How the period cycle works

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Avatar n tn A cycle works like this-- it is the first day of your period until the day before your next period starts (known once you start your next period). The first day of your period is cycle day 1. Count from there until your next cycle starts and that is how long your cycle is.
599304 tn?1220175485 I read in an article on how a women gets pregnant. On the ovulation part it says that the egg is ripe for fertilization for about 24 hrs.What do they mean by that?An sperm is available is to fertilize an egg for 2 - 3 days after ejaculation...that means that after a man ejaculates in u u have 2-3 days to become pregnant?Im thinking about having an baby so im trying to learn a little bit more than what i already no now.
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Avatar n tn if you ovulate in mid-cycle, and the egg only lives 24 hours, how is it possible to get pregnant late in the cycle. And if you ovulate late in the cycle, what happens to the egg during menstruation? Does it get fertilized during menstruation and hang around until the lining builds again so that it can implant?
Avatar n tn Periods last 3 to 7 days normally and we ovulate mid way through our cycle. Then the last day of your cycle is the day before your next period starts. That is the number of days of your cycle. You can begin to track this to see if it is roughly the same most months.
358971 tn?1330892575 He said to wait until the following month because I was only 17 at the time and the possibility of missing a period is common, especially with the things going on at the time. I took a few more tests between the time of going to the dr the first time and when af should have been due the following month. They all came out neg so I figured it really was just a missed period; that I didn't ovulate due to the stress.
Avatar f tn i m not sure on ovulation cycle .. can anyone guide me my first day of last menstrual cycle was August 29th .. any clue whats the window when i would be ovulating ?
Avatar n tn can some one please explain how the cycle works (yah this sounds dumb) i looked on and looked up ovulation. day 1-6 the uterus sheds and you get your period, day 7-14 your uterous thickens and prepares for preg., day15-28 you ovulate?????? my question is I had my period on the 24th of august and stopped on the 26th with very little bleedingit is now oct.5th and im having burning in my lower abdomen.
Avatar n tn [quote]The luteal phase is the third phase of the menstrual cycle, and is the time span occurring after ovulation until the day before your next menstrual period begins. For many women with regular cycles, the luteal phase is generally from 10 to 16 days, with 14 days being the average length.[/quote] But what if you don't know it?
Avatar n tn Some months, my cycle is 28 days, some up to 31 days. How do I best know my fertility dates? We tried (a lot) when the app said it was my fertile time but no luck.
Avatar f tn How long did it take for your period to come after your miscarriage? I know that it usually 2-4 weeks after. But just curious what y'alls experiences are.
415687 tn?1228749875 I truly believe the alternative therapies did the trick. I had a period that lasted for 4-6weeks and was as heavy as anything 2-3 year but after seeing the chiro for a few months i had 30days cycles that were 'normal' and i started to ovulate. a few months on met too and im pregnant! preseeds worth a shot also - its a sperm friendly lube that mimics the environment of cervical mucous. its not expensive and is available online. best of luck and feel free to ask any questions!
Avatar f tn All medical counts of pregnancy (the number like 6 weeks 3 days) begin on the first day of the last period you had before getting pregnant. If a doctor says to a woman, "Congratulations, you are 8 weeks pregnant!" he means 8 weeks since her last period began, or about 6 weeks since conception. The count is done this way because the period is a big, obvious signal, not because the doctor thinks you are pregnant when you are on day 1 of your cycle.
Avatar f tn How do you count the numbers of your cycle? I been wanting to know for the longest how do you know whether or not your cycle is 28 days and so on? My last period was january 1st to january 5th...
318181 tn?1336447096 Sounds like things are looking really good on your end! Best of luck with the IUI towards the end of the week!!! Do you mind sharing how much and how often you're taking gonal-f and menopur? Just wondering, since I have a feeling my RE wants to be a bit more aggressive next time around...although I'm still hoping there won't be a next time, if you know what I mean ;-) SSBD to everyone!
893889 tn?1294280577 I think I had talked myself INTO not wanting one because while she was alive, how in the hell could I possibly care for a baby, as well?! Meanwhile, my boyfriend is the one who desperately wants us to have kids!! I've spent the last two years talking him OUT OF that idea and trying to talk him into getting a really great DOG!!! ;) Fast forward to February!....We don't use any kind of birth control, we're just very careful with our days...
