How much vitamin d3 to take

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Avatar n tn How much vitamin D3 are you taking? Recommended daily dosage is between 400 and 2400 IU, depending on who you talk to, although tests have been done with subjects taking up to 10,000 IU with no reported overdosing problems. Also, you should be taking it with a meal containing fat, since D3 is fat solluble. Maybe there's something else. I'll presume you've discontinued your vitamin D3 supplementation?
1532707 tn?1312155924 It's a good idea to have your blood checked for vitamin D levels as a baseline and to follow along on how well your supplement is working to bring the level into a normal range. It's also a good idea because you CAN take too much vitamin D (I don't think it is technically a vitamin but I assume it will continue to be called that unless someone decides it deserves a fate similar to the planet Pluto). A,D,E, and K are essential fat soluable vitamins.
944903 tn?1269268918 I take 2,000 IU of vitamin D (as vitamin D3). Earlier this year I was found to be very deficient in vitamin D, I went on a treatment of 20,000 IU for 2 months then I was put on 2,000 IU per day for the rest of my life. When I got pregnant I just kept taking the same amount. I have not discussed that with my gynecologist but my regular doctor told me it's very important for pregnant women to get enough vitamin D during pregnancy.
Avatar f tn And, too, while the vitamin D2 megadoses are clearly very important prescriptions, when I was taking it to boost mine up once a week, I was told to also take 2,000 iu vitamin D3 daily to help maintain the vitamin D. And, too, once I got it up to where it needed to be, I have needed to still stay at 5,000 iu daily to maintain a healthy level. The experts will tell you that this is still too much. Well, actually it's not for me.
Avatar n tn Hi, I am 36 years old and was told by my doctor that I am Vitamin D deficient. I did some lab work and my results came as: Vitamin D, 25 Hydroxy value 27 ng/mL. How much vitamin D should I take? I went to the pharmacy and got Nature's Blend tablets. I am taking 1 tablet at day (1000 IU)... My Doctor was not helpful in answering my questions. I have been experiencing upper back, right shoulder, shoulder blade, and hip pain for a long time.
Avatar m tn I was trying to search for this answer, but I could not find it (it might be for a different search). I'm currently taking 10,000iu daily of Vitamin D3. How much K2 should I take daily?
Avatar m tn Hi everyone I have got some vitamin D3 in a liquid form I'm just trying to workout what is the ideal amount to take for someone with chronic hep b its says for evey 0.5ml there is62.5 ug (its not actually a "u" looks like a "y" the wrong way around. I currently take Magnesium and calcium aswell. No probs with that but I have bought some liquid zinc can anyone give me a good idea how much is good for someone with hep B.
Avatar m tn I will start taking liquid D3 on Fri. My Neurologist told me to take 2000MG and did not think much of my numbers. He also said he did not think this was my issue and gave me a pill. My endocrinologist said I should take more and I am starting with 6000MG. My symptoms. Light headed ( I feel like I had a few drinks) Vision gets a little blurry ( been to the eye doctor already) Some Ear pain but better now. I was told I had an inner ear issue but they were wrong.
550622 tn?1247656720 I was diagnosed about 7 months ago with Vitamin D defiency by my Endocrinologist. I now take 2,000 IU's softgels of Vitamin daily. My D level as of 2 weeks ago had come up to 25. She wants to see it well above 30. My question is this. I have a cold/flu this week. Does anyone know if you can take more than 2,000 IU's of Vitamin D a day. I've read you can take up to 4,000 IU's. Thanks for any input!
Avatar m tn pro and cons of oil based products: pro very good absorbance cons short durability after you open of 1-2 months, low d3 quantity, drops are annoying this is why i use oil pills with 5000iu dose i strongly suggest to cange product, it doesn t say vit d3 content so it is totally unreliable.
Avatar n tn To get back to the original post, I was wondering if it is Ok to take vitamin K supplement. I can't seem to find the research I read that taking vitamin A and vitamin K supplements is harmful. But I'm suddenly not very sure. I'll look for it later. Would it be better to get you Vit K fill from leafy green veggies? As for Vitamin D3, I'm pretty convinced it has tremendous benefits, just not yet "proven" or published.
Avatar m tn I told him I though that was too much and he said to then take two for now. Is 2,000 IU a day too much? On the label it says not to take more then 1 a day but he wanted me to take 5!
Avatar f tn Test your blood after taking supplements for 3 months. You need to figure out what maintenance dose of D to continue to take in order to keep your levels up.
Avatar m tn when you reach the correct level of vit d3 you can lower dose to 5000iu we have a chronic disease so there is no dose to know results on blood levels, you have to take between 5000 to 10.000iu daily and see how your blood levels correct.if levels are below 20ng/ml you need 10.000iu daily vit d is very slow to increase, for my family: hbv carriers need 8000-10.000iu daily indefinitely to keep levels to 70-80ng/ml, at 5000iu daily we go to less than 50ng/ml in blood.
Avatar f tn There is no established best time to take it. However what works best is to take your supplements with a meal. I take my D3 gel cap supplements 3 times a day -- 2400 IUs with breakfast, 1000 IUs with lunch and 1000 IUs with dinner. (D3 is best absorbed by the body when taken with a fat and our meals contain fats).
Avatar f tn I was also tested for vitamin D and found to be deficient. I take 5000 units D3 orally to supplement. Your doctor can guide you on dosage.
Avatar f tn I have found it to be true that keeping your vitamin D levels up will really help the most with cold and flu viruses. Vitamin D deficiency is actually in plague proportions in much of the world, even when people live in sub-tropics, because people avoid going in the sun. Now, I am one of those people, because I have always been one who burns easily, but taking natural vitamin D3 in high enough doses will actually help boost and maintain vitamin D levels.
Avatar m tn Lets sum up how much units of vitamins that we hbv folks are low on need to take daily. I know Vitamin D3 should be taken 6-10000lu daily What about the rest? Vitamin a; c; e; selenium; guanine; zinc; and melotonin to boost the immune system.
1139187 tn?1355706647 I do know that often people with auto immune issues have trouble taking oral vitamin D in any form because they have a reaction to it, like diarrhea or something. But, then again, I know others with thyroid conditions, like Hashimoto, who do take some vitamin D (don't know how much), who haven't had to change their thyroid medication dosage or anything, who are okay taking the amount of vitamin D they do take.
Avatar f tn Test your blood after taking supplements for 3 months. You need to figure out what maintenance dose of D to continue to take in order to keep your levels up. His B12 is too low. Anything under 500 needs supplementation. He may be in need of B12 injections.