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Avatar n tn Everything I have, I give credit to God for. Good luck and thanks for sharing the story.
Avatar m tn Do you suffer from status anxiety? If so, how do you deal with it? Is there any cure for status anxiety or is it just an unfortunately reality of capitalism?
3430285 tn?1353150237 Meds work to help reduce the symptoms of anxiety (which, for a lot of people, they do very well), while therapy teaches you how to cope with anxiety, how to change that cycle of anxious thinking/worrying, and helps to get to the bottom of any deep seeded issue that may be causing your anxiety (if any...not everyone has an undiscovered reason for their anxiety...some people are just prone to it).
Avatar m tn HOW TO CURE COLD / STREP THROAT NATURALLY ============================================== ** The method described below must be exercised by you only using your correct judgement or if you feel that what is written may work for you. Please exercise your own judgement when following the method or steps below. Some principals of AYURVEDA & Breathing exercises are used. This is not a sure shot method so you may talk to your doctor to get better idea.
Avatar f tn over the last 8 weeks my health anxiety has been debilitating I haven't left my house apart from to see my gp and heptologist and a trip or two to the er . test after test showed nothing new just hepc lft was good but feeling this crappy made me finally learn more about hepc than just my specialist saying everything looks fine current treatments have less chance of working on Geno type1.
Avatar m tn I started doing male deer and for the first week it felt like my problem is going to go away...but I tried to have sex with my girl friend again...but unfortunately with the same result... I don't understand whether my problem is ED or PE or both? Very frustrating...
Avatar n tn Now, at this point you are NOT going to sign up for some long program -you are going for an interview. The idea is to get some input from the shrink about what might be going on with you -and for YOU to evaluate the shrink to see if he or she makes any sense and is a good fit. That's all for now. What you'll get from this is DATA, information, on which you can base your next move. One thing at a time. And that time... Is now. So, scoot. (And then tell us what happened, OK?
Avatar f tn There are several different classes of medications that are prescribed for anxiety. Some are fast acting and prescribed for the short term, while others 'take time' to work and are prescribed more for the long term. Different medications have various benefits, side effects, etc....much like any class of medication we put into our bodies be it from aspirin to blood pressured medications, etc.
Avatar f tn 5) for anxiety extremes. I also take 2mg at night to sleep. I dunno if sleeping is an issue or not. You need to really deal with "trust", as did I. For the first time in my marriage, I truly trust my husband...and I cannot tell you just how amazing it is. Talking to your boyfriend about it, when you're in a calm state of mind is very valuable. Let him talk, too, and really listen to him and his thoughts. There must be something from your past that have made you not trust.
Avatar m tn Seeing a cardiologist will helpfully ease you mind that you are not having a heart attack, it is very hard for people with health anxiety to truly believe that they are ok. Seeing a therapist or trying CBT etc may be a very good option for you. Just think about all the times you thought you were going to die, but you are still here and probably healthier than you realize. We waste our lives worrying about the what ifs. I suffer the same problem.
Avatar f tn Did they prescribe for your pot induced anxiety? You cannot trust whoever gave the pot to you that it was not laced. Did you suffer anxiety prior to the pot use? If you are still feeling anxious I would consider going back to the doc and requesting a blood test and toxicology screen to see if anything shows up. Try not to freak yourself out. Smoking pot has ALWAYS made me anxious, paranoid, and depressed.
1844300 tn?1318869731 i thought i was dieing for sure i was so scared .. so i made it to my bf moms house.. and i told her to take me to the er but she said relax lay down so i did.. my heart was beating irregular and everything and i also seen eyes floaters still till this day i do they bug me but ilearn to ignore them... ever sense then im so nervos i cant even get a job i worry about every little thing like oh what was that pain am i having a heart attack or a tumor im going insane for sure i want to be normal!!!
1539037 tn?1294322228 i'm going tomorrow. thanks for thinking about me. may i know how did u came here? what was ur problem? just asking to reduce my anxiety. have a niceday.
Avatar f tn , they are a tool, used to help control your symptoms while you work with a therapist to learn how to cope with anxiety, and things you can do to help yourself get through anxious situations. I'm not going to sugar coat it, the adjustment period you have ahead of you (coming off the Ativan, and starting the Zoloft) may be a little rough at times. You may have a few months of feeling extra anxious, sad, angry, but again, therapy will help with that.
