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Avatar f tn Before I went to bed last night my eyes were really red and when I woke up this morning my eyes were swollen on the top and bottom. What are some ways to make the swelling go down. I went to a heath center today and they gave me some Medicine and it is working but my eyes are still swollen. What are some other things that I can do to prevent the itching and make the swelling go down faster???
Avatar n tn But I don't get here as often as I' d like too. I never had the red swollen eyes, except for all the crying LOL. But when I asked my last liver doctor about hte "red palms" he told me it wasn't liver related. Then I saw the doctor at Duke Medical and I just casully asked him. I showed him my red palms and he said YES, it is a sign of liver disaese. They didn't have any studies for me...I was sent by my first liver doctor, because I relapsed.
Avatar n tn a good night of sleep do the trick but sometimes it does not work and takes a couple days to fully go back down. I don't know whether to go to a general practitioner/derm/allergist. Please let me know if you have gone to an allergist and found anything else out. Tks!
Avatar m tn 1) no i wouldnt consider that 'normal', but i also dont consider it dangerous and have no idea how to go about solving it 2) dont know. the solution is stop going face down, which she cant do b/c of the mac hole repair.
Avatar f tn Did I mention I am so tired that it takes every ounce of strenth I have to get up, even after 8 hrs. of sleep!!! I am waiting for my GI appointment, endoscopy and colonoscopy... THIS BRINGS ME TO HERE!
Avatar n tn I have found that if I take about four 1,000 mg of vitamin C and four or five Odourless Garlic capsules before I go to bed I do not wake up with swollen itchy lips and swollen eyes. I also find that I can't drink too much Pepermint tea. My sister made some salve out of the Calendula plant and bee's wax and it is wonderful, healing and soothing.
Avatar n tn If you have it, you can be treated with antibiotics. I don't want anyone to have to go through what I have to get a diagnosis. My presentation wasn't "typical" Lyme, but there truth is, there is no such thing as typical Lyme symptoms. Some people get arthritic symptoms, and others have neurological, nervous system and/or heart symptoms. Anxiety and panic attacks can be a symptom of an underlying disease, and if you don't start feeling better, I think it's worth further investigation.
Avatar f tn start with , dont toy around with any meds....allow each med to get into your system (around 3 months) and take it from there. What were your last lot of elevsl and how long since RAI? The swelling around the eyeball is NOT from RAI or from the meds. It's also fairly common for your eyes to exhibit mild signs of a condition known as Graves' ophthalmopathy. In Graves' ophthalmopathy, your eyeball bulges out past its protective orbit (exophthalmos).
Avatar n tn If they only knew what it takes him to get up everday and go to work and try to function normally. His embarasment over the lesions on his face, neck, hand and arms. Do they think he likes this? How his stomach hurts and when I see him doubled up on the floor and his stomach is swollen. I'm sorry but I have become very angry with people! This forum has been my savior!!
Avatar n tn I try to do some light weight lifting and yoga and stretching to get my muscles back up to speed. I never realized how atrophied my muscle tone got until after tx was done. It was a shock for me to actually realize and feel my muscle weakness. I did not notice some of the minor aches and pains during tx because I was almost always lying down and doing alot of sleeping. I had quite a bit of temporary joint pain after tx (about 3 weeks) especially in my wrists and my right knee....
Avatar f tn I don't know whether to go back to the PCP or wait until I see the surgwon this week. Has anyone else experiened this? I have read that MS does not always show up on a brain scan. I just know this numbness is driving me crazy. I have worked all my life and now I have trouble walking. I am afraid I won't be able to do anything muich longer.
Avatar n tn So if you want to go to get tested for soy allergy by all means do so, or just cut it out as some suggest it can aggravate a thyroid condition in bigger quantities if you have an allergy to it. You can goole it and read a lot of research on this pro and con. I just bet that many would clear up some chronic conditions if they just found out the offending culprit, but many docs don't know about this themselves like I said - though many dermatologists do.
Avatar f tn When i slowly sat trying to keep my leg straight my eyes welled up bc the pain was so intense. I didn't know how I was going to get up to deboard. Eventually I did and went to a small emergency care clinic where they x-rayed my knee with negative results. I was given Vicodin and crutches (which I didn't really use) and was told to see my local orthopedic when I return home.
Avatar n tn The doctor also told me that if my hisband were called overseas, they would freeze the sperm for me to be able to try if he had to go on mission. Hope that helps you some.... I know how hard it is, but there's hope! Take care.
Avatar f tn Just next semester and I am done, but my master's major requires a 4-6 year program at a major university, a place which I have NO IDEA how to get to and how I would pay for in the long run. I can cook, clean, wash, lift heavy loads, is polite and sincere, and just LOVE household work, so I am NOT some "couch potato" as they say. Despite my family ridiculing me for being a small and fragile woman, I always enjoyed fixing and cleaning things.
