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Avatar f tn hello, Here are some of the home remedy which helps you to get rid of crepe skin. • Apply mashed banana and avocado over the eye to banish them naturally. Leave on for a few minutes and rinse with cool water. This home remedy can naturally tighten and hydrate the skin. • Placing 2 wet green tea bags under your eyes. For diminishing eye wrinkle, it is also important to drink plenty of water on a regular basis. Water hydrates and softens the skin.
4105678 tn?1356548871 My shin lioms horrible right now my eyes got bags amd its super dry and blotchy.
Avatar f tn I really sick of this cos Don know when will it clear up. How long will it get under control and how long I can back to contact lense again. I feel really down now since I gain lot of weight and skin lines cos of my pregnancy, having moderate myopia that not yet stable, n high IOP (20, 19). now I cannot use any make up and contact lense even on party, I want to do reflective surgery in the future.
Avatar n tn if anyone knows what this is or even has any suggestions on how to get rid of please let me know as soon as possible. it is so embarassing. i dont even want people to see me like this. im afraid to touch anything b/c i dont know or want to spread it someone else. PLEASE HELP!!!
Avatar f tn She barely looked at my face up close and said that it looked like I had exema around my eye area and I needed something to clear it up. When I tried to get her to address the clearly atrophied skin, she gave me a card for a cosmetic surgeon. She quickly prescribed me Mimyx cream and told me I could go back to my regular skincare regime within a month after my sensitized skin felt better. I still have an appointment with the original dermatologist in two weeks.
Avatar n tn Sense I am eager to start trying again,say yesterday,my question is this,how long to wait and how common is it to get pregnant strait away from a miscarriage?I mean with in a months time with no in between period.And then of course how safe is it.The Internet offers little on this topic.My Dr. said 2 months and that was strongly influenced my 38 YO body.I'll be 39 in Dec.I have no children yet and was obviously crushed when this happened.Hay we can't all meet Mr. right straight away.
Avatar n tn Since I work as a waiter, I'm going to have to stop working to get off this. Please tell me what to expect, and how long I should plan on being out of work. Also has any one noticed an increase in rate of hair loss from Klonopin?... WILL THE HYPERACUSIS GO AWAY? this is my biggest concern at this time. Please help me. Thank you, Steve.
Avatar m tn I've done lots of research on different digestive disorders and how to treat them naturally. I've tried some things and it hasn't worked so I am wondering if people are just getting sick and having to take all sorts of antacids for conditions that we may not be able to control. Maybe because of our environment, all the preservatives in our food, etc. Mysterious symptoms of digestive disorders that doctors can't seem to cure are becoming more widespread. I have a question?
Avatar n tn 2- Soon after I apply some oil (may be brassica oil, olive oil or whatever natural oil i can get) to it... As soon as I feel my skin drying, I apply oil again. Usually 4 to 5 times in 4 to5 hours. This not only stops etching for 4 to 5 hours, but gradually reduces the intensity of inflamation as well. I repeat this after every 5 to 8 hours.
Avatar n tn It's the strangest thing though that on both sides of my body, those are the exact same fingers and toe that have been affected. I went to the ER to find out about it, and was prescribed some cream that I have to get still. I hope it works. I thought they would have at least popped my pinky, but it didn't happen. I just got through removing all the fluid from my pinky, and the finger right next to it as well as the same two fingers on my other hand seem to be getting worse.
Avatar n tn There is actually a syndrome called aquired cutaneous adherence, or sticky skin syndrome. I´ts a known side effects to some medicines used to treat cancer and acne. Google it to find out for yourselves. I´ve had it to and i´ts not psychological. Weird, frighening and hard to deal with though, since this is something new for you and for doctors.. Hard to find help. sec6565, i´ve sent you a message with some relevant information.
Avatar f tn they are SOOO AVAILABLE though and I have always had the money to get them.. I SHOULD BE ANGRY at it.. But any ideas on how long the HORRIBLE withdrawal symptoms will stick with me.. It's already Saturday???
Avatar n tn I always say my skin feels like it has the flu. You know how your skin can get sensitive when you have the flu. And it really hurts to sit on the toilet when it happens to the backs of my thighs which is the most common place. If anyone ever gets a definitive answer, please post it.
4149717 tn?1389507161 my basic text brings me comfort because it give me a solution to what eluded me for so to get clean, how to stay clean, how to deal with my in the present and hope for the future. ...
Avatar f tn I don't know what your husband's HSV 1 status is so I don't know if you could have gotten this (if you have it) from him. Continue to work your doctor to try to clear up this question. I'm not very comfortable taking a position that might be different than your doctor's, and I'm not advising you to do something different that what they suggest, I'm just giving you my opinion, since you asked.
