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Avatar n tn // If you look through that, you may then think back if you had an increase in any of these things or journal your daily habits to look for patterns. Being aware of what the symptoms of high testosterone are and noticing when you have them and then comparing that to your daily habits may be insightful. Far more men have low testosterone and the troubles that go with that.
Avatar m tn Please help and guide how to overcome the problem of low sex desire due to diabetes type2? Some inject able like or some multivitamins containing zinc will be helpful?
Avatar m tn m not aware of how thyroid and testosterone interact. So what benefit is there to really wait to not start to do something about repeated tested low testosterone? It can take several months if not a year to truly balance out and optimize the thyroid levels. In the mean time she will apparently still remain with virtually non existant testosterone levels.
8309591 tn?1397596954 Hey there. Thanks for your reply. My diet is in check already. As I said I do powerlifting/bodybuilding and I am therefore very interested in the nutritional side of the lifestyle too. I track not only my kcal intake, but my Protein, Carbs, Fat and fiber intake, without forgetting about micronutrients too, and therefore try to eat at least 2 servings of veggies a day and 2 servings of fruit a day.
Avatar m tn Again, low SHBG and insulin resistance are implied, so that you could be a candidate for type II diabetes, which could affect T levels, so that better to check the blood sugar levels also, especially since you started getting problems of late only.You should also check up your thyroid levels, estrogen, LH, prolactin, and adrenal levels to confirm none of those are responsible for your low T levels.
Avatar f tn Its his testosterone levels, if hes never had them that high, then his body has known how to cope with it, so this were his anger and his changed mind has coms from. You could get his DHEA levels checked, this could also give him anger as a side effect.
Avatar m tn And this brings me to my next question - if it is so dangerous to supplement hormones like testosterone, since it causes the body to stop producing it naturally on its own, isnt there the same danger with VitD? If I am pumping large amounts of artificial VitD (how the heck is this stuff made anyway?) into my body, wont it mess with my ability to make the stuff naturally?
Avatar m tn My PSA has been drifting upwards and after maintaining a level of around 500 for my testosterone, my most recent blood test show an increase of PSA from 3.4 to 3.7 and testosterone levels of 500+ down to 200. I am 63 years old. My concern is that my low testosterone levels may be masking higher PSA levels.
Avatar m tn Your testosterone is apparently in the normal range. How do you know that this is low for your age? Also, losing weight only benefits can bring to you if you have it in excess. So, you mean here that you have 100 pounds more than normal for your age and height? That sounds to be a lot, especially combined with a sedentary job. Regardless of testosterone considerations, losing weight is a no-brainer in your case.
Avatar f tn My doctor recently approved a Synthroid dose increase from 37.5 to 50. However due to some anxiety issues stemming from too high a dose of testosterone replacement, we both agreed I should back off and go back down to 37.5 and we'll retest in six weeks from now. My FT4 is right at midway my FT3 still remains on the low side (below the midway range mark). However we're taking a slow approach and want the testosterone pellets to wear off before further tinkering.
Avatar m tn t think it affects your testosterone level. But if you want to boost your testosterone levels, rigorous exercise will help. Masturbation shouldn't make you feel tired all the time. Maybe you aren't eating right or getting enough exercise or sleep. You can over stimulate yourself with too much of a good thing, just cut down a bit from time to time.
502070 tn?1210204494 Although it’s normal for testosterone levels to drop as men age, low testosterone can cause loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, mood problems, fatigue, and sleep disturbances. If even after treating varicocele symptoms persist then get an evaluation done from a urologist and get your testosterone levels estimated. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar m tn I have been taking supplements that boost testosterone levels, like Tribulus. What herbs are you using to boost your levels? How much and how often?
Avatar m tn Iam looking for any way possible to DECREASE my libido or testosterone. Please don't ask why that is not the matter. I have been on a few anti depressants and also a few ADD med's, I have tried the mental ways too. I am looking for a possible herbal, or medical solution for this mostly, but i am openy suggestions. Please do not criticize or try and explain why i shouldn't try this.
Avatar f tn Adrenal exhaustion can also occur as the result of not enough sleep and too much stress In general it can be seen that the foods that are recommended to increase the testosterone levels in the body are the same ones that are recommended in a healthy diet for every-one, particularly for a healthy heart. By following a good diet for your general health you are following a good diet to increase your testosterone.
Avatar m tn I am following your advice thank you, but I really want to know if I can naturally bring my testosterone levels to where they should be for a person my age. Before I took the blood test I had lots of health anxiety as I thought I had cancer. I was not sleeping or eating enough and I was under lots of emotional stress anyway I lost over 20 pounds in about three weeks before the blood was drawn. Would that drastically effect the levels of testosterone?
Avatar f tn Have any ladies here taken small amounts of testosterone to increase their libido? .Please share your experiences!
Avatar n tn May be once your hormone levels are more balanced, these symptoms will begin to lessen and disappear, your energy levels will increase and your mood will improve. Testosterone hormones can create interrupted sleep patterns, causing drowsiness and sleepiness during the day. In case these symptoms persist or increase you need to discuss it with your local health care provider. That will definitely help. Do keep us posted. Take care and good luck!
1462489 tn?1285945325 Testosterone production is controlled by the following negative feedback loop. Restoring Vitamin D to normal levels may help increase LH production which signals the testes to make testosterone. Read more at http://www.************.com/boards/showthread.php?