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Avatar n tn // If you look through that, you may then think back if you had an increase in any of these things or journal your daily habits to look for patterns. Being aware of what the symptoms of high testosterone are and noticing when you have them and then comparing that to your daily habits may be insightful. Far more men have low testosterone and the troubles that go with that.
522699 tn?1250590716 s not an old wives tale after all! Spices like chilli are thought to raise metabolism by up to 50 percent for up to three hours after eating, due to increasing your heart rate. But before putting the local Indian takeaway on speed dial, work out which curries have the lowest calorie and fat content. * Swap you daily cuppa for green tea - there's evidence that it contains antioxidants that speed up metabolism.
Avatar n tn I'm sorry this is happening. You can have a reaction to anything. There's probably something in the formulation of the liquid that is giving you a reaction. There are other forms of testosterone you can take. There's a patch you can wear on your arm, or a mouth patch, and a gel you apply directly to your skin, usually on the arm. Talk to your doctor about your treatment options. Here's more info on them - https://www.webmd.
Avatar m tn Deadlift This exercise needs to be in your workout routine if you’re trying to gain lean mass. Not only do deadlifts help build size but also functional strength. If you’re an athlete looking to boost your vertical and power, add some deadlifts into your routine. Form: Keep the bar close to your body. The bar should be travelling in a straight line vertically. Focus on lifting with your legs, get low and don’t let your knees, chest, or face lean forward beyond your toes.
3003156 tn?1340054765 Sounds like your system could do with a boost, and these should help boost your erections, there simple and not drugs, Tribulus will help your libido, help your testosterone and boost your energy, and take around 8 weeks to get up to full power, then there is Cayenne, Garlic and Ginger, these 3 will help your blood flow down below, Cayenne I take in tomato paste with olive oil to thin it down and take 3 small spoonfuls 3 times a day, Garlic chop the cloves from a whole head and put in olive oil
Avatar m tn //www.livestrong.
Avatar m tn Ok, a bit youg but give DHEA a try, but please read up about it before you go on it as it can have some funny side effects with some people, this will boost you up all round your sexual levals, start low 25mg day and work it up to what you think is best for you, you can also back this up with Tribulus again it covers most of the same things, but DHEA is a hormon booster, they are both over the counter things to buy or you can get them from PP or amazon.
Avatar n tn In the past 3 months Ive lost 65 pounds on my doctors recommendation to go on a liquid diet of Boost Glucose Bkfst/lunch/dinner and bedtime. then recently a salad at lunch meal only plus still taking the Boost. Because of the weight loss my diabetic oral meds were discontinued and my bp meds were lowered so the fat loss did improve my health. Im also schizophrenic and taking a low dose of quetiapine (seroquel) 300 MG AT 9pm daily.
Avatar m tn t think it affects your testosterone level. But if you want to boost your testosterone levels, rigorous exercise will help. Masturbation shouldn't make you feel tired all the time. Maybe you aren't eating right or getting enough exercise or sleep. You can over stimulate yourself with too much of a good thing, just cut down a bit from time to time.
Avatar n tn Hi V, Look try some DHEA, this will boost your testosterone, lift your libido and kick up your energy levels, But please read up about it first, as it can have the odd funny side effects with the odd person, DHEA is a hormone, we have it in our bodys and as we get older slows down, so it just boosts it back up again, you could back it up with some Tribulus a herb, runs along the same lines, but needs 8 weeks to get to full power.
Avatar n tn im 24, 6ft and have a really hard time gaining muscle, i have little to no sex drive and i have had a complete lack of any drive for a while now... so i had a blood test done at my primary care doctor to check my testosterone levels when i got the results they said "your numbers are normal." so i asked if i could have the number and she said 304. i had done some research and from what i have read 304 is on the low side especially for someone who is 24...
Avatar m tn Right this is a hormon that we have in our bodys, but it gets slowed down as we get older, so taken DHEA will boost it up, it boosts our testosterone, will lift your libido, and kick up your energy levels, you can back it up with Tribulus, works along the same lines, so by taken Tribulus you will get a second boost, tribulus take around 8 weeks to get to full power, and DHEA starts to work in a few days, just start it at a low level say 25mg a day and work it to you think its right for you, me
Avatar m tn s been a study that showed increase of testosterone by 60~80% if you withhold for 7 days. I use that to my advantage by using that boost in testosterone to heal faster.
