How often do anxiety attacks occur

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Avatar f tn It does sound like classic anxiety and panic attacks. What's funny about anxiety is that you really have no idea when it will strike and it is usually when you feel everything is fine. It sounds like you have had everything checked out thoroughly so have you thought about asking to speak to a therapist? I know it stinks being on meds, but if you need them now, it doesn't mean you will need them forever. My anxiety started after the birth of my 2nd daughter.
1570981 tn?1295834955 I dont know whether it is just an anxiety attacks or worst, heart attacks. Do you have pain in the left chest? Do you have pain in your left arm and left shoulder and neck? Do you have shortness of breath?? coz i do. I went to the doctor, and they say i am fine, and my ecg,blood,x-ray,urine test says my heart are okay.
Avatar m tn But that's a different story than what's being reported here. Anxiety attacks often seem to come from nowhere, but they are most often triggered by something your brain has decided is going to make you anxious. If you're getting symptoms with nothing in your life facing you that's become hard for you to do, and it's happening every day, the first thing I'd do is see my doctor and get a very very thorough check-up to see if this is something physiological rather than anxiety attacks.
Avatar m tn I'm not a doctor, but this sounds like a classic panic attack, at least I doubt it has anything to do with your hep C other than worry and anxiety over it. I know how frightening those attacks are though! I once drove myself to the ER, half expecting to die before I could arrive. The doctors told me to be more careful about eating properly (I had skipped breakfast that day) and drinking lots of water.
1244180 tn?1325902711 I'm just crazy lol so i get the anxiety attacks every day all day. I have just bought a natural pill which I will start taking tomorrow to help relieve it.
Avatar m tn Recently, i have been experiencing more frequent symptoms that i think are being brought on from stress, from what i can only pin point, to be Anxiety Attacks, or Over-stressed, causing these symptoms. They mostly occur while at work, usually around lunch.
Avatar n tn Thanks for the info. I need to know, what did you mean by "serzone has a bad reputation for sedation". Do you mean that it does little to sedate anxiety or do you mean that it is such a strong sedative that it is dangerous to mix it with sedatives like xanax? I am not wanting to take benzo's regularly...just for my flight. I want to stop taking serzone at the end of the year...
1979360 tn?1328147465 Is it a good one? Are you able to do the things you want to do when you want to do them without the anxiety, panic and fear getting in your way? If the answer is no then you need to get treatment. You don't want to take mediciton, then fine. Medication is tricky. Some work better than others and you need to have the patience to find what works best for you. And like JGMontgomery found out, it takes at least 4 to 6 weeks before you start to see the benefits.
Avatar n tn They took my blood pressure, HR, etc, and said anxiety was the cause. I just dont see how all of this can be caused by anxiety. It would make a lot more sense to me if the symptoms would come and go, or if they were worse when I was more anxious, but they arent, they are just gradually getting worse all of the time, regardless of my level of anxiety. The reason that none of my Dr.
Avatar n tn hello, i am a 32-year old man and suffer from debilitating panic attacks as well. i am a lawyer, and during the day i often build up anxiety (like a "stress reservoir" in the pit of my stomach). then, in the middle of the night, i awake with a racing pulse and butterflies in my chest and stomach, which frequently gives way to a full-blown panic attack (replete with pounding heart, sweating, shaking, doomsday ideations, the works.
Avatar m tn ive been doing that ever since i did research on how to control anxiety attacks. today i was able to hang out with friends and the deep breathign helped alot even though i knew i wasnt gonna have a panic attack. although there were times when i was feeling a little scared and nervous though but i got over it rather quickly. slowly and slowly im getting my life back together.
Avatar m tn Had I read online about how common anxiety attacks after a night of drinking are, maybe I could have started my road to recovery sooner, and maybe some of you can. Anyways, I am a 25-year old college student (receiving my 2nd BA tomorrow actually :D) who had never experienced anything related to anxiety or panic attacks ever in my life. I've always been a laid back, easy-going individual.
Avatar n tn I think frequent panic attacks and generalized anxiety states for a long time can adversely affect ones overall health such as rising blood pressure, weight gain from fear of exercise and bad health habits in general that make you more prone to developing significant health problems, other than that I personally don't think panic attacks can cause sudden death unless there is an undiagnosed cardiac problem present, just my personal opinion only.
Avatar n tn I suffer from "sleep attacks". It seems my problems revolves around the summer time when my bodies temperature runs hot/cold. I don't seem to have as much trouble during the winter months. But with summer I want the windows open, and my husband has put in central air. I have always had trouble sleeping in different places, such as in a tent or staying at someones house or motel. I currently am having "sleep attacks".
