospital, but Dr.
Avatar m tn A large meal can trigger the body to release more insulin, resulting in low blood sugar levels and fatigue. Eating smaller meals or healthy snacks throughout the day can help keep blood sugar levels steady. Stay hydrated. Dehydration is a common cause of fatigue - drink purified water or other healthy liquids throughout the day. Snack right. Choose healthy snacks that contain some protein, carbohydrates and beneficial fats.
Avatar m tn First when your blood sugar rises too high, causing your pancreas to release a large amount of insulin that drops your blood sugar too low, and second, a slow drop in blood sugar caused by your liver running out of stored sugar. Doctors used to think that insulin-induced hypoglycemia follows meals and that your liver running out of sugar doesn't follow meals, but they now know that both types can occur any time.
Avatar n tn The second path is around the types of carbs you take while exercising. Glucose tablets are an excellent way to raise blood sugar quickly, because they are made of the most basic form of glucose, and it gets absorbed very quickly. But I know many people that do not like them. I met a marathon runner who works for Animas who was diagnosed when he was a kid. During marathons, he uses packets of honey (like what you'd get at a restaurant).
648987 tn?1231205477 I am always eating trying to avoid low blood sugar episodes. My outlook is better. Less body aches and feet pain. Little less brainfog I know I will probably need still yet another increase, but the knowledge and hope I will get there is so empowering.
Avatar f tn I am going to a nerve doctor next week to find out how much damage was done. I'm hoping all to be well. There are times when the lip burns and I'm using a lot of Chapstick.
Avatar m tn (Google PACE training regimen for an example of a workout style that seems - for me - to be more detrimental than helpful). The next thing I plan to explore is going to a no-gluten, no-sugar, mostly raw diet and seem if it has an effect. I feel so much better eating that way anyhow, so it's a win afaiac. Right now I seem to average 15-30 clean beats then a skip and sometimes (especially after eating) the skips might stack up (every beat, every second or third) for awhile.
2102364 tn?1334184877 Oops wanted to add you to my watch list to hear how all goes for you and I forgot to put a check mark in the box--also apologies for such a lengthy post above--lol