Avatar n tn Hi NOHARD, Thanks for the info.I live in Canada and I've heard that some countries measure it a different way.It seems to me the drs don't want to put me on the injections because of the side effects.I'm going to keep asking to be put on it though because I think its too low.My energy level is very bad.I can't seem to do much without getting short of breath.
Avatar n tn Hi I have been on testosterone therapy due to a low level. This is more done to maintain muscle strenght and bone density. It has no effect on the penis at all. The only other thing that it seems to do a little is to boost libedo. All the best.
Avatar m tn I have been taking supplements that boost testosterone levels, like Tribulus. What herbs are you using to boost your levels? How much and how often?
1095246 tn?1265602809 What can I use, I would prefer natural supplements to help boost his performance?? My husband and I have a great sex life but some times he looses his erection...
Avatar m tn Having trouble getting my testosterone to normal levels. Have tried a lot of herbal type supplements - take a good mix of vitamins (A, B, C, D, E, CoQ10, aminos, NAC, Lipoic Acid, Betaine ) Here is my most recent endocrine results - very not pretty (reference ranges in brackets) AM Cortisol 474 nmol/L (200 - 690) Estradiol 20 pmol/L (0 - 160 ) Note I recently starting take a fairly large amount of DIM and eating 3 cups cabbage a day - Estradiol used to be around 110 just two months ago.
Avatar m tn Study authors attribute the T-boosting effects in part to capsaicin, a compound in chilies that previous research has associated with increased testosterone levels. Seriously spicy serrano peppers are also packed with quercetin, a nutrient shown to boost testosterone levels in the body by reducing the amount that's otherwise flushed out by the kidneys.
Avatar f tn Be advised in most supplements that use raw herbal ingredients that the active ingredients in the herbs can vary wildly bottle to bottle or even pill to pill. So taking more pills than recommended on the bottle to get an effective amount of those herbs can be dangerous.
Avatar n tn The he could also have Tribulus its a herb, it runs along the same lines as DHEA, it will boost his testosterone, lift his libido and kick up his energy levels, but these are up to him and you to discuss, just some advice and you can google both for more info.
Avatar f tn Libido in both men and women is related closely to the level of testosterone in the blood (yes women have testosterone produced largely by the adrenal glands and men have so-called female hormones in their system). Testosterone level in the blood can be increased by a number of medications (androgel applied to the skin of the stomach, shots in the buttocks, etc.) all of which require a doctor's prescription.
Avatar m tn Hi, Your problem may not be related to T level, there is a general tendency among men to blame T level for all their health issues, where as all that they need to do is to concentrate on their diet and regular exercise. To me your T number looks really good.In spite of good diet and exercise, if you are still worried about hormones, look at your estrogen level, thyroid, adrenal and prolactin levels.
453728 tn?1354083167 When I was treating my WBC's got real low too. I was a hop, skip, and a jump away from Nuepogen as well. After a few hours of googling how to boost WBC's naturally, Green Tea seemed to come up often. So....I started drinking 1-2 cups every day. My WBC's didn't go down any further after. Is it because of the Green Tea? I have no clue. Maybe....maybe not....just sharing my experience.
Avatar f tn So after 5 years of trying to get pregnant they finally found out that I have high testosterone for a woman my age (24) which is causing me to not make it through the first 2-3 months of pregnancy. I was told to go to a grocery store by my doctors to get a vitamin to get this testosterone under control. What products work?
Avatar m tn - I saw a sex therapist lately, and i got a blood test to see PSA/Testosterone levels. the PSA was OK, but she said the testosterone was low. it was 4.7 np/dl, which I've read is normal per se, but she said it was too low. Is this correct? - She gave me some testosterone meds, and i don't think there is anything physically wrong. My intuition in life is pretty strong, and i think it's psychological. Am I on the right track, or does it need to change?
Avatar m tn My physician has told me that i am having sublcinical hypothyroidsm and prescribed 25mg of levothyroxine and told me that ,this medicine can boost my testosterone to normal level. He did test for anti bodies for hypo. Should i undergo the test for antibodies as well? How long does it take to reflect the changes on my testosterone level.I am recently married and lost my mind due this problem and shattered completely. TSH 9.91 T4 Free 1.