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Avatar n tn I've been coughing for about a week but today I noticed that my tonsils are swollen and i noticed 1 white spot on one of my tonsils. I got tonsilitus (sorry don't know how to spell that) when i was 16 and ever since then when i get sick my tonsils are the first thing to act up. They swell up and they hurt. This time they don't hurt but they are swollen.
Avatar m tn The other cause of the swollen tonsils and the white plaques can also indicate that your tonsils are ill and diseased. Make an appointment to see your doctor to get a swab done to be sent to the laboratory for analysis. Your doctor will also give you advice with regard to the swollen tonsils.
Avatar f tn Are swollen tonsils a early symptom of HIV? And what should I do if they stay swollen passed a week? How concerned should I be that I may have contracted HIV or anything else?
Avatar m tn i went to the doctor 2 weeks ago and she said that tonsils can take a while to go down and she expects them to go down but its still not happened yet and the white tongue is still there. if it was oral thrush would it be painful ? my throat isnt sore and neither are my tonsils my throat is just a little red. i have spoken to my mum and dad and told them evrything as i couldnt hide it from them they knew there was something heavy on my mind when i came back from holiday.
Avatar m tn ), and the fact that I think my voice has changed - deeper, raspier, and all this for a sustained period of seven years after being diagnosed with an underactive thyroid, I now believe I have Tonsilitis! My tonsils appear to be redder and inflamed, looks like there's a big round lump on one of them.
Avatar n tn 4 weeks after that back at the dr. with still swollen tonsils and sore throat, tonsillitis again! i was sent to an ENT. now it's july, the ENT does a CT scan and says i need surgery on my "pads", deviated septum, "weed wack" my nose. he says when he's done i will breath and smell better and in a few months my tonsils will go down. a month later my left tonsil went down, right one didn't. in september the white spots came back on my right tonsil and i felt like ****.
Avatar f tn Hi After sole advice my husband is being tested for lymphoma he has a lump on his neck that hasnt gone away in 4 months suffers with night sweats night fever generally feeling tired all time and recently his neck is starting to ache saw consultant yesterday who is organising urgent biopsy ct and mri scan they gave him a once over the nurse made a point of telling consultant his left tonsil is also swollen and inflamed.
Avatar f tn I dont even think we had a proper penetration but mostly I got a feeling that my penis was just rubbing and that is the reason I think my condom slipped. I am 27 years old and she might be around 35. Since yesterday I am having swollen tonsils, fever, body aches and today sore throat (sore on the back side of my chicks). I am taking medicines but there is still some pain. I am afraid if I caught HIV. She did not look like someone ill but in HIV people dont look ill so I am very afraid.
Avatar f tn He gave me some mouth wash that was supposed to take down the swelling but it didn't work. It's now may 19th, and my tonsils are STILL swollen. I'm very scared, and I don't know what could be causing it. I don't have trouble breathing, I don't have any flu symptoms. The only thing I do have is phlegm, but I'm not overly worried about that. Could someone help? I'm only 17 and I really need some answers. I don't like knowing the fact that theres something not quite right.
Avatar f tn Garth Nicholson on this forum Last year on my 23rd birthday may the 3rd, i went to hosptial in the middle of the night because, my tonsils had swollen up, I was in so much pain, i couldnt talk and could barley breath, and one of my tonsils was bleeding down the back of my throat. They both had spots over them, i had tonsilists. i spent the night in hospital was put onto penicilin, after about a week or so they had gone down.. this is where they have stayed for the last 9mnths..
Avatar f tn i'm exhaused, i feel like someone has punched me in the eyes, i have been on anti biotics for 9mnts, all the courses made a slight difference but my tonsils mainly stayed the same, they just wont go down.. now i have been refered to a throat speacilist, but i cant get in for an appointment for 3 mnts and then after that it could take up to 5 years to have them taken out, and i cant take anymore anti biotics because nothing works anymore..
1185164 tn?1264287599 I've been to a doctor before for swollen tonsil pain and tonsil stones. He said it was an infection and prescribed antibiotics. They didn't work at all. The doctor hardly even checked me. Now about 2 months later it hurts more than ever. I can feel how swollen and tender my right tonsil is just by lightly running my fingers under my ear and jawline. I don't even have to press on it. I'm also getting phlegm. I don't know what to do.
Avatar n tn I've visited my doctor before and she told me to use Orahex. But still nothings changed. I'm tired of it. How to get rid of this? Does anyone knows how to remove this?
Avatar f tn However you can get it swabbed and biopsied to completely rule out any HPV infection. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
1136339 tn?1260665419 Over a year ago i was 165lbs i dropped down to 120bls In less then two months not trying to i ran to the er and got every scan and I am back up to about 160lbs and i watch and check my weight daily.Youll find a post on the main page where i am worried right now over throat cancer myself. Goodluck.
