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Avatar f tn m ready to return to work just to make sure I will produce enough milk to breathing feed but my concern is when we are on the road or even in public places where it will be hard for me to feed from the breast I looked at the medella double pump, its a little pricey and I see they have the single for about half the price, would pumping with a single be too difficult? I will be returning to college in the fall and working so I also need something that isn't too time consuming.
1955408 tn?1328058454 ve been trying to pump some to help build my supply in breast and in the freezer. First thing in the morning I nurse him on one side and pump the other, but I barely fill the bottom of the bottle. What can I do to pump more?
Avatar f tn m going to try hard to get him off of this formula and pump pump pump. During the day I may try to pump every hour when I'm home alone. So I can get it going. Then every time he everytime he eat at night. Formula is not cheap either and not as good for them. Just glad my husband is very supportive on wanting him to nurse.
7801868 tn?1395885718 How can i increase the amount im pumping? Any tips to help with pumping? Best times to pump? I normally just pump when i feel like i need to (just before i go out, before having a drink etc) but id like to actually have a decent supply.
Avatar f tn I am almost 25 weeks and I want to buy my breast pump cause I want to breast feed my baby just like I did my first child. I was wondering is it to early to buy my breast pump now. I'm not due until March 8th my husband thinks it way to early to buy. I just really want to get the big important things out the way so I can just focus on the smaller things like clothes, blankets, and stuff like that. Is it too early to buy my breast pump??
Avatar f tn Also, are u planning on breast feeding right after labor? Then witch to pumping and bottle feeding? That would probably be thr best thing to do.
477642 tn?1207939350 also if I am only pumping and feeding with a bottle do I need to pump in the middle of the night or can I just pump before I go to bed and as son as I get up in the morning?
Avatar f tn Though its early to think about it but things come to mind all the time, How will I bath , feed, take care of baby. SO far I thought of going with breast feeding but sounds very difficult with pumps ,pumps and work(hard to find privacy) in future....
Avatar n tn You are not pumping enough to tell your body to make more milk. You should also try putting the baby to the breast everytime she wants to eat, don't give up on her yet. She's only going to learn by you putting her to the breast. It may be very hard for her to latch on and you may need to help her by pulling her chin down as she is opening her mouth, she will eventually get it and should latch on, but you need to keep offering her the breast as well.
Avatar f tn but I just want to pump. I plan on going Back to work and I dont want it to be hard for the baby to transition from nipple to bottle. Just want to start with bottle but use breast milk instead of formula.
Avatar f tn d need to be more specific… To build up a supply it was recommended to me to pump after feeding the baby the first feeding of the day. Pump as much as long as you are getting milk - and then some to stimulate our body. one of the biggest things for me was to stay hydrated. When I was at work and pumping I would try and pump as often as the baby would be feeding, it was all about keeping to a regular schedule and whatever my work would allow.
6036387 tn?1395008183 I think tongue tied is when the skin on the bottom of the tongue is attatched more than it should be. My ex husband was born that way and the doctors just snipped the skin and he was able to nurse after that. In also having a hard time saving up a milk supply. I need to go back to work in 3 weeks and I can't seem to pump enough so that I can send the baby to child care with breast milk.
659471 tn?1229459690 when I pumped I got 4 to 5 ounces out of the right and only 2 or so out of the left. I talked to the lactation consultant and she said simply my right breast was extaordinary, and that the supply in my left side was normal. So dont stress that as long as baby is satisfied, but you can increase the left side by feeding baby on that side first when you feed. But alternate or the right side will decrease. As far as pumping...
290447 tn?1218052751 I am attempting to breast feed my baby, she's currently 2 1/2 weeks old (born 4/30) at her 1 week dr. appt. she had lost some weight,she was originally 6 lbs 7 oz but at her appt she was 5 lbs 14 oz, not a huge drop but the dr. said I should give her an ounce or 2 of formula, which broke my heart, I really wanted to breast feed her. The dr. also suggested I pump to see how much milk I'm producing which I did and come to find out after I pump both breasts for 10-15 mins.
1394262 tn?1369625192 if she is used to only bottle feeding u might struggle to latch her on ure breast but dont give up it can be done u just have to keep trying since they have to work harder on breast than a bottle! but ure right i find it easier to just latch her on during the night n she drains me n falls peacfully asleep.
7868606 tn?1410358984 With my first I used little plastic bottles, my LO was in the hospital for a couple of weeks so I had to stock up. However they take up a lot of space, particularly if you're freezing too. So this time I plan to use bags for the times I need to to express and store.
93532 tn?1349370450 I was faced with only being able to nurse on one breast as due to a mass in my right breast, I was unable to use it for nursing. I went on to nurse 3 big boys exclusively. Each nursed beyond their 1st birthday, Jonathan nursed for 14 mos, Tristan for 15 mos, and CJ weaned at 19 mos. Altogether for a total of 48 months! My poor one breast worked double time, often nursing hourly day and night to keep those moose babies full and happy.
Avatar f tn Take prenatal vitamins Eat very well balanced meals Take in more calories Drink plenty of water There are supplements that you can take to increase milk supply, look down the baby isle and the vitamin isle to find the supplements and maybe find more than one and use both but make sure they are different.
796579 tn?1266432024 i have several sets of all the accessories because the hospital gave them to me. the parts are the same for the pump in style and the pumps used in the hospital. while you're there, ask to use a pump and keep the parts. also, keep the bottles and caps they give you- they're expensive too!
296076 tn?1371334474 s no way to tell how long it will last. Hopefully a while. What a pain in the butt it was to switch from breast to bottle. It's just so convenient and FREE!!
1083673 tn?1388888638 I am going to ask the lactation specialist about it in the hospital but I wanted to get your ladies advice and all first.
Avatar f tn I'm doing the first few months on breast then pump because I'm working. I personally feel that once my child have teeth, he will be too old to breast feed but i will pump if possible. Iwant my child to be independent. My niece was breast fed for a year and a half and she is shy and stuck to my sister. Everyone have their own view on it.
Avatar f tn I hate pumping I find it very uncomfortable. I have a medela pump. Any suggestions to make it more comfortable?
Avatar f tn How do you know what the right size is? I just got my medela freestyle today, it came with medium and large but I feel like both might be a bit too big. How should they fit? I don't think I can really use the pump to find out since I only have colostrum. I tried looking it up but didn't really get an answer.
359295 tn?1285952394 Im only pumping just enough to feed them both at each feeding, but have extreme difficulty increasing the supply and making enough to freeze or store. It seems i am living pump to pump to breast feed to breast feed. I dont have any milk stored in the freezer and fear if i go out or need a babysitter, there is no milk for them. For that i stay with them all the time. I cant seem to get ahead when feeding two kids. I am very tempted to switch to formula so that i dont have to worry.
8720413 tn?1408306012 Thats ridiculous!! You did NOTHING WRONG! Instead of crying you need to have an "f... you" attitude. The decisions your making about breast pump has NOTHING to do with him. He really needs to get over himself.
Avatar f tn No...never find it necessary. The hospital is a good time to practice latching, especially since most hospitals have lactation consultants at your disposal.
Avatar f tn Of you decide to breast feed and formula feed they will give you formula, but you have to be latching or have your own pump because they only give pumps to moms who only breastfeed.