How soon are breasts sore when pregnant

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1097577 tn?1262723347 It could be the case but I usually get sore breasts through my whole luteal phase and sometimes they can be really sore. It's a difficult symptom to be able to tell.
Avatar n tn Is that supposed to happen??? My second question is, My breasts are really sore. This happens sometimes with me when im about to start my period but im not due to start for another week and a half?? I dont think im pregnant cause my last period was on August 3rd and I have an IUD. Why would my breasts be so sore when its not time for my period?????
Avatar n tn Hey, your right this is cool site, I have been on the pill but this month I had a really light period and didnt get the period pain I am used to. I also have really sore breasts when they are not usually sore at the time of my period. I am always hungry and feeling quite sick. I took a pregnancy test 2 days after my period was due as it was 3 days late that came back negative and got a blood test done also negative. I hope i find out soon why my breasts are this sore, what do you think?
Avatar n tn On a more serious note, I too, typed in sore breasts as I feel as though they are just going to fall off and I too, carry them when walking to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I used to get sore breasts just before my period but now that I am nearing my "change of life", it seems that I occassionally get sore before a period and the soreness lasts for over a month. Today, I am actually nauseous as they hurt so badly.
Avatar f tn I ovulated two days ago, pretty positive that's when, and I NEVER get sore boobs around ovulation. My boobs the day after when i woke up were SO sore! They're sore on the sides, and have continued to today and are still very sore on the sides, and feel swollen. I might here and there get sore boobs, maybe one cycle a year, right before af comes, but never around ovulation.
2006473 tn?1422036901 I was wondering how soon can a woman's hormones be effected after conception? A week, two weeks, a month? I know you can't take a pregnancy test until about a month but I was more curious about things like moods and what nots.
Avatar n tn Good morning ladies...........O.k., I have a question. How soon can you start experiencing preggo symptoms???
Avatar n tn but i aso had a mild flu last week which could explain my body aches my breats are still sore? wht could this be? if im pregers.. is sore breats this early on a sign? i usually get sore breats right before my period starts, to touch my nipples or squsses then its kills? anyone have ideas how to make the pain stop or whats casuing it?
97615 tn?1212682189 All i had was sore breasts, the same signals as having a period. Ohter than that nothing. No sickness., no swelling of the feet, I felt very tired, but i was in a very demanding job too so think it was combination of both, Some people dont feel pregnant at all.
1454858 tn?1306787978 One thing i've found for sure, the more you think about it, the later AF will be, even if your not pregnant. try not to stress and just relax, if you are pregnant you will know soon enough. There are many early home pregnancy tests you can take as soon as tomorrow, when AF is due. Take it first thing in the morning, when pregnancy hormones would be at their highest, to ensure you dont get a ffalse negative...
1126108 tn?1259837506 i was told had pocs, my clinic have put me on climid, i had them for 5 days, now a week or so later im having feelings that im pregnant, my breasts feel heavy and are so sore, we are having sex stil but it feels werid, im wondering could i be pregnant? im feeling sick when i wake up got pains in my belly cant stop eating, and my breasts are so sore. could these signs be of early pregancy?
Avatar m tn Are your breasts uniformly sore? It sounds hormonal. Is it possible that your testosterone levels shifted and that could have caused the breast pains? Are you on the depo shot or are your periods just completely irregular? Both can cause hormonal changes that may cause your sore breasts. Your bladder being sore is honestly more of a concern than your breasts. Is it possible you have an STD or a bladder infection?
Avatar f tn I have not noticed that my breasts are swollen, however, I have NEVER had sore breasts due to my time of the month. After urination, when I wipe, there is a brown discharge, which is sometimes light pink, but nothing in my underwear. Can someone please tell me what the chances of me being pregnant are? I am very confused, and don't want to keep buying HPT's if it's not possible that I am pregnant. Thank you in advance!
472230 tn?1213095495 It has been 43 days (6 weeks, 1 day) since the miscarriage and there is no sign of af yet. I don't have sore (.)(.)'s yet either. My (.)(.)'s are usually really sore when my af arrives, so I don't know what's going on. I hope I'm preggo. May be this is a sign for us all. I hope so! Baby dust to you both!
1126108 tn?1259837506 i was told had pocs, my clinic have put me on climid, i had them for 5 days, now a week or so later im having feelings that im pregnant, my breasts feel heavy and are so sore, we are having sex stil but it feels werid, im wondering could i be pregnant? im feeling sick when i wake up got pains in my belly cant stop eating, and my breasts are so sore. could these signs be of early pregancy?
