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Avatar f tn Yeah my teeth have become more sensitive and my gums bleed everytime I brush along with them being swollen all the time lol my dentist gave me some special toothpaste for it and told me to floss everyday lol
Avatar f tn You need to get to a dentist right away. You cannot regrow your gums. They follow the bone and can only attach to bone. If the bone is dissolving, the gums recede. Likewise, if your gums are receding, the bone is dissolving. Eventually the teeth become loose and will just fall out. You should have xrays done to see how much bone is left holding your teeth in. This will not correct itself and there is nothing you can do without professional help.
Avatar f tn The pink on the toothbrush develops overnight and continues to get worse each time I use it. The pink doesn't immediately appear. In addition, I just bought a Sonicare UV sanitizer and since I've been using it, the pink on my toothbrush has all but disappeared. That, of course, is not to say that the problem has been eradicated, but it is indicative of bacteria causing the discoloration. This is just a "self-diagnosis.
Avatar m tn This is from Yahoo: The Causes of Purple, Dark or Brown Gum Tissue In general terms, melanin, carotene and hemoglobin are the common pigments that contribute to the normal color of gum tissue. Certain imbalances of these pigmentation components cause the distortions in cosmetic appearance. In some cases the condition is known as black gums. The degree of discoloration and saturation varies between individuals.
Avatar f tn Now my bottom gums are swollen and when I floss they move a little bit. The part of my gums closest to my teeth is a much lighter color, light pink to white. Also, I have a good amount of cavities and still need to get my wisdom teeth out. On my tongue there seems to be some white patches along both sides and I heard that it could be a sign of cancer. I brush my teeth every morning and night (I have for the past couple of years.
Avatar n tn I brush and somedays my gums look healthy and pink, and other days, it is back to being spongy and inflammed. CAn you please tell me what is going on with my mouth? How do I stop it from getting worse? Also, I have been diagonsed with a gallbladder provblem, could this be related in any way? A bunch o' thanks!!!!!!!
Avatar m tn Hey! thanks for the advice, It's probably still hurting because I've been doing the complete opposite of what you told me! I thought that brushing my gum's would help it but ill try to avoid it now and see how i progress. Thanks a lot! And also, do you know how to get rid of red gum's? I've had red gum's since i was like 8.
Avatar f tn Hi, I also have a 4 month old puppy. She goes through spells of not eating. I have attributed alot of this to her teeth bothering her. If the dog's teeth are driving her nuts, she will not obviously want to eat.
Avatar f tn Go now its only going to get worse. My gums are pink and healthy. I stopped bleeding in 2 days after the deep cleaning and some medicine in my gums. Good luck mama.
Avatar f tn Now my bottom gums are swollen and when I floss they move a little bit. The part of my gums closest to my teeth is a much lighter color, light pink to white. Also, I have a good amount of cavities and still need to get my wisdom teeth out. I brush my teeth every morning and night (I have for the past couple of years.) Just recently I started flossing every night and I use a flouride mouthwash.
338830 tn?1229999478 Thanks so much for your response! I keep checking her gums to see if I can see anything but it's so hard to get a good look in there. LOL. She is always biting my finger. Her gums look kinda pale and I can kinda feel little bumps in her gums. Is that a sign too?
3166043 tn?1514260018 Make sure you use the softest toothbrush you can find and brush your teeth and gums very gently, being too aggressive can harm the enamel and injure your gums. Get your dentist to clean your teeth to get rid of what gingivitis you do have and them brush thoroughly but gently 2-3 times a day and floss every night. When you floss you want to make sure the floss goes just a hair below the gum line and do it gently don't jam the floss against your gums.
Avatar m tn Welp decreasing sugary intake is one of the things to do. I would suggest talking to your Dental Hygienist on how to take care of your teeth better. :) Fluorided toothpaste will help with some sensitivity (if you are experiencing any) and actually preventing/healing minor carious lesions. It'll make your tooth stronger.
Avatar m tn a month or so later I noticed everytime I pressed against the 2 teeth I would spit blood this scared me so unfortunatly i buried my head in the sand a bit meanwhile my gums were pulling away so much so that I went from lifting my lip and seeing gums and little teeth to no gums and long teeth and the lump although initally hurt now no longer did although is still there.
Avatar m tn Sometimes on brushing blood come from gums. I want to be safe from this problem. What should I do?
568875 tn?1424397205 so i had to go to the dentist bc i have this inflamation on my gums and it all seemed to happen right when i found out i was pregnant. the doc said that its common for pregnant women to get this it actually has a name for it and all. he says a lot of women find out there preg bc of weird is that. ive never heard of it...he also told me my wisdom teeth were coming in NOOOO!! he said i should be find during my pregnancy but after that i should take care of it!
Avatar f tn ) be sure to brush your teeth a little more gently cause bleeding gums is a prego thing too
290447 tn?1218052751 s gums-it numbs their gums. We have also used teething tablets. These are in a small pink package in the baby section. They are small white tablets that dissolve under the baby's tongue. They also numb the baby's mouth. My son prefers the teething tablets to the Orajel. Good luck-teething is no fun!!
Avatar f tn A triangular piece of skin peeled off my gums between two bottom teeth in the back while I was brushing my teeth. I don't know if any fluid came out, if it did it was while I was brushing and wouldn't notice. The surrounding gums are pale pink. There is no tooth pain, no sensitivity while eating or drinking anything, no fever, and no discomfort at all. I never noticed the formation of a blister or sore or anything so I don't know what happened before this skin peeled off.
Avatar f tn i go back in a week to get x rayed he wanted to wait because he did not want to take to soon so the abcess would show!!!!!!!! i am just sick over this!!!!!!!
Avatar m tn You may want to review your oral hygiene technique. You might be brushing too hard and causing some irritation to the gums.
Avatar f tn It ***** thought, my back molars got very bad cavities in them (right at the gum line) during my last pregnancy because my gums swelled so far over them there was no way I could get it with a tooth brush....believe me, I tried my hardest!
Avatar m tn I'm 39, I keep my teeth brushed and floss. I went to the dentist for extreme pain in my lower left teeth area. I thought maybe cavity or root canal. Dr said no its perio. I freaked because I take good care of my teeth. My girlfriend says my breath does not smell like perio and my gums are not red they are a nice healthy pink. Anyway, the pain in intolerable and I say do what you have to do. He does a deep perio scrape (not to the root) and sends me home.