Avatar m tn I myself broke out it hives ( i am not allergic to anything) I went into anaphallix (sp?) they couldn't get it to stop no matter how much antihistamines, epenephrine, i can't take benetryl because it send my heart rate through through the roof. The had been giving me Atarax but it wasn't strong enough. so i gave them the to ahead to give me benedryl but that they would have to give me valium before the benedryl.
Avatar m tn Because you are taking so much it is hard for us to give advice. Have you ever tried to cut down before? You can't go cold turkey unless you are in a hospital. At least discuss your options with the dr. I don't think that they will hospitalize you against your will. Can you ask the dr whether one week or two weeks in a hospital will help? You do get a two week vacation, right?
Avatar f tn Pretty good until right before New Years and uggh, I felt my face start to go again, and then within a week, I found it hard to get up and down the stairs, numbness now up to shoulders, and hips. The hip is really uncomfortable. A new problem tinnitus fluctuating between ears and difficulty hearing in background noise. Seeing wavy lines at times too. Present day, more negative test results, more vibrating limbs, unending fatigue.
Avatar n tn Once I get home, it usually takes several days for all this to calm down and go away. Last time, instead of staying at his house, we stayed in a hotel. My eyes didn't swell. I did break out in hives, but they weren't as bad as usual. Since July, I have seen allergy doctors and regular doctors. I've had allergy testing and blood testing. I've started allergy shots, because I'm apparently allergic to several things.
Avatar n tn It is much worse if I have cried, even slightly the day before. The swelling eventually will go down if I use compresses but then I am left with loose, crinkly skin. I have tried all sorts of things- no water before bed, elevating my head, eye lubricant(my apt. is dry), clariten. Some days are definitely worse than others. I suspect I have an allergy but how does one figure that out? Also, I will try cutting down on salt.
1058524 tn?1285190840 Well, it's been just silly. I feel better... every day or two...better than I did before. My face is still swollen, along with the rest of me. It's to be expected. I told my nuclear medicine doctor, "Doc after you pushed my TSH over 200+, you are a lucky man I am not a vain person, I just want my eye site back to normal so I can drive." He laughed and agreed he was indeed a lucky man, and simply stated it would be a few more weeks before my eyes would go back to "normal".
Avatar n tn i was diagnosed with bih in 2006 and ive been in and out of hospital since i was put on diamox xmas 2006 and i came off it noz 2007 and so far all has been fine no headaches anything and i noticed over the weekend that my left eye ball seems swollen compared to the right my eye lid is covering more of my left eye due to it being swollen. there is no pain or blurred vision or anything really and i just wondered if this could be anything to do with raised pressure again?
Avatar n tn Also if someone knows where I can get this story posted on an HIV website as a column or something so people can send a link to their friend that is too scared to get tested, please let me know. Thank you.
Avatar f tn But if you get ovarian cancer you're a goner, because its usually pretty asymptomatic until its spread and treatment is difficult. I guess if you start to get lower abdominal pains and bloating, go along to the GP and get a pelvic ultrasound. Honestly though, there's so many things that can take you off, I don't really worry much about it. Cheery thoughts for you!
131817 tn?1209532911 I know it is going to be soon. I just want to say how important it is to let go if you have to. I surely want to go and make him get up and run around like we used to. sad can't even explain what I am going through. I love this man so much, and am glad I told him it was okay to go......
Avatar n tn While looking for an answer to my problem, I saw that someone about 7 years ago posted that they had teary and itchy eyes for 2 months after their eye exam. Well, I am in the same situation, going on my second month. I am not allergic to any foods, pollen, etc. I was allergic to something in the 3 different drops that were given in my first eye exam ever. Anybody have any idea what the culprit is? My face was swollen and tingly, my eyelids were extremely swollen.
Avatar f tn I did see an old post that someone called Roberta put on medhelp back in 1999 about her daughter having the same thing. I wrote to Medhelp Contact us to see if I could track her down and talk to her, perhaps she might actually know what is wrong with me. She said her daughter had hyperbeta andregenic syndrome, i.e. too much adrenalin but not because of pheo, but her daughter's body was in complete overdrive after the birth.
371308 tn?1213836179 However I can't find written anywhere that the bacterial infection causes swollen/puffy eyes. They're getting worse by the day. Recently I had what was thought to be sillent thyroiditis. After a number of months on anithyroid meds i was taken off them. I then had a precautionary antibody test that found i was positive, and because my grandma had Graves Disease I was told to be vigillant, but otherwise I was fine... Well this has got me a bit worried.
Avatar n tn hello, last week i went to get my eyebrow cleaned up, the lady doing the threading asked another woman to assist her by holding my eyes down. When the woman held my eyes shut she pressed somewhat hard on my eyeball which i couldnt take more than 6 seconds of. After it was done i went home to check for any noticeable damage or redness and found none except for a soreness behind my eyes. Fast forward 1 week and my eyes are still sore and sunken, is this normal?
Avatar m tn Sounds to me like you are still hypo and could have adrenal fatigue or an rT3 problem. ...