How to lose pregnancy weight fast

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Avatar f tn I'm considered to be overweight.. so no. I'm eating and doing what I should. Baby girl is healthy and gaining like she should.
Avatar f tn I do not over eight, although I do tend to eat the wrong things. I really want to lose weight because I hate being this fat ugly lump, I look at myself and feel disappointed and disgusted with myself. I did start to go to weight watchers when I first started putting weight on but I didn't have the motivation, I need the motivation. Can someone please give me some advise on what to do? I would love to be an health size 10/12. Thank you.
Avatar f tn I delivered June 1. I gained between 25-35 lbs. The last two weeks I packed on lots of fluid/water weight. Not sure of exact weight day of delivery .... Healthy preg. weight gain is 20-30 lbs. You will lose Baby Weight/Placenta/Peg.Fluids during birth of 14lbs. to 20lbs.....the excess water you gained during pregnancy may take a few weeks to eliminate from your body.
11033969 tn?1416807632 ) don't worry too much momma! Pregnancy is temporary and there's lots of time to lose the weight after baby is born :).
142722 tn?1281537216 Ok, I gained 51 pounds and Ryan will be 6weeks old on Tuesday and I have lost 27 pounds so far. My weight loss was fast at first, but I seem to be averaging a weight loss of 2 pounds per week. How long did it take for you ladies to loss the weight? I am running and eating right. I have no clothes and don't want to buy to much because I know I will get back to my pre-pregancy weight. I have my jelly belly!!
Avatar f tn If you're not careful, you could gain quite a bit of weight by the end of the pregnancy, regardless of how fast you normally lose it in others. You only need around 500 extra calories a day, so you can just add in a snack or two to the 3 meals you eat a day or 6 smaller meals you should have. In regards to if it will hurt the baby, I don't think it would unless you ate nothing but junk foods.
Avatar m tn As you are setting it up, it asks certain questions, including current weight, height and exercise level, then it will tell you how many calories you need/day to maintain your weight. Since you want to lose weight, you will have to create a deficit, so your body will use stored fat.
698538 tn?1228126579 Everyone has their ideas of how to lose weight. I have certainly tried them all. If its calorie counting and portion size control, it never worked for me. It's amazing how much food you can actually eat, when it's baked meats or grilled. The red meat was hard for me to give up...I love my beef, but Lord it takes a long time to digest and is high in calories. I do miss my breads, but actually have lost my taste for gravy's and high fat foods, that I once loved.
637356 tn?1301928422 If he had done anything differently, I might have continued to live in denial of how large I had become. Barb is right. YOU have to lose weight for YOU. YOU are worth it. YOU are the one who will reap the benefits. This is one endeavor in which it is NOT selfish to believe it's all about YOU!!! (P.S. Now when I see my orthopedist, he calls me his poster child and he keeps my very shot knee in the best working order possible for a knee that needs replacement.
Avatar n tn I am using nopalina linaza plus to lose weight. I am 131 pounds, 5'1. I have to lose weight around my stomach and hips. I take 2 spoons in 4 ounces of water or juice twice a day. Can I lose weight using Nopalina?
Avatar f tn I am 9wks and losing weight..... Not a lot like a lb here and there but still losing....
1961938 tn?1398721701 When I do gain it bums me out because I really don't want to gain too much during my pregnancy but I know I need to gain so I get over it fast lol. My sister is so dramatic over me getting bummed. But before I got pregnant I trained myself to be bummed when I gained so its hard to stop getting bummed. I get bummed get over it and don't intentionally try to lose, I try to gain. This week I lost 2 pounds, which shocked me because I have been packing the food away and not really exercising.
Avatar f tn So need to watch wat n how I eat to not gain weight as fast and not too much. At wk 28 im 17 over my pre pregnancy weight.
Avatar n tn HOw did you gain only such little bit of weight?What did you do during the pregnancy as not to gai so much weight! Just curious. I myself in 02 gained. But average 35lbs . But i never heard fo 20 pound gagin.. unless it wsa only water. AS for sweets did you have any?!lolo curious girl!WOW!