Avatar n tn I could breathe fine but it took about 10 more minutes of concern before I generated enough moisture to get it to go down. My epiglottis was then swollen for the next 2 or 3 days after that. I suppose the irritation caused by too-dry of food being force-swallowed past it must have irritated it. I happens every 6 months or so for unknow reasons but it's probably from the same cause.
Avatar f tn If you have it in a month, that does need to get checked out. Unless it starts to hurt, I'd just do the usual things of gargling with salt water, sleeping with a humidifier if you use heat in your home, drink tea, etc. Get some extra rest. And maybe your body will fight off whatever is trying to happen there. I get sore throats from time to time that start to where it is scratchy or feels swollen. And it might linger a day and then it goes away.
Avatar n tn Saw my own doctor on Friday and another since, who both said that it does look quite swollen, but there is no sign of tonsillitis infection on either side now, and that sometimes the tonsils can take a while to return to their normal size.. and that if it is swollen, it's a good sign, because it indicates that the tonsil is doing its job and fighting infection.
1187071 tn?1279373298 The human body can a while without food - but needs liquids to stay hydrated. Jamie, if you can't get liquids down - you must go to the ER. If you can take liquids, drink the high calorie, vitamin enriched drinks. My father was very sick with a problem with his pancreas and could not eat. He survived on these drinks for over a month... until he was able to eat again. Hon, please let us know if you are able to use a straw and swallow fluids.....
Avatar n tn I've been calling and calling there for the past three days or so constantly, and they either tell me to call back later or have their phone off the hook. Since I never learned how to drive, I finally convinced someone to take me to the doctor's office. I saw a nurse who didn't even check anything and asked me how I was feeling. I tried to explain the situation to her and she scribbled a few things down and said she would call back later.
Avatar f tn Hi Thank you for your response. My tonsils are swollen and as it happened a few days back as well made me worry bcoz I did not have my tonsils swollen before even when I am not having fever.........
Avatar f tn Anyway I'm still feeling unwell, tired and my tonsils are still inflamed and sore especially on the side where 4 teeth were removed. How long does it take to get over the infection? And how long to heal? Thank you!
Avatar n tn I am currently facing the problem of swollen lymph nodes too. last july, I found one swollen lymph node at my neck, and it refused to go down even after doses of antibiotics. had to do a biopsy (family history of NPC), and it turned out to be non-cancerous. however my blood test for EBV turns out positive, so doctor did ask me to go back in like 2 years time to check. just a month ago, another 2 neck lumps appeared. and again, they refused to go down.
86664 tn?1291561395 From what I've heard thyroid problems might cause that, and I believe thyroid problems are more common in women than men. Otherwise my tonsils used to swell up a bit, which I guess was them cleaning out the remnants of the ongoing/everlasting viral war. Since I've been on treatment they've shrunk down to nothing though, you can hardly even see them anymore. I'm hoping that means there's no more virus left to remove, but we'll see I guess.
Avatar n tn I have been to the emergency room three times just to get the swelling down. They usually give me some steroids and benedryll. I have had blood tests and they say it is not angiodema. I feel like it is stress related but I need to get this under control. The swelling has not affected my breathing because it is just half of my tounge. Can someone give me some suggestions. I have also had blood tests to find allergies and really not found anything. Should I go to an allergy specialists ?
Avatar m tn Yes i know exsacly how you all feel about 2 weeks ago my Submandibular gland started to get sore on the left side of my Jaw, it doesn't really seem to be swollen more to the fact irritating and even more so when i poke at it lol..
Avatar n tn my gums are swollen, they don't bleed and the back of my throat hurts, my husband had this a couple years ago and they never figured out what it was and now it's happening the same to me they just start swollening up slowly till it's the whole mouth, i'm a regular brusher and use listurine, lately i've been brushing at least two times a day and us mouthwash all day to keep it clean but it just doesn't seem to be going down, my husband said that his lasted a month and it got so swollen he couldn'
Avatar m tn From now on keep track of how often you get sick. If you really have CFIDS, you will never ever get sicked, I mean never get high fever or anything. CFIDS people hardley get sick, and if they do they get over it kicked, why , immune system is hyper. Muscle pain ? What is ARS muscle pain like ? I had back muscle pain ? What is ARS symptomes ?
15607012 tn?1442453350 Thank you for taking the time to rewrite it! Before I get to my next post to provide more information I'll respond to yours first. I'll just go down the list and cover each item. One of the first tests I had with my PCP was a test looking for H. Pylori and the two tests ran came back negative. This was in October of 2013. Also with my urine being so cloudy I've had some tests ran. Multiple facilities from 2013 through 2014 say there's no sign of a urinary tract infection.
Avatar f tn In the winter when I felt bad weight went down to 121. I know I have a ton of symptoms and I think the doctors think I'm crazy, but it's so frustrating to feel good for awhile and not even think about my health and then to all of a sudden feel so bad that it's hard to do the little things. I'm 35 and have a very active lifestyle and I'm not depressed. I just don't know where to go next. I don't want to wish a disease on myself, but having no answers is hard.