Avatar n tn the bumps were very hard were raised about 1/8 to 1/4 of an itch above my skin level. i noticed that i would get a very nervous, energetic feeling before an outbreak. i would feel like i was losing my mind and my reactions to others was very uncharacteristic and nasty. it was very strange. my doctor told me that it was just another side effect of the sarcoid. i think it is hormonal because a few times i have felt it coming on was right before menstruation.
Avatar n tn At the time, she did push on a bit of it to show me that some white stuff that is 'hiding' in between the retracted skin, would appear. It took about a month, but I finally was able to clear the retracted skin. I have to continue to check it every day, though. His doc suggested I use neosporin or bacitracin ointment if it appeared sore. Now mind you, none of this ever seemed to bother my son. Really! He never cried or anything as I was very gentle about it.
Avatar n tn Two days later they went waydown to 1800. That's a great drop, but the level needs to get down to 2. The nurse said don't be surprised if they linger for awhile. DOes anyone have any adivice to LOWER the level and get the hormone out of your system to get your body back on track? I have been drinking about 2 gallons of water everyday and doing moderate exercise hoping to cleanse out my system. Anyone have any other suggestions?
Avatar n tn Hey there Just to let you know - I finally decided to get off my bum today and visit the skin specialist about my skin problem (though I did have to wait for 4 hours =_=" since the clinic also doubles as a popular plastic surgery clinic where ppl could get botox injections and etc). Anyway, the doctor said that my condition is probably heriditary and said that the appearance of the spots would vary with the weather and what activities I am doing.
Avatar f tn I heard that your blood changes every 7 years also, so can that be doing this to my skin. I have no idea what's going on with my skin. I also eat junk food, but I used to eat it back than too and I never broke out. I also heard that junk food doesn't cause pimples. I don't have pimples on my body, just my face and I don't know if it's called acne, cuz acne pimples don't usually contain puss and they aren't painful, but mine are. I don't know what to do. I tried everything that I know of.
Avatar m tn Try to rotate out different foods to see if your symptoms change. You may want to get tested again for food allergies/intolerances/sensetivities (I think there may be differences between these). You may also want to examine the possibility of having "Leaky Gut Syndrome". This may even be my problem. The whole subject is complicated! You have to be dedicated and determined to helping yourself because this diet detection process is not easy.
771263 tn?1235117009 I remember a Health professor in college telling a student that it's possible for a man to secrete fluid just as how a woman naturally produce vaginal fluid or "juice." I'm a bisexaul man who has been penetrated before and I've never had any STDs. The first time I had anal sex, I secreted lots of "juice" that my partner thought was unnatural for a man to do.
Avatar n tn It's hard to explain to someone what it's like to have spiderwebs brush across your skin willy-nilly. I get the sensations everywhere I have skin - sometimes I think it's where I don't have skin too! I suffer from allergies, crohns disease and depression. I'm on asacol & cipralex. I have recently gained a phenominal amount of weight - more space for my crawlies. I want to thank everyone who has posted on this site. I am so relieved that I am not alone in this.
585414 tn?1288944902 At this point I start getting concerned if I am going to keep going to full blown mania or am I going to start spiriling down,and if that happends how low am I going to go and what is it going to take to get back to my confort zone For me during mania there is a fine line between elation and paronia. But there is almost always aggitiation when I start comming down and I usually sleep for a couple of days and become antisocial.
757137 tn?1347200053 I was researching something and came across this interesting tidbit - smokers are half as likely to get the disease as non-smokers. It has to do with nicotinic acetylcholine receptors.
Avatar n tn I hope this is it for us. Let me know how you're doing. I think it's nice to have someone else to talk to that's going through the same thing. Talk to you girls soon.
Avatar m tn How long will the really bad withdrawls last?
Avatar n tn I have the same problem! Dry, cracked skin that I have to peel off of my upper eyelids. It comes in waves. It might be bad for a week and go away for a month, or vice versa. It seems to be worse when the weather is hot or dry, but sometimes that makes no difference. And sometimes it cracks so badly it bleeds, like chapped lips. I went to my doctor and he said that I had a "skin condition." I'd never wanted to beat someone so badly.
Avatar m tn Dermabellix is really an anti-aging formula that works well for those who find themselves ageing and who're losing the elasticity of their skin. Using this skin care formula, you'll be able to naturally eliminate the wrinkles as well as the aging marks and a good thing of his product could it be will not let the wrinkles or such other aging marks to appear again on your own face for years. It is a skin care formula that works well to generate your epidermis very soft and smooth.