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Avatar m tn I sent my girlfriend and daughter down to her mothers in Florida this week so i can get off this ****. I just dont think i can do it. Today is day one and i regret deleting all of my dealers from my phone. She is so encouraging but its just so hard. Its all i think about. I am going to make a real effort but i just dont know if i can do this.
Avatar m tn I have been addicted to Roxys a few months shy of 2 years. In Florida, there is a huge oxycodone epidemic, I would compare it to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa. There are thousands of pain clinics all over the state of Florida who advertise in newspapers the kind of drugs they give out (Roxy 30 mgs, Xanax 2 mgs, Just bring your MRI!) It's insane how abused the system is here, but even more insane is how the doctors know each and every single thing that they're doing is illegal.
Avatar n tn If you didn't know, oxycodone runs rampid in this area, i mean people go to florida left and right to hit up those pain clinics. Anyways, I'm addicted to this horrible drug, and its hell. I mean, even when I'm high off of them, i don't really even enjoy it. I'm just so afraid to detox from it ( i know that sounds stupid, but i've been through many bad dt's ) and of course, even when I am clean -- i crave it more than anything.
Avatar m tn I have heard stories of people using herbs to treat the pain. At this point I am willing to try it. The laws in Florida are making it almost impossilbe to not to mention so costly with all the added fees even with insurance that its killing me. In both my walet and my over all will to go on. I get it my health *****. But there has to be another way. And I will find it. So I ask for info pleading for someones advice who is dealing with this.
433485 tn?1321816990 I can tell you this. The Oxycodone is *as much if not more* a relief to my stomach/digestive track as it is to my back. I don't know why, but it very quickly seems to greatly reduce acid production. If I didn't have back problems, I would still take the Oxycodone for my stomach alone. Although not many doctors would prescribe it for just that I think.
Avatar n tn Everything and anything gets me so mad, i just lash out!!! Once in a while, i get a little flash of how i used to see things before i began using drugs. I remember feelings a certain way about things, etc. etc. The closest i can come to that is when i am alittle high, but when i am in withdrawal, everything looks dead and horrible. This is scaring me incredibly because i don't know how in the world i cam going to get through the rough part!
759106 tn?1322704406 the difference between schedule 2 verse 4 is its potential for abuse both drugs are hard to get off offoxy abusers tend to run the mg up higher then lortad users in general not to say we dont have people out there eating 25 lortabs a day but its not uncommon to see 120 to 150 or higher with oxy this would be the only reason it would be harder to get off both are narcotic and both have there vises also a doctor is regulated on how many class4 prescription he/she writes there subject to a dea audi
Avatar m tn and trust me i was up to about 80-100mg a day...@ the big..i do plan on going to meetings soon as i get to gonna live right across the street from a swimming pool so im def. going to start swimming alot..being more active with my out! learn to fight..jiu jitsu...soon enough...this is my 2nd time going through withdrawl..last time i relapsed about a month into it..sigh..this time done with it..DONE..thank you all =D..tomorrow is another day..and im def.
Avatar m tn 67MG or less compared to 300MG a day. No other meds thrown in just do it. I was waiting for marijuana to get settle in Boston Mass, to give that a try and hopefully cut some of the narcotics but they will not let me do that as they would kick me out if I even try it. I said it may help me get to their goal if it would work and I still got no for an answer. They have already cut me 30MG of meds per day.
356518 tn?1322267242 When I found out that the reason there was an oxycodone shortage and the reason why according to the Doctor's and Pharmacist and reports here is the out of state pain patients coming into buy them to sell I was fit to be tied. I mean think how many legit pain Pt's here in Florida now have none and have to try and find a new medication. I was lucky but not everyone will be.
Avatar f tn I dont know if you know anything about florida at all but it is well known that other states people comes to florida to go to the doctors here to get prescriptions for things like oxycodone and then they take it back to your state or any other state and sell the crap. In other words, doctors hand out scripts like candy here so under this new law if a doc prescibes it and you can prove it, it will not keep you from getting benefits at all.
Avatar f tn First, I was prescribed this med and then I found other ways to get it. Knowbody knows I take it as much as I do. Anyone....have some advice?
Avatar n tn I am presently in Tennessee and have the Rx for my hydrocodoone which I intended to have filled here. (I live in FLORIDA AND AM ONLY VISITING IN TN) Due to some inclement weather, I was unable to get to the drug store. So I just took the morphine alone. I have received more comforting pain relief fromthe morphine alone than from the combination of both medications. Can you please advise me if the hydrocodone interferes with the morphine, keeping it from performing at its best.
Avatar n tn I just hate having to wait until next week. I wonder how bad this will get if I start today. I wish I had something to make me sleep through it all. Or that rapid detox sounds pretty good too. I know, beachtowel, that you can't believe a person taking such a high dose of pain killers couldn't possibly know what he was doing, but it happened so fast. My wife would bring them home and I didn't ask to many questions. I hope you now understand. Anyway, Thanks for your support.
