How quickly does diflucan work

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Avatar n tn I know it's only been one day, but I haven't noticed any marked improvement so I am wondering if it is safe to use hydrocortizone cream to help alleviate the external irritation. Or maybe an OTC yeast infection cream? How long does it take to feel the effects of Diflucan? Should I get my refill and take it? This feeling is driving me crazy. I just want it to go away.
Avatar n tn which burned like hell might i add, but it eventually went away and i felt much better until i woke up this morning and i realized that the burning sensation is still there. I was just wondering how long will it take for this to work or may there be something else wrong with me?
Avatar n tn I used the garlic trick and honey. Idk how long it's gonna take for it to work but I just hope it works fast bc idk if yeast infections make you smell werid bc I take a shower every night and I still smell werid at school even when I put a bunch of scented lotion and some body mist. So does anyone know if it causes you to smell and if it doesn't..then what's causing me to smell werid down there....I shower daily...and still smelly...why...?
512442 tn?1216263100 well still waiting to test for a BFP. The only things I've had so far are swollen nipples with blue veins that seem to float on top of my nipples... Its not constantly like that but the past few times I've looked at them they have been. So, waiting it out. I ovulated early this time... Anyways, I wonder if vagisil is gonna help. Hmm. We'll see.
555358 tn?1292535661 When can I stop taking the Tylenol? I am out of work for 5 weeks, but I don't know how I can go back being so tired. Today I am running some errands so this will be a good test for me on how tired I get... My hair didn't/doesn't bother me. I can cover it, even if I wear a ponytail, honestly it's kind of punk rock and am pleased to have less hair to groom right now.
Avatar n tn All the medication that was prescribed didnt work. Even using boxes of baking soda in the bathtub doesnt work and thats what my dermatologist told me would get rid of the hives in the first place. I'm sick of just dealing with the growing amount of itchy hives. My doctor told me with aquagenic the hives stay on the torso and rarely go anywhere else.
Avatar m tn there told me I had a chemical burn from the Monistat. I was wondering how long does a chemical burn take to heal down there? It's been a week and I'm freaking out thinking it's something more serious since it hasn't healed up yet. Please help!
1055869 tn?1294203119 But its been a lighter bleed.... Does this mean anything? I so bad wanted this to work the first try because of money but is there a chance I could still be pregnant? My doc wont do anything for me cause they are saying its just a period. Anyone experience symptoms like this? I am FREAKING OUT! Any comments would greatly be appreicated! Thanks.
Avatar m tn But after the antibiotic it was still red. So the Dr thought it may be be a yeast infection so she prescribed Diflucan. Still no better. Went to another Dr as I moved during all this. She ran a urine culture, negative, and checked all my other blood work. (CBC, Chem etc) She went ahead and gave me a Z-Pak as I was starting a Sinus Infection. I already suffer from really dry skin for the past 4 years. Now it is still no better. Its just really red sometimes.
1702615 tn?1421815848 Initially I wrote this off to a possible side effect of diflucan as I had just taken one at the beginning of the same week. But when it happened at work I almost hit the floor, never totally blacked out and was sitting. But was bad enough to scare me and I went to ER. My potassium was found to be low again on hospital blood tests. And was the start of continuous balance issues, vertigo like, a surfing feeling while standing and walking. When lying down feel ok.
1423392 tn?1286593990 The 2 rounds of Diflucan helped a lot. That's how I figured out how uncomfortable the yeast was making me. My old pharmacy goofed in transferring my Nystatin Rx to my new pharmacy (one of many errors). My hubby picked it up for me and it was a big bottle of pills instead of a liquid. I figured I would just take them and see how it went. I think it is actually working better, as I take them 3 times a day, once after each meal.
Avatar n tn the swelling has gone down a bit, but there is still some discharge. how long does it normally take for symptoms to go away? im just scared it for some reason may be linked to a pregnancy, std, or something else. i know i should see a doctor if the problem persists, im just trying to aviod that if possible. thanks for your help!
922048 tn?1387946184 I still get tired easily and am a bit bloated, but from everything I've read, getting rid of candida and the 80-some odd toxins it produces in your body, takes some time! It's important to note that, although taking Diflucan does kill the candida, if you keep eating foods with sugar, flour, dairy, etc., it will just come right back. In addition, after killing the fungus you have to get it out of your body.
1375148 tn?1323170521 Sorry...I know how nasty a head cold is for those with out chiari....and I know how bad it is with it.... be sure to get those nasal passages cleared...a netti pot or saline nasal spray...even shower soothers help clear things up.
