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Avatar m tn Getting back on the wagon so to speak was pretty easy physically. Mentally, I know how you feel. But it gets better, and the closer I get back to 56 and beyond, the better mentally I am doing. I am surprised you were given hydro cough syrup with pneumonia, seems counter to wanting to clear it out, but no matter. If you have not done so, flagging yourself with docs and pharmacies would have prevented getting narcs like the syrup you got.
1003776 tn?1360201182 Before 19990, it was even stronger with hyrocodone resins but the drug company got pressured by the DEA I guess because junkies loved it. Anyway, I don't want to educate addicts on better ways to get high just to say that it is a more serious addiction that can go beyond the usual hydro/ tylenol thing you see here. Still, I don't think methadone or sub would be a good idea.
Avatar n tn Steve, A few days ago I posted a question regarding withdrawal/detox from Tussionex suspension. I used the name rcm; I wanted to know how I could stop taking Tussionex suspension, a potent cough medicine which contains hydrocodone polistirex. I've been taking this medicine for three years now, nearly everyday, and I wanted to know if you or any of the other doctors could help me with this.
Avatar m tn Finally i had to stop because I knew it wouldnt be prescribed for me anymore, and who wants to keep wondering how they are going to get their next batch of a medication. Anyhow, I was able to stop taking it after i weaned myself off, after being on it for about 5 months. Then i kept coughing all night long so I had to go back on it. This time, i didnt let myself get dependent. Its working for night and i will fight the cough during the day,lol.
Avatar n tn He just keeps on lying to me and keeps on using to the point that he is high. I just don't know what to do anymore. I love him so much, but it really crushes me when he lies, and continues to lie. PLEASE HELP!
Avatar f tn I was getting norcos and vicodin to get more of a high. I'm not sure how many of you have ever tried tussionex, but the high that you get from that, you will never get the same high from any amount of vicodin or norcos or even liquid lortab. The chemical structure is just too different which is why it is more tightly controlled than vicodin, norcos, or lortab. It is a sched. II like morphine and demerol.
Avatar f tn I dont mean to sound stupid.....I just want to know how bad my situation is. I know addiction is bad no matter what but would that be concidered very high??Thank you all so much for the information and support. Im still terrified but you are making me feel like tomorrow (my day 1) will be "surviveable"....And I can do it because I have you all to help me through it.
Avatar n tn My advice then? You'll get one chance during intake to make your case to a doctor. Tell the doc how much you've been using. Lay it on thick! It's your only chance at getting into the jail hospital. If you don't, you'll withdraw in a dorm where the ruling group or race will take everything you have, including your meals. If you're arrested for Rx forgery, will your folks or friends bail you out?
Avatar n tn I get stressed out when refill time comes (always too soon for my insurance to pay) or I need to go to the Doc to explain how much pain I'm in to get my refills. I get 120 Vivodin ES's with 3 refills. This has to stop. I've lost weight (190 to 170 pounds)and am generally no longer "healthy" the way I was before this all started. I came to this board to see if I could detox myself. I wanted to know what to expect and how long it will take.
Avatar n tn Hi glad your back. I'm glad you're thinking of going out there to buy the vit. I think the B6 is what really helped me get out the door after I spent almost 3 days completely trapped in my house. It hurt so much to even get out of bed, much less brush my hair and make myself look presentable. After taking the B6, i had an immediate surge of energy (remember,this is after the 3 days that i was at home) I eventually was able to go out and get the rest of the ingred. I am now on day 7th and...
Avatar n tn The last time I went CT it helped immensely. You can't puff too much to get to sleep! It also helped to keep my mind off of the w/d. One more day.......
Avatar n tn if his u/a shows coke in it they very well might throw him out of the program I understand your question but I dont understand the urgency of having to to this quickly to taper down that far on methadone it going to take a few months so it kinda throws the whole urgency out the window what I would suggest to you is try to get him to start going to N/A meeting he needs to treat the addiction and not just with another pill you need to dig down to the root of why we deel the need to use in the firs
Avatar n tn I'd be interested in hearing your story, but only if you promise to tell me how you managed to get so much Tussionex. LOL. Gotta pry one of those scripