How to get swollen gums down

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Avatar f tn I have a nodule on my gums. I had to get an antibacterial rinse from my dentist to keep it from getting infected. You might call your dentist and see if there is anything they recommend.
Avatar n tn I dont' know if this can be true but I feel like my wisdom teeth on top is starting to grow more and it's pressing against that area. The white spot in the previous picture is where I feel my top tooth the most.
Avatar n tn my gums are swollen, they don't bleed and the back of my throat hurts, my husband had this a couple years ago and they never figured out what it was and now it's happening the same to me they just start swollening up slowly till it's the whole mouth, i'm a regular brusher and use listurine, lately i've been brushing at least two times a day and us mouthwash all day to keep it clean but it just doesn't seem to be going down, my husband said that his lasted a month and it got so swollen he couldn'
Avatar m tn Hello, Such sore swollen gums can be due to gingivitis,infections,malnutrition and vitamin C deficiency,pregnancy or sensitivity to toothpaste or mouthwash . Take vitamin C supplements for some days and change your toothpaste brand and avoid using mouthwashes if your swollen gums are caused by sensitivity to toothpaste or mouthwash.Also have good oral hygiene. If the symptoms persist then pls consult a dentist and get gingivitis ruled out. Hope it helps.
Avatar n tn My jaw and gums ached and felt swollen. I started to use toothpaste for sensitive teeth and dental piks between my teeth ("The Doctor's" makes a great one). Within about two weeks the pain was greatly diminished and after about four weeks completely gone! This was after over a year with severe jaw and gum pain, too. Seriously, I was amazed! Please just give this a try. It may solve your problem. Try flossing your teeth with regular floss in the morning after when you brush.
Avatar n tn After the 10days I still had a sore throat that feels like an ulcer down my throat, and I also still had about 10 mouth ulcers as well as swollen gums. I went to my Internal MD and he put me on Medrol dose pack and Levaquin. This initially helped w/ the mouth ulcers but the one down my throat got much worse. I was given a Celestone inj and put on Orapred. Also taking Pepsid. Throat neg for strep and mouth ulcers neg for Herpes. This helped for about 3 days but then the pain has come back.
Avatar n tn You want to get down to the bottom of this, you want to feel well...and yet, they are not finding anything. If I were you, I would probably turn to a multi-vit w/mineral, look into the menopause...would HRT bring you any relief? From what I understand, a reduction in a hormone (I think Estrogen, in this case) can bring on sinus issues & dryness (in all the "wrong" places).
4375273 tn?1359085385 i know u get swollen gums during pregnancy , but i have something known as a pregnancy tumor, igts a large growth around my teeth not painful just uncomfy, been given anti bios and antiseptic , been referred to hospital but before i can get appointment got get another referal sent n then book one , not much point with just over 5 weeks left,...just wondering if anyone else has had it or heard of it, n how longafter baby born did it take to go down?
Avatar n tn My suggestion would be to buy a Sonicare electric toothbrush which you can use for the sides of the teeth, so that your gums don't get damaged. There's a built-in timer and you should try and stick to it as far as possible. Because this brush doesn't allow you to apply too much pressure, it would be better for your gums. For the occlusal (biting) surfaces, you could use a normal toothbrush; your urge to overdo it wouldn't matter as much there.
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Avatar n tn Have you ever been able to find out exactly what you had? Did you ever get any medication to help you get rid of your symptoms? If yes, what medication did you get? I would greatly appreciate any advice you can give me. Thank you.
Avatar m tn To diagnose swollen nodes in early HIV they have to be palpated (felt) by a doctor and swollen lymph nodes due to HIV do NOT have pain.
Avatar n tn If you can't get it out, you'll need to get to a dentist. They may have to use dental instruments if whatever is lodged is that deep. You can't leave it there. It will decay and infect your tooth and gum. Just try being gentle. Sometimes too much is as bad as too little. If it hurts, it's probably swollen. GOOD LUCK. Please let us know how you do.
Avatar n tn What else can i do? should i go back to dentist and how long do i have to wait for pain to ease. Do i have an infection? the crown is not even with my other molar tooth, its deeper.
Avatar n tn I sent her a spin brush, floss and salt (to make salt water rinse). I googled bleeding gums and saw it at the top of the list of symptoms for leukemia along with bloody noses, frequent infections so my mind is jumping to this. Very stressful with her being away so I don't know what to do. Does this sound like something I need to have her go to the health center asap?
Avatar n tn i found myself looking up google about pulsating neck trying to find re assurance with videos on youtube and any info i could get my hands on to re assure me. I started to get a tight chest again and along with my pulsing neck i noticed my stomach was pulsing also and i could see it! i put a plate on my stomach and it was just pulsing like crazy. I started to worry like crazy and again i had a sore stomach and could not sleep!
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Avatar f tn I decided to post because I just got done with doing it and it occurred to me to look up a name of the disorder or compilation and to maybe get an idea as to how prevalent it is. Mabey it was more common...
Avatar n tn I didn't think it was anything to worry about. I used it on a second day and didn't have any symptoms other than peeling gums. The third day, in the morning I used it and was OK. I used it at night and this is when my symptoms suddenly appeared. About two hours after I used the mouthwash, my mouth had this bitter taste. I went to get a glass of water and a small piece of chocolate candy bar (like the size of my thumbnail) just to suck on so the bad taste would go away.
Avatar f tn I personally feel that if you stop your immunosupressors, then you may be more likely to have other health issues and with the increase activity of your disease, may actually cause the gums to swell up more possibly. You may want to scale down the dosage possibly but that's for your physician to decide with you. If you feel your gums are swollen, you should go get a dental checkup and see whats the cause so you can address it.
Avatar m tn Like I said if you get abscessed teeth where you get swelling in the gums or cheek and pain due to infected teeth, gums and so forth then if it is chronic that could be the cause.
Avatar f tn Anyway I'm still feeling unwell, tired and my tonsils are still inflamed and sore especially on the side where 4 teeth were removed. How long does it take to get over the infection? And how long to heal? Thank you!
Avatar m tn Yes i know exsacly how you all feel about 2 weeks ago my Submandibular gland started to get sore on the left side of my Jaw, it doesn't really seem to be swollen more to the fact irritating and even more so when i poke at it lol..
Avatar m tn The earlier it’s detected, the less involved the treatment plan, and the easier it will be to get your mouth back to good health. So be aware of gum disease symptoms and don’t hesitate to call your dentist if you think you’ve spotted something that just isn’t right. But most importantly, make it a priority to schedule regular checkups with your dentist. Visit http://www.smilingoakdentistry.
Avatar n tn But I assume that has something to do with the swollen gums/cheek? The swelling has finally started to go down now that it's been about 24 hours since starting the z-pak, but I'm worried as I would really prefer a root canal to extraction. Thoughts?
Avatar f tn That night I had no pain or throbbing only slight tenderness in the surrounding gums. The following day, Thursday, I went to my dentist to prep for the new crown. He removed the temporary filling & cotton and did a build up and took new moldings for my new crown. He then replaced the bad crown as my temporary crown. My dentist said he had no choice but to use the old crown in the mean time because if not, my teeth would shift and the molds for my new crown would not work for my new crown.
Avatar n tn Good boy be super great advocate for yourself. When it comes down to it you are by far the best person to do that. No one else know you well enough to know what exactly you need. Also, we are alone in this world except for people that come and go. some are more permanent but we lose many or most of them in the end. God is with us all along so we are not actually alone, god is "the universe" to many. But no one knows how to love you like you do yourself. Take care of you.
Avatar n tn I have been to the emergency room three times just to get the swelling down. They usually give me some steroids and benedryll. I have had blood tests and they say it is not angiodema. I feel like it is stress related but I need to get this under control. The swelling has not affected my breathing because it is just half of my tounge. Can someone give me some suggestions. I have also had blood tests to find allergies and really not found anything. Should I go to an allergy specialists ?
Avatar n tn You may find that dentists do not spend any time counseling their patients relative to the things that cause tooth and root decay, or how to get free from it. Why should they when they make money from dental disease. Dental decay is the number one disease in the world. The primaryPrimary amyloidosis Primary biliary cirrhosis Primary hyperparathyroidism Primary insomnia Primary lymphoma of the brain cause is diet, and no amount of dental work can stop the decay process.
Avatar n tn hi, i was in excruciating pail last sat, and put it down to t neuralgia, as i was told i had this about 3 months ago, but my increased medication would not get rid of the pain, and then my cheek from my jaw started to swell up, not to mention my neck and glands, swallowing food or drinking became excruciating, i decided to get things checked out.