How often should i use my breast pump

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Avatar f tn I pumped more than what my baby needed and put it in the storage bag to freeze. It really depends on your boby how often you pump. My nipples use to tingle when I needed to or just start leaking. You will be able to time it and know like you learned and will know your baby. Good luck.
Avatar f tn A lot of insurances with cover a breast pump. I got the Medela pump in style advanced with my insurance. It was covered 100%. I used the Medela symphony in the hospital, so now I have extra parts.
4715985 tn?1371586597 my son is three weeks tomorrow and the first week or so i had to pump at least once a day since my son didnt drink enough and my breasts hurt a lot. Now my milk has settled down abd i dont need to pump but i would like to freeze more. How should i pump? Im worried my son wont have enough milk on his feeding if i pump now. But i really want to have some in tge freezer since winter is coming and i usually get sick easily then my baby can drink without veing exposed and all.
Avatar f tn I've been trying to do some research on it all, bc I'm a firm believer in providing breast milk for my baby. However I'm at a lost on what kind of pump to use and what bottles to use. I plan to breast feed that first 4-6 weeks. Then start pumping in between meals since I will be going back to college in the Fall. So what do you recommend manual pump vs. electric, what brand, what bottles did you prefer to use pump in one bottles, your basic bottle or bottle with drop in bags.
1303813 tn?1303162962 because of his hours and everything, he wants to bond and feels thats one way how and stuff. But as long as its getting breast and im comfortable it should be okay right? I also suffer from BDD.... because of my anorexia which will also make it harder to feed because I will just find stuff wrong and panic (even if there is nothing wrong) I will see spots on my face that are NOT there but i can see them... All linked to Depression and Paranoia... But my things on my nipples are there LOL....
1785035 tn?1314886418 I pump 3 to 4 times a day. From my right breast i can pump about 5-6 ounces almost every time I pump. I around 6-7pm I am having to use my milk from my storage supply because my daughter starts to get frustrated and fussy like there is no milk in my breasts. Is there anything I can do to help myself produce more milk? It just seems like I am nursing my daughter all day long and pumping all day long! I am going back to work in a month and i just don't want to give my daughter formula.
159354 tn?1286371288 I fortunately do not have to pump very often so i bought a $20.00 hand pump from babies r us. I thought it sucked! until i figured out I was using it wrong, there was a seal in the top handle part that was getting air into it. once i figured that out and the fact that the part that attaches to the breast has to be completely closed.
492921 tn?1321293496 -) I'd say if you're not going to be pumping more than once or twice a day, don't bother with getting an electric pump unless you really want one for convenience reasons or whatever reason you have. In my case, I need an electric pump daily and use it about four times a day. That's a lot of time to dedicate to pumping each day, so an electric pump makes it all that much easier.
266539 tn?1281405752 I used the Pump in Style when I had my son. It was awesome. It can be a single or double pump. Double was great when I was pumping during a break at work...single was great when I was pumping while driving If you need a GOOD pump because you're going back to work and will be pumping frequently, I'd say spend the money on a Pump in Style. If it's for the occasional night out or shopping or whatever, a single is fine. The best single pump I ever used was the Avent hand pump...
492921 tn?1321293496 I wish that I just knew for certain how often I would need to use a breast pump so I could choose one that was best fitted for my situation. Do I need an occasional pump or a heavy duty use pump? I just don't know. Will I need an electric pump or will a manual pump work? So many questions I just don't have the answer for.
Avatar f tn I have a pump but it makes my nipples hurt so bad I cant use it. What can I do?
492921 tn?1321293496 She is now eating just fine from a bottle but not so good from my breast. I use a nipple shield or she can't latch properly. I would like to get her to take just the breast but I feel she doesn't get instant gratification and has to work harder she just gets angry and screams so she gets the bottle which is easy to suck on and get milk. Any advice?
640548 tn?1340556955 I know that if I pump (which isn't often) I only get about 4 oz 3 hours after her last feed. (That was when she was sick and not nursing very often) I wonder how much more she would get out than a pumping session. I love it when she gums, and while she's clamped down, jerks her head almost completely around to see what her sister is doing.
229760 tn?1291471470 so he got use to a bottle very quickly. At best I can pump 3oz at a sitting. My first pump of the day I am lucky enough to get about 9 oz so this gives me a good jump start for the morning feedings. (Side note I am also taking Fenugreek. For about a month Cruz has been eating 3oz. For the last week he has been really cranky so we figured he is needing to eat more. But the problem is I cannot make a 4oz bottle so I am having to add an ounce of formula to each bottle.