Avatar n tn I called my GYNO and spoke to the nurse. She said your period starts when you see the brownish spotting. This is considered the start of your period. My last period started on August 5th. On August 31st in the afternoon, I noticed brown spotting. This brown spotting has been very light. As of September 4th, I am still experiencing this light brownish spotting. My breasts are bigger and tender. I have experienced no bright red blood or spotting.
480265 tn?1221247903 Thank you for your responses. I only started to get short cycle with minimal bleeding about a year and couple months ago (I actually just turned 35 too). I haven't been on BC pills for almost 8 years. My gyn keeps telling me that its ok just as long as I bleed so I don't know. Maybe its just my hormones but I started taking B6 about a month and a half ago and my luteal phase was a little longer but period only came light for 2 days.
1285286 tn?1271724018 the only thing I can think of is to start taking a birth control pill right away and skip the ones that give you your period. so start taking the pill like today and then skip the whole week of different colored pills that give you your period, this month and next.
61536 tn?1340701763 this time i noticed a jump in them during my period and now still remaining after cycle done. we are in the m iddle of moving, which has been helpful bc i am physically active all day and i only notice them when i lay down to sleep, although i am pretty sure they are every couple beats all day log. i have taken myself off of toprol to get it out of my systm soo my husband and i can work on having a baby. i dont really think the toprol helped anyway and i notice my hair was falling out.
Avatar f tn I gave birth 6 months ago Ive nursed since birth but having a huge problem getting my lil one to take a bottle no luck Ive tryed several different bottles I would like to stop nursing but dont know how? Since giving birth I have yet to start my menstrual cycle is this normal...
Avatar f tn Your fertile period will not be during menstuation but nearly around the 14th or 15th day of the cycle( however may vary from person to person).. the most fertile period is when the egg is at the neck of the fallopian tube which is the ideal place for fertilization.. the body starts preparing itself during this time the cervical mucus is stechy, well lubricated just like an egg white..
Avatar n tn They went away until now, which is why and how I found this discussion, as I suspected that my period was related to the return of the palpitations. I did not get them regularly before the operation last month, but am clearly susceptible at this point. I hope that as my heart adjusts to normal functioning, the problem will subside at least somewhat. However, knowing that it is related to the hormones is very comforting.
Avatar n tn Day 1 of your cycle is the first day of your period; the last day of that cycle is the day before your next period starts. In order to figure out how long your cycle is, you will need to go through a complete cycle and keep track of the days. The length of each cycle could vary by a few days. hope this helps.
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318181 tn?1336447096 We are on the same day, what kind of cycle are you doing? Babymammas09: How was your appt.with RE today? When is your IUI? All: Hope everyone is doing well and blowing lots of prayers and baby dust your way.
Avatar f tn Does anyone has experience with taking this pill and how long did these side effects lasted? And did you get a new cycle on the day of the bleeding?
Avatar n tn The bleeding became moderate on Thursday, so I figured it was my period, but I wasn't due for my period till Monday when I would have started the white pills. The bleeding was light and wasn't really bleeding on the pad,so I'm guessing that it was brekthrough bleeding because I didn't start bleeding heavy till Monday, and I'm still bleeding today 2/2/06,which would be consistent with getting my period on Monday. Is this normal? Or should I be worriedd that this is more serious?
539570 tn?1264699967 fairyzduzt: ok i did my 1st IVF in feb2009, they retrive 25eggs,15 goodembroyos so my RE decide to do day 5 blastocyst,7 made it to blastocyst day 5,all were verygood grade so RE decide to transfer only one,unfortunately it didnt work,so as i said i had 7 day 5 embys so 6 they freez & only 1 transfereso we still have 6 frozen.
Avatar n tn Have you taken a pregnancy test just to be sure you aren't pregnant? It can vary person to person and i would talk to your doctor to get a more concrete answer on when to expect it. I breastfed my son until he was 14 months, but was on depo the first 6 months post pardum. I did not get my first cycle until my son was about 12 months.