Avatar n tn I feel it necessary to tell you though that there are always exceptions to the rule, okay? I had to say that. Now, an ugly question. How old are you? Are you old enough to perhaps be peri-menapausal? Or coming from a different angle, have you started taking hormones of some sort, i.e., birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy like Premarin? Or maybe vitamins that say they have natural products for women in them. One more angle. Could you be pregnant??
1017912 tn?1251468916 How soon do you get the symptoms of pregnancy? I should've already started my period or it should be here in the next week or so. I feel like I'm already experiencing some like morning sickness ( I get sick if I eat OR don't eat.), I have weird cramps that aren't really feeling like period cramps, extremely bad headaches, thirsty a lot, actually lost my appetite for a bit, but now constantly hungry, weird tugging feeling in my lower left side... Thats about all I can think of right now.
Avatar f tn Ok ladies I have done 2 rounds of Clomid & my period is 5 days late now. When should I baby test? I have crampy pain on & off headaches sore breasts & nipples, i feel like I live in the bathroom. Someone enlighten me please. I never miss a period unless Im pregnant I have a constant 28 day cycle like clockwork.
Avatar f tn So I have been doing alot of research on this. I know most tests dont pick up on the hcg until 5 days before your missed period or later. I know its not supposed to be possible to know your preg or to have any symptoms until the baby has implanted. But my question is how often did you start having symptoms how soon did you know? Just curious t near everyone's experience.
Avatar f tn I'm just curious how soon other have felt pregnant before even knowing for sure or testing? or missing a period? What symptoms did u have?
Avatar f tn So i am just wondering how accurate the clinic tests are? and do feel like u r having ur period anytime soon for 5 days and not having it when u r pregnant?
Avatar n tn He told me to wait at least 1 month before having sex, we waited 4 days. How soon can i get pregnant again? Keep in mind that my Husband is 22, I am 21, we have been married for 3 years and this is our second miscarriage. We hand aonther one in January of 04 at 6 weeks as well. We are so devasted. We thought for sure that things were going to be right this time. Has anyone else gone through this and do you have any advice. I go back to the doctor this Friday.
Avatar n tn I had planned to wait one cycle but then decided this weekend not to wait just b/c I am so eager to get pregnant again, but now I guess I should wait at least one cycle. It's just that I read some women's stories how they got pregnant very soon after a m/c (less than a month after), so maybe it's variable but best to wait at least one month. Thanks for your comment.
583196 tn?1429224755 hey guys, i was just wondering how soon i would be experiencing symptoms? i have been having some crazy mood swings, headaches, cravings (yes i made myself a chocolate cake, but did not get the banana pudding) and now i am having some cramping. i feel like i have a scar and its pulling me forward. its a little more in the middle than on the sides like my regular cramps, but its really close. i hope that made sense. it bothers me that i am so sensitive to changes in my body now that we're ttc.
Avatar n tn Yes, sore boobs, 2 weeks before you are supposed to start your period again, are a definite sign that you are most likely pregnant. Now you have to just wait, and confirm it. You sounded just like me, i didn't really feel overwhelmingly nauseated, however, when i woke up in the morning i felt really wierd, like kinda sick, but i am a trooper and i would just tell myself it was all in my head, when in reality i was actually right about myself being pregnant!
151928 tn?1275710937 I read that if you get sore boobs before AF or after ovulating when you are NOT pregnant, you are much more likely to have sore boobs when pregnant. This comforted me, because I am 4 weeks 2 days and my boobs aren't hurting much at all--just an occasional twinge. And I NEVER got sore boobs when not pregnant--not EVER. So maybe this fits for you? Either way, I really wouldn't worry. I am sure you are just fine!
Avatar f tn as I am VERY nervous of another m/c. Also, I don't have many pregnancy symptoms other than sore breasts...can this symptom be a side effect of the progesterone supplements and not a good sign of the pregnancy?
Avatar n tn I am just wondering, how many of you have had sore breasts when pregnant? I know with my first son they hurt so bad I could not take my bra off. With the 2 miscarriage pregnancies they werent to bad if they hurt at all. With nathan they hurt but not to where I felt like I would cry. This one the nipple part is sore but occasionally I feel a sharp pain but they don't hurt. Is it normal not to always have sore bbs when pregnant?