Avatar f tn Just crying over the symptoms, the fact that i can't face people, work, responibilities and exercise was good to acknowledge.. You have to remove the pressure to be rid of anxiety, it will only make you worry more. I wont lie, its a long journey for me and its been incredibly debilitating. But i am being corageous and facing the anxiety head on in therapy even when i feel so anxious about the session before i go...
Avatar f tn Anxiety disorder is biochemically based. Some people can cope with it without medication. Many people can't. No one should think of themselves as less of a person for taking medication and with some medications such as benzos discontinuing them abruptly can be dangerous. When I stopped Klonopin too quickly years ago before my current recovery I had full body withdrawal symptoms.
Avatar f tn He wants me to take it at bedtime, but I think that I will take it during the day for a few days so that I know how it makes me feel. I plan to start it today. He wants to see me in 2-3 wks. I asked to go see an endocrinologist, to have my hormones checked, and he wanted to try this first, because in his opinion my labs are all normal. But I know about other hormones that aren't in the basic lab value class that they have not checked, and require a specialist, to exam.
Avatar f tn Luckily there are a number of good medications out there to switch to if that happens. I would look for a pattern to the periods of increased anxiety and see if there are any situations causing it or triggers you can identify. And I'd definately pay close attention to lifestyle during those times including exercise and other things you do to help with the anxiety. good luck dear.
Avatar n tn At present SSRI's (Serotonin Specific Reuptake Inhibitors) are considered to be the first line of choice for depression and anxiety disorders, the advantage being they are non-sedating and not habit forming unlike Benzodiazepines. To answer the input regarding Coenzyme Q10, I know of no good research to support its efficacy with palpitations or panic disorders. It was hoped to promote cardiovascular health.
Avatar n tn I often had anxiety problems before tx, I'm on week 32 of 48 and some days they're worse, or come for no reason. What's really hard to decipher is how much is from the meds and how much is life. How long have you been off tx and have you discussed this with your doctor?
Avatar m tn Your TGab is elevated, and TGab is one of the markers for Hashi's. However, TGab can be somewhat elevated with other autoimmune diseases. Keep in mind that antibody counts on diagnosis of Hashi's are often in the high hundreds, or even thousands. You are correct that there is no cure for Hashi's, it's treated with replacement thyroid hormones. The gluten-free diet as a "cure" for Hashi's has been kicking around for years. I've yet to hear anyone "cured" by it.
220917 tn?1309788081 It started with slurred speech, shuffling gait, confusion for several hours and myoclonic jerking that prompted my husband to bring me to the ER. I was eventually put on Topamax for migraines which I ended up getting at some point along the way for several weeks non-stop and eventually mild seizures (infrequently), even on the Topamax at 400 mg per day.
Avatar f tn Its a small dosage for things like anxiety. Also try natural ways to avoid situations that make you nervous. Stay away from noisy enviroments unless you KNOW you can handle it. try to minimize you'r time that you spend alone. Alone-ness adds to depression. Spend time at least once a day doing something you KNOW you enjoy and eat your favorite foods once a day. I had really bad anxiety and depression to and for awhile I was on lexapro. i helped while i was on it but it dosnt last all day so...
203342 tn?1328740807 - I start off each day at a time, try not to look to future worries or the next Friday appointment thats stressing you out, - Try and find something to look forward to per day, chocoloate, the walk with a friend, your favorite soap opera, a trip, anything to look forward to - Try magnesium citrate supplements, I have been taking them for about 2 months now and feel the positive effects, I get to sleep easier and wake up without feeling I did not have any sleep, - Try visualization techniques,
328799 tn?1276569332 Even if you got it, it's such a routine surgery anymore that it wouldn't be that big of a deal to take it out. But chances are, you're never going to get it. I think you're just going to wind up making yourself sick with worry. The symptoms you're describing does sound more like IBS or gastro related. Don't forget, stress can do a number on your digestive system, so try to let stuff go and not worry about something that probably will never happen. Stress in itself can do a number on you.
Avatar m tn Just so you know...IBS causes anxiety and anxiety causes IBS...I have both. You do need to control the anxiety to relieve the IBS. The symptoms will not go away by ignoring them...sorry. You need to find the root cause...which is sometimes very order to "cure" the anxiety. You could try a special diet for the IBS which would help the stomach issues. I find that stress ( which is hard to avoid ) and any "roughage" type foods aggrivate my IBS.