107366 tn?1305683975 I use Biotene toothpaste, as well as Biotene mouth rinse, but I was wondering if any of you had any other suggestions of something to try. I believe mine are caused by thrush, but Diflucan is not working. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn Is it too soon after my sexual encounter or could blisters and symptoms appear that quickly? Does it sound like BV and yeast mix? What happens if the dry sex made lesions on my vagina and then I got an infection in them? Someone please help. Regardless of what my gyno says she is not a good one and I don't trust that she even saw the blister, she only swabbed and left. I'm looking for another gyno.
Avatar m tn Started caprylic ccid (500 mg) a day, along with one week's worth of Diflucan. I read Diflucan simply keeps the fungus from replicating but does not kill. Using the caprylic acid instead of the Nystatin, I get very tired after taking the caprylic acid, so I take it at night. Wondering if the reason the Bicillin shots seemed to stop working may be related to the yeast. Don't know. Don't know a lot of anything but just keep trying.
Avatar f tn Would acyclovir work in 36 hours and make the red spots totally disappear? Does it work that fast with new or first time hsv2 outbreaks? It never does with my cold sores. FYI- GC and HIV negative (i demanded swabs that day but he wouldn't Sean for herpes bc he said it wasn't anything to swab I guess due to lack of actual blistering or fluid filled lesions) and I've been negative for hsv2 igg previously, only positive for hsv1 with a high positive score. Thanks!
Avatar n tn Well, I am not sure how to begin since I don't really have an official diagnosis. I had blood work done which showed quite high LH levels. A repeat test came back normal. A third test showed high testosterone. My Endo was hesitant to say I have PCOS, but prescribed Metformin (ramping up to 2000mg per day). My symptoms are mixed...
Avatar m tn I was concerned this was one of those circumstances where you might recommend further testing because nothing i seem to do regarding my candida is making a difference I went to my family doctor that is where the diflucan and cream came from, I dont know how long it takes diflucan to work but it hasn't helped yet. Also bought garlic tablets and acidophilus.
Avatar m tn If it is balanitis than the a steroid cream does work and the balanitis seemed to heal faster than the yeast infections. I urge you to ask your doctor about a glucose tolerance test for diabetes. It very well could be the cause of the infections. You are also in the age where this would be most likely to present it self. In the case of possible diabetes you would want to get it under control as there could be far greater problems. Let me know how you made out? All the best.
657020 tn?1238041118 Scrape your tongue gently to remove the matter on your tongue. A tongue depresser works well. The nystatin will work if not ask your doctor for Diflucan. It is only one pill and works wonders. Good luck and feel better!
Avatar f tn I have had this same problem for years also and recently figured something that makes it heal and something that is causes it to come back. Diflucan will heal the split. I take three 200mg pills one a day for 3 days. Depending on how large the split is, or how long you've had it, you may need more but, you'll see it helping by the third day for sure! ( you'll have to ask your doc for the script) Don't put neopsorin on it! Put a little Lotrimin or Lamisil dabbed on a q-tip.
797873 tn?1265740119 Mine is little different because where ever I am at this smell stays in, my room , at work and in my car.. and the smell changes all the time it depends what I eat. I also get thursty If I dont drink water. I start to get a dry throat and mouth... If i drink anything else that is not water my breath gets worse.. please help!
Avatar n tn Well, I have only had two outbreaks in the last four years. Both occurred with diagnosed yeast infections, so, like you, it was hard to tell because I already had uncomfortable things going on. I didn't really notice a tingling until after I started having symptoms (ithing,tears), so I don't know how I will know either. Hopefully I won't have anymore outbreaks because many people with Type 1 only have a few outbreaks and then never have one again. That would be nice, wouldn't it?!?!
Avatar m tn He started me on tetracyline for 28 days, followed by ceftin and zithromax, and then diflucan and amox (all for 28 days). I was retested a month ago through Igenex and was positive. Following the diflucan and amox, i started to become very nauseas , and developed gastritis like symptoms. I have been off any long term antibiotic treatments for around 5-6 weeks (had to take a z pack for bronchitis), and still continue to battle stomach upset.
Avatar n tn 2 weeks ago, I thought I had a yeast infection, took results for like a week, then started feeling back to normal. Resummed having sex and felt fine afterwards. Then just a few days ago I started getting the itchy, raw, burning sensation again and made an appointment. She did a wet prep and an exam and said that there was no yeast, and no bv or anything. Just that it was very red and irritated around the vaginal opening and said it is Vestibulitis.
Avatar n tn And when you go, bring in documentation of lab results, and medications you were given after those lab results, that didn't work. You'll get a raised eyebrow, I think. And probably a lot of help, pretty quickly. Best wishes.