Avatar f tn ) It is amazing to me that the abusers think we can just go out and get more when they know how hard it is to get them.
1445110 tn?1388213311 Hi, It has to be heart breaking for you to watch your son go through this. I know you feel helpless in this situation. Right now I think it is going to be difficult for him to get help. He is living with two people that use drugs and he seems to have quite a good supply himself, even without them. It is an active addict's dream but again, I tough situation to get clean in. The odds of him getting clean if he stays they are not good.
147426 tn?1317269232 She has spent the last 2 weeks trying to get a hold of my doc. from Mayo to see if he could help her in determing which medication might be best for me to go on. Just like I thought he will not call her back. I knew he would'nt because my family doc. had tried many times to no advail. I am now on a 6 day round of steroids and will be starting either avonex or rebif within the next couple of weeks. It has been the hardest 3 to 4 years I have ever had to deal with.
Avatar n tn I know some of you ask how I had access at that age to the stuff, but I had a broither who was 5 years older than me and since I was always the one in trouble, they never payed attention to what he was in to. I just want to tell you that it does get better with time. I can honestly say that I do not have and have not had the urge to drink or pop a pill etc. for years now. But I still have to keep my guard up at all times.
Avatar f tn I'm addicted to oxycodone. I think that's how it's spelled. I need to get off this on my own, because I have no time or funds to get into any kind of program. I wish I was Brittany Spears, who on the other hand has so much money that she can get help and won't. On the other hand I do have the money to buy the pills, so I have to give that some thought.
Avatar f tn quite a bit of acetaminophen (3250 mg + a day) You could probably wean down on your own but it will take strict discipline, no going back once you begin. I'd definitely ask you doctor to prescribe how to calculate the weaning off to produce the least discomfort. You will need to be completely honest with him/her though, so they know what your dosage has been. Otherwise, withdrawal may cause some real danger to you.
Avatar n tn I saw your post about needing to take 8mg sublingual buprenorphine in order to get 1.5mg in your system. It seems there is a huge information void concerning this medication. I was told that the sublingual buprenorphine was about 1/2 as strong as the injectable. A two fold error could be a disaster in terms of the degree of addiction. Please try to find out the correct dosing information. If you get a reliable answer please post it here. I will do the same.
Avatar n tn perhaps some more? the tablets are scored so it's real easy to do halfs. try to get enough of it in you to get to sleep. i've been known to lay a tablet out on the bed side table so when i wake up half way thru the night it's right there, don't even have to get out of bed. i'm real uncomfortable taking benzos of any kind so i usually just take it every other night at most. for what ever it's worth "i'm there and doing it too.
1801781 tn?1461633069 This is a huge state but not a huge poulation compared to NY or Cali. So,to make it to #1 is pretty bad depending on how they figured this out. No one said if the number was per capita or how the data was obtained but there are only 2 million people in the entire state. I sure don't believe anyone can get a very accurate figure on abuse unless I was the only one lying all the time!
Avatar n tn You willl not even begin to go throgh the true withdrawl syptoms until you are completely off the patch. I wish you the best. If you ever need to talk, which, you WILL need to talk to someone who had actually gone through this, email me, Hopefully, I can hep..
Avatar m tn I have been presribed and tried Feytenall sublingal stick lollipop looking things 1200mcg, feytenall patches, Oxycontin 40, 60, and 80 mg , i have been prescribed morphine in liquid form that you squirt under your tongue and the Ms Contin 100mg morphine pills, ive also been rescribed dilaudid 8mg, and then oxyfast which is liquid oxycodone.
Avatar f tn i still need and would like to talk to someone to give me advice on how to keep it going i know one day at a time is the way and that is what i am doing
Avatar n tn When I needed more I explained to my PCP how well they had me feeling for the first time in my life , she really wanted to see me continue to feel so well, but, she explained that it was something she couldn't do on a permanent basis. What we did agree on was that she would prescribe them for my menstral pain, back and migraine pain (from an auto accident.)Plus, and I was honest with her, that at very difficult times I would them as well.
Avatar m tn You probably have about 2 more days of feeling really bad, then it should start to get better each day from there. Hang in there, you can get thru this. Just do it one day at a time. Stay strong.
Avatar m tn But the bottom line is you need to get a firm diagnosis in order to get your condition treated instead of just the symptoms treated. I would like to welcome you to our community of chronic pain patients. We aren't doctors but we support and offer advice to each other. We're happy to welcome you. Please do check back. I'm sure one of our very smart members will be along to offer you better advice. And welcome.
Avatar n tn Your friend had the implant in his stomach...How could he get it out you ask???? I don't know what "in his stomach" means.... deep inside somewhere or under the skin. The implant this doc puts in are a "under the skin" however deep, I don't know... in the lower abdomen/groin area. I watched it on TV... anyway, there are more than a few cases where the hard core addict has cut the implant out. I had heard this but felt it was not true... aaarghhhh...