Avatar f tn I'm 27 weeks and my doctor says I'm gaining to fast. She's really going to be mad at me at my next appt because I gained 6lbs in 4 I'm scared to see her reaction. All together I've gained 19lbs-ish. Everyone tells me I'm so tiny..cause honestly idk where all the weight is going. My thighs have gotten a tiny bit bigger but that's it.
Avatar f tn I hope to god i lose the weight jst to prove to the ppl around me everyones calling me fat and they said you will never lose it
Avatar f tn I'm 10 weeks and 3 days and shouldn't be reaching I high weight right now. What can I do to lose weight during pregnancy.. if it's even possible. I don't even want to look at myself right now..
Avatar f tn Gaining excess weight is not good for you or the baby try eating healthier options and working out I've gained 20 lbs now but I'm 35 weeks I've only got 5 weeks to go and the more weight you gain now the harder it will be to lose after the baby comes and you've also got health issues to think about you can get gestational diabetes have high blood pressure and those can cause you to have c-sections if your doctor is worried about your weight you should be too
Avatar f tn How much weight has everyone gained so far? I've gained about 30lbs and I'm 17wks. Seems like alot.
Avatar f tn ) I'm 26 weeks with my first baby and I'm just wondering how long it can take for you belly to go down and to lose the weight after my pregnancy? I know that my body needs to recover before I can start exercising after and everyone is different. But how long did it take you girls?
305180 tn?1279720347 How old is your baby? Weight loss can vary from woman to woman. You should be burning up to 750 calories a day if you are full time nursing. That being said I think it's more common to see weight loss occur when your baby goes through growth spurts and is nursing more. It also depends on how much you gained during pregnancy. I gained about 50 lbs with my second and didn't lose it very fast.
Avatar n tn At 36 weeks, it's too late for you to lose significant weight before the baby comes. How much weight is he/she asking you to lose?
Avatar f tn Is it ok to drink slim fast while pregnant? I have gained too much weight so far. I started out tiny and now my mid section is huge! I'm not looking to lose weight but eating hurts. My lower back is in excruciating pain and I know it's from the weight gain and due to my belly sticking so far out. I'm only 25 weeks pregnant and I feel the only option is to eat tiny meals to keep up my energy because after I eat my stomach feels so tight b it just hurts.
295168 tn?1334630959 I just started weight watchers. I really need to lose 100lbs and adapt to a new lifestyle. I really need support. I gained all this weight in 3 years when i met/by adapting to my now husbands junk eating/lazy lifestyle. I really hope you can share your current/ weekly weight lost goals and achievements with me. Maybe we could help eachother!?!? I just started weight watchers and I bought hcg hormone free drops to help suppress my appetite. Start weight: 274.
Avatar n tn dont care for them and have no time. I went to a couple just to get all the information and learn how to do it. So I cut my calories and fat intake. Everything is low fat. Also, I know its not much but I do the eliptical machine every night for 35-40 minutes while watching my taped soap opera! I have been loosing about 1-2 pounds a week. I went from 258 to 243 in about 3 months.
Avatar n tn I was wondering if it would be harmful to my baby to try it. I wouldn't lose too terribly much. I wouldn't want to lose it too fast either. I just don' t see how the mixture could harm me. it's is only honey and cinnamon. I have a extra 40-50 lbs that i'm carrying around with me and wondered if losing about 15-20 would be good or bad for the baby. I just thought it might be better for the baby if i were a little healthier.
142722 tn?1281537216 I breastfed and I think by the time my daughter was 9 months old I was down to my pre-pregnancy weight. The first 20 or so lbs seem to come off quickly, but after that it's more like 1-2 lbs a week. When my daughter was 1 yr old, I was a few lbs below my prepregnancy weight, and when my daughter turned 2, I was 10 lbs below my prepregnancy wt. Now my daughter it almost 2 1/2 and I'm pregnant again, so I'm trying not to gain 50 this time!
8762956 tn?1406308357 Breastfeeding helps. I didn't do anything to lose the weight at first but once I decided to put in the effort I was able to lose the weight quickly and healthily while breast feeding. Work out when you can, and I used the my fitness pal app. You need to tweak it some because of breastfeeding you shouldn't go under 1600 calories a day, but it can track your calories and if you follow it diligently you will lose the weight. Hard boiled eggs were my go to.