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Avatar f tn But what is the best exercise to help get rid of it? ( I know it may take a while).. Are there any creams I can use also, while exercising to get rid of it quicker? I appreciate any suggestions.
Avatar f tn It applies backward Pressure from 5 to 25 pounds adjustable to slowly stretch and bend your knee. You can achieve about 3° of stretch per week. You wear it while sitting and watching TV. The rental is about $200 a month and covered by most insurance companies. However after wearing it a couple of days I realized That you can achieve the same stretch while watching TV by resting your foot against an immovable object.
Avatar f tn My dog tore the tendon in his left knee in the back. He had previously torn the tendon in his right knee. Both times we used conservative treatment and the knee healed. We don't allow (although he doesn't always listen) jumping up and we've blocked off the stairs. We also only let him out in the yard and don't take him for long walks. Should he be taken on longer walks? or do I continue with the conservative care guidelines. We can't afford to take him back to the vet yet.
Avatar f tn Bend your right knee, raising your ankle to your hand. Grab hold of your ankle, pulling your foot towards your butt to deepen the stretch. Hold 15 to 30 seconds. Repeat 2 to 4 times for each leg. If you can’t reach your foot Loop a towel around your ankle to extend your reach. Stretch your groin, or inner thigh muscles, by sitting on the floor with the soles of your feet pressed together. Grab your ankles and gently pull your legs toward you. Go only as far as you can.
362249 tn?1441315018 Red2008 - I tore a ligament in my right knee about 4 years ago. Major Pain!!! I had to wear a knee brace for 6 weeks which I didn't do cause it impeded my work and the darn thing wouldn't stay on. Anyways they said if it didn't get better with the brace I would have to wear a cast for 6 weeks. I lied and said it felt fine lol. I still have some pain every now and then to this day. I imagine that I will need that cast or surgery in the future.
Avatar f tn Folks, the poster said she can't do squats because of a bad knee. Until we know how bad the knee is, we can't tell her what exercises to do specifically. Also, squats as I said don't make the butt smaller, they make it more muscular somewhat, but they really more affect the part of body doing the work, which are the thighs and calves. When you do a squat, you're working the buttocks some, but the power to do them comes from the more powerful muscles beneath it.
Avatar n tn I had back surgery and now am afraid to exercise. Are there any exercises I can do that will help promote weight loss and toning without hurting my back?
Avatar f tn I agree swimming would probably be the best type of exercise - at least to start. It is very easy on your joints and back. You don't necessarily have to take a formal class, just getting into the pool and swimming wiould be good. Of course, classes would be more intense and might help to keep you motivated having others there with you, but if you can't find a class or afford one, just the swimming alone would be beneficial.
5659213 tn?1371833742 I have had 1 mild stroke, 3 lower back surgeries. a double hernia, 1 knee surgery to fix meniscus, knee slide and remove arthritis, aortic aneurism repaired, 4 surgical hernia repairs with the last 2 with mesh. I have been walking 1.5 to 2 miles per day and riding a bike for 20 to 25 minutes per day 4 to 5 days per week for 45 days but have gained 5 lbs. Any suggestions on workout schedule to lose weight?
Avatar f tn Hi snehal, how are you doing? How is your knee swelling and pain now? When did you start the exercises/what kind of it are you doing and how many hours you are putting in daily? It seems the swelling is due to reactionary effusion or minor bleeding due to injury. Even patellar bursitis causes the same swelling in knee. Here are few links to get more information about the causes of knee swelling. http://www.sportsdoc.umn.
Avatar m tn m a little worried for you, you seem to worry a lot for your heart. It only causes more palpitations.
Avatar n tn Include exercises for the back of your legs such as a leg curl. Stand facing a chair and then bend your knee to lift your foot behind your body and hold it still for three to five seconds. Lift and lower each foot eight to 10 times. Perform strength training every other day. Stretching the front and back or your leg to increase the flexibility in your knee. Perform stretching exercises at the end of your workout when your muscles are warm.
446097 tn?1223694666 it is SO FRIGGIN hard to figure out what is the right thing to do every day. How not to hurt so much I cant do rehab, how to not over-medicate so I am too tired to do my exercises. I just want to feel good again physically so i can feel good mentally. How do you balance it all???? btw this has been going on for 5 years. my journal tells more i guess. I dont think i hurt that more either. i am pretty much sure i am just addicted to the pills.
Avatar f tn However, you should slow down and work up at a more gradual pace if your exercise routine causes you to feel pain. Ask your parents to sign you up for at least one session with a certified trainer if you need help developing a workout plan. Teen girls should get at least 60 minutes of cardio exercise per day, recommends the U.S. Office on Women’s Health.
Avatar m tn d say just listen to your own body and make notes when you notice a symptom, then take the list with you to the doc. What matters is what you feel. Since maybe half of people with Lyme also have other diseases that the same ticks bring, it's important for the doc to know all *your* symptoms to deduce whether you might have one of those 'bonus' diseases, because those infections often need different meds from Lyme.
Avatar m tn Your physical therapist may show you how to tape your knee to reduce pain and enhance your ability to exercise. You may be able to return to activities such as running, but you may need to reduce the number of miles you run until it doesn't hurt during or after exercise. Icing after exercise may be especially helpful. Don't rush back to activity, however. It can take six weeks or more before you begin to feel better.
Avatar n tn How would you work on your legs and especially the knee area of fat to tone or lose?
Avatar f tn How important is exercise to recovery? If someone has been in hospital for 9 weeks and is very weak it is difficult to "make " them exercise if they are not feeling well. Any suggestions??
579258 tn?1250649343 ve done .. and POST it to your Exercise Tracker! We have to hold each other accountable and ourselves accountable! ONWARD and DOWNWARD ... (in pounds that is) ... Have an absolutely marvelous and breathtaking day! You'll feel empowered when you complete this .. I promise!
587778 tn?1261397118 Cycling is a good, non-weight-bearing exercise to keep the supporting structures around the joint strong. You need to contact the doctor and talk about pain management options. A knee brace, compression wraps, ice packs, pain patches, physical therapy, Synvisc injections, etc. At your age it wouldn't surprise me if the doctor is reluctant to consider a partial knee replacement (I had my first hip done at 37), but it's best to exhaust every other avenue of pain management first.
Avatar n tn I had never heard of this, so was curious as I suffer a lot of pain in a lot of areas and have had enough physical therapy that it almost completely fills my awake hours. One interesting point made on one website was not to do range of motion exercises if you have this, and should in fact reduce range of motion in your exercise. There doesn't seem to be any reason to limit most exercise as it's going to hurt anyway, which was also odd advice (from a runner's magazine).
Avatar m tn Or It seems swelled due to stretch in the upper skin due to knee flexion exercise? Since my leg was resting since 1.5 month.
Avatar m tn Also advised to start (static quadriceps contraction and knee flexion) exercise two weeks ago. Also advised to put my leg gently on ground without giving full weight and increase exercise slowly. But on 1st May i started to walk as suggested but later on that night i felt increased swelling. So, i discontinued exercises and yesterday again i felt further increase in swelling. Then i wrapped the knee brace tightly and elevated my leg with pillow and slept. Today the swelling is some reduced.