689528 tn?1364139441 I'm full of questions! I just got my breast pump....I don't plan on trying it out for another couple weeks yet. I wanted to wait until 6 weeks but I think 4 will be good. Anyway....I'm confused on when to pump. Do I pump after I've fed him?! So let's say I just fed him completely on my left breast....would I pump the right breast afterwards? I've only been feeding him from one breast at a time to prevent a fore/hind milk imbalance. Also, when I start to pump...
1936698 tn?1333918793 When I am gone for school I'm gone mostly during the day, so I know will have to use a pump. I guess my question is whether or not when I am home should I feed from my breasts or from the bottle? Would it confuse her if I switched up on her so frequently?
Avatar n tn I am trying my best to start registering for baby stuff (almost 23 wks, 1st baby)and I'm having the worst I dont have kids already and really have never been around babies much. I am trying to pick out a breast pump and the range is so big in price and function...I'm looking for advice from some experienced moms on manual vs. automatics, what brands (i.e. are those $400 ones a must have and worh it, or will something less expensive be just as good).
Avatar f tn Because I know you can rent breast pumps but I have no idea where. I'm debating whether to just buy a good breast pump because I plan to breastfeed all my kids, or if I should just rent one. I'm glad you're feeling good, that's good luck.
Avatar f tn That would be exclusive pumping and is very difficult to maintain a good supply because it's not natural the way baby suckling is. My pump could never get out as much as my daughter would drink and I had a really good one. Pumps are just not as effective as baby. Can I ask why you don't want to feed naturally?
1209036 tn?1299182257 I have a First Years Mi Pump, its an electric single pump When I notice nothing coming out of my breasts should I continue pumping until i reach the 15-20 minute mark or should I stop even if i run out after 5-10 minutes? If there is any advice anyone could give me on how to increase my supply I would greatly appreciate it! I am pumping about 2 - 3 ounces after 3 pumping 12:00, 3:00, 6:00.
Avatar f tn I would nurse her first and then pump after she finished. It helped to increase my supply. Now I wouldn't pump instead of nursing too early on because that could negatively affect your supply.
Avatar m tn Ask a pharmasist which breast pump sells the most. After my baby came, I bought a pump only to discover it barely had enough suction to pump from my already full breasts. I bought one made by Johnson and Johnson that I am very satisfied with. Good luck in getting your milk to come down.
408496 tn?1269606950 when i breast fed my daughter, i rented an actual breast pump machine. i found that it was way faster and less painful then any of the pumps you could buy. you should be able to rent one from the hospital or most drugstores.
873692 tn?1337279333 I've never had kids though have been ttc for a while now but i know deep down i just couldn't breastfeed, i know it is supposed to be a natural thing but having a child suckle on my breast turns my stomach(no offence to anyone who does it). My partner is lucky if he gets near my breasts lol as far as i am concerned they are your breasts on your body and you should be allowed to say yes or no to breastfeeding.
353148 tn?1293064764 I love her dearly and would give my life for her as well, but I would not say I love her anymore than I love my other children. The rest we will have to wait to see how she turns out. Now, I am not a Dr but if they were to do a study I would say my family would be a perfect family to study. I understand wanting to do what is best for your baby and wanting to control what we give our children. And really breast feeding is the best way to control what they eat.
3109932 tn?1347071540 I am breastfeeding me baby girl, she is almost 4 months old. She is my fifth child, but the first i have breastfed for longer than six weeks. I am so proud! Breastfeeding is very rewarding, so good for baby, and for mom, too. I won't lie, it may not be easy at first, but it gets soo much easier at around 6-8 wks if you can hang in there. It is very helpful to have support from your family, too, and not have ppl pressure you to give formula. That happens too often!
Avatar n tn Yes defintely stay away from drugs and alcohol while pg and breastfeeding. I was a very light sleeper and my babies just slept in my arms and ANY time I felt them stir I was awake. I was nervous for a while but we were lucky. Good Luck and take care. You should find this forum very helpful. Take Care.
Avatar f tn what kind of pump do I get? Do you pump into a bag or bottle? How much how long how often? Bag warmers? What do nipple shields do. I'm so lost on how it even works. I just need pump suggestions as well as bottles etc.
116879 tn?1266519849 I never woke up my DD at that age to eat...My DD is 2 and a half and still sleeps about 14 hrs a I had it great after the first 9 weeks. She'd go down around 8pm and would sleep until 4am, I'd feed her then leave for work...I had a 5am start shift at the time.
1209036 tn?1299182257 Well, I could only nurse Fynn for about 1 eek because i did not realize just how painful it is!!! SO I went ou and bought a pump, but I am losing my supply. I dont know how often I should be pumping. We introduced formula because it seems much more satisfying for him. I am drinking lots but I still only pump like 1 ounce out of my left boob and almost nothing out of my right!! I really dont wanna lose my supply and need to know how I can increase it.