Avatar f tn Anxiety and panic attacks are a mental thing. An attack can simply occur when, where and what you were doing at the time of a previous attack. As my doctor said, the best medication, in this case, is no medication if you can train yourself to handle it. And if one attack begins, walk, do not breathe through your chest. Walking will help this. Inhale through nose as calmly as possible and when you exhale, hum for as long as you can and repeat.
Avatar f tn Iv'e had a bad reaction to LExipro but I know others that had no reaction to it. My friend is on Zoloft for depression and she has Xanax as prescribed for her "as needed". After my bad experience I will not take any ssri's. I know its not good to start one drug and suddenly switch to another even if you havent taken it for long. Your symptoms are anxiety symptoms> Anxiety causes panic attacks in some. I found in myself I can't tolerate loud noises or my kids yelling.
Avatar f tn intrusive thoughts and the worst case scenarios are often the least likely to occur, but that is provides no comfort we suffer from anxiety in my opinion. Have you had anxiety for a while now or have you every considered getting counseling?
Avatar n tn I posted earlier this month after I had a heart attack a few weeks ago so I won't go into all of my history again. Are there causes of heart attacks other than the typical type from a blocked artery or the unusual variant/Prinzmetal angina? Some sort of chemical imbalance?? An allergy to something?? Angio showed arteries and stents are clear and I don't seem to have typical Prinzmetal angina (although docs are leaning towards this). I had a stress echo in Jan. and it was very good.
Avatar f tn If i move around too much ( like sitting up, running) I will get lightheadedness and a little bit tired. So my question is do I really have Anxiety or not? If no, what do you think it is? What should you suggest me to do? Stress test?, MRI my head? Thank you very much.
Avatar n tn I'm not sure they're panic attacks - but I do wake up very often from nightmares in a state of extreme fear. I have very specific, clear dreams. I wake up with my heart racing, adrenaline running through me. It's been occurring for a few years and happens several times a week. I'm rarely able to get back to sleep. It's awful. It can be pretty debilitating.
170935 tn?1225374676 How do you stop them? 10 million of us would like to know. I've had them for 15 years and never actually fainted, so I wouldn't worry too much about that. Just sit down when you feel one triggers.
Avatar n tn hi every 1. i have taken dinintel already since i was abt 16yrs. the first time was like the worse experience i spent my nite up staring at every thing, i also realize that this pills sometimes made me react to situations i got angry or frustrated very easy mayb cause my diet was decrease. but it surely boosted y energy in my exercising i could go for longer period with out stopping. also i was studying and my grades decrease because i could not study i took longer to analyze my work.
Avatar n tn I do not want to be on these things any longer. I take the klonopin only when the attacks occur. And my marriage is not going to survive this different life of mine. My husband says I've changed and I have. I'm not interested in sex. He says the next thing you know I'll be on meds for sexual desire. Which is exactly what I was looking for. That is my first question. 2nd question: How do you wean off of paxil? I'm not so worried about the klonopin because I dont take much of it.
Avatar f tn I guess this isnt really a question but rather a comment. I have been dealing with this issue off and on for 10 to 12 years now. It started in high school when I would be nervous about an upcoming event. It went away on its own after a short time or the event ending. Later in life, it began more frequently. I take Zoloft for anxiety & have found that when the gagging happens, if often means I need my medicine upped. I am now at the point where upping my meds arent working anymore.
Avatar m tn I know I have some kind of anxiety but I haven't been diagnosed with anything. I get severe anxiety just being around people and I often get awful panic attacks when people talk to me and when I'm around crowds.
Avatar f tn As a result, I have been experiencing very severe panic attacks amongst a background of anxiety. My panic attacks occur when I'm trying to sleep (nocturnal) and they will actually wake me up repeatedly during the night in a state of horror and panic. When I wake up in the morning my anxiety is the worst! The generalized anxiety leaves me feeling overwhelmed and in fear of the most trivial things!
Avatar m tn Ok so just for a little background I have a history with anxiety and panic attacks although it has been under control for the 8 months medication free, I am a straight male. Last Friday I went out with some friends and got really drunk. I know I wasn't drugged or anything but I ended up attempting to walk home and ended up passing out just outside an apartment building. When I woke up I was inside the entrance hallway about four hours later. I walked home and went back to sleep.
Avatar f tn There is a circular quality to this style of thinking, and the circle often develops maladaptive coping methods. Research suggests that anxiety symptoms can become worse when a person is under stress.
Avatar f tn I am wondering if my constant panic attacks and anxiety could be leading to this--wondering if it could have to do with stress response hormones or something like that. I don't know what to do--my doctor will only tell me to relax if I ask her, and would just tell me to take my ativan when these occur. They are now on a daily basis and are very distressing. I can handle the panic attack feelings and tell myself they will pass, as they do, but this is almost unbearable.