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Avatar m tn Thyroid, adrenal and testosterone hormones are all important to check. It is quite common for testosterone to be temporarily low when thyroid hormones are low. Besides what testosterone obviously does for the male body, low levels can also contribute to muscle pain. There are two common tests to measure testosterone from blood draw, its kind of similar to thyroid testing. These are Free Testosterone (bio-available), Total Testosterone.
Avatar n tn As for diet try eating small meals, every 3-5 hours, It helps keep your blood sugar levels more steady. Long periods without eating can cause your body to store fat because your metabolism slows down and your body enters the starvation state. Eat at least 5 times per day. Keep you carbohydrate to protein ratio at 2:1, which will be one serving of carbohydrates for every small serving of protein. For every 1 gram of protein you have, you should have 2 grams of carbohydrates.
Avatar m tn What are you trying to accomplish? Get some exercise, or look a certain way? Unless you're a professional bodybuilder who will make a ton of money doing this, it's a bad idea for your health. Of course you're free to do what you want with your body, but as this is a nutrition forum, it's unlikely any of us will encourage you to overdo anything. Now, what are these downsides?
Avatar n tn t share your age but there is always a chance you could change your mind on your life choices or lifestyle. Anyway, reduction in testosterone would seem to do the trick. You could try anti androgens a the adrenal gland along with the testicles produce testosterone. That will decrease your testosterone. You can talk to your doctor about other hormones such as progesterone increasing through supplementation. You can try to lower testosterone through your diet as well.
Avatar n tn For something like this, you should go with the advice from your doctor after proper testing of your testosterone level. It seems that testosterone is trending lately, but probably few men need to deal with it, especially under a self-diagnosis setting.
Avatar n tn s a patch you can wear on your arm, or a mouth patch, and a gel you apply directly to your skin, usually on the arm. Talk to your doctor about your treatment options. Here's more info on them - https://www.webmd.
Avatar f tn Hi there. Your situation is quite complex and can't be answered simply. It's certainly worth seeing a urologist for a follow-up test regarding free testosterone, etc., and maybe a general check-up of other functioning as well. However, you could be right on the money regarding your husband's upbringing. Each of us responds differently to repression. Some blossom by turning it into a positive, while others are terribly affected and can't seem to recover.
Avatar f tn your body and your life after a baby. Swimming is also a good way to get in shape without too much physical stress like running. And remember: breastfeeding is yet another good way to loose a few lbs!
Avatar m tn as well as try this therapy that exercise as hard as you can for 10 seconds that it is hard for you to breathe then 30 seconds warm down and then 10 sec of exercise do it for 30 min and you will actually be doing 4 or 5 minutes of exercise but it will help you to get more blood flow through your body resulting more testosterone level and as it flows through your penis there are bigger chances for getting hard naturally.
Avatar m tn m sure that if you research your supplements that you will find that they increase your testosterone. An increase in testoserone (the male equivalent of estrogen) leads to hair growth and muscle gain. Your best bet is to find a supplement that doesnt increase your testosterone. If you can't find one, then you'll have to choose between quick muscle gain or body hair.
Avatar n tn If you really do not ovulate your OB should be able to give you something to take in order to help you ovulate. I get my period every month but my doctor said It does not mean I ovulate and she performed a test and indeed I do not ovulate on my own all the time. she gave me clomid to help with the problem.. I took it with metformin and other vitamins to get my body ready for future pregnancy. I hope that helps. Metformin is helpful in regulating your hormones..
Avatar n tn Ther is no place for giving you testostetrone any more than there is to give you insulin with your blood sugar being normal. You need to further discuss the fatigue issue with your physician. You mentioned depression and that can certainly cause you fatigue. Your question about aromatase inhibitors is one to address to an endocrinlogist (try a forum). S.A.Liroff, M.D.
Avatar m tn People with high levels of dichlorophenol, a breakdown product of the herbicide 2,4-D and of chlorine used to disinfect tap water, were more likely to suffer allergies to milk, eggs, seafood, and peanuts. It's not clear what could be happening, says Elina Jerschow, MD, MSc, lead author of the study, but she says it may have something to do with the "hygiene hypothesis.
8309591 tn?1397596954 well there are some reasons that can lower your testosterone level and i will let you know how to avoid them .. so very first thing is fat , fat can decrease your testosterone level hope you are not a fat guy as you have an active routine . the second big thing that can cause lower testosterone level is no regular sleep schedule or sleeping less than required so get a healthy sleep and take it as it is required don't sleep too much as well.
Avatar f tn Too much and hair grows on your chest and your upper lip, falls out of your scalp and your voice gets deeper so be careful.
Avatar f tn There really is no normal for body hair. This is your normal. You'll likely get more hair on your legs if you only have a few under your arms that you pluck. Once you shave, you'll start to notice it more. But you just have what you have. If you grow hair on your chin-- that's not very normal and could mean you have too much testosterone. But overall, you don't describe anything abnormal.
Avatar m tn I just want relief for hot flashes-Yes I get them in the cold weather. My wife told me to try estrogen pills or creams. How do you get your doctor or NP to prescribe estrogen. Over the counter creams & pill are two expensive. I do have part d insurance. My family does have a history of cancer. Thank you. If wrong forum please move.
Avatar f tn (normal push ups your palm are at shoulder width distance, here you need to keep them much closer) Also keep your elbows close to your body. For more technical advices google for 3 moves for toned triceps. Good luck!
Avatar m tn Ingesting the androsterone can boost also boost male arousal, and cause your body to send off scents and signals that make him more desirable to women, according to Alan Hirsch, M.D., author of Scentsational Sex.
Avatar m tn Most of your symptoms appear to be due to low testosterone. Some common low testosterone symptoms are decrease in sex drive, ejaculation problems, shrinking testicle, fatigue, loss of body hair, difficulty gaining or maintaining muscle, depression, and loss of strength. With therapy there will be improvement in all these parameters with time. The cause of low testosterone has to be found out and treated.
Avatar f tn Once TPOab and TGab have been done, they don't need to be done with every set of blood work. Once you have Hashi's and/or Graves, you always have it, even if the antibodies go into remission. It's not the antibodies that cause the symptoms; it's the resulting hypo or hyperthyroidism. Both DHEA and cortisol are adrenal hormones, so yes, the fact that they are high would indicate an adrenal issue. You should ask for further testing to find the cause.
Avatar m tn Clomid can work and is certainly worth a try when young. It can raise SHBG and result in little to no gain in Free Testosterone and therefore little to no improvements in feeling better. But it is always worth a first try. Remember to get SHBG tested and also estradiol. Clomid can also raise estradiol (estrogen). Both SHBG and estradiol bind to or use up testosterone leaving less of the "total T" available as free T to do work. You can take a drug to lower estradiol.
Avatar m tn Your doc should be able to prescribe it in petro jelly to be applied topically to your glans penis on a regular schedule. It should bring about stronger erections and then your confidence will follow.
1942878 tn?1324056800 Thanks for the advice. I will continue to do what I'm doing as far as exercise and being healthy in general. I'm not un-happy with the results I get so far, I'm just looking for some ideas on how to make it even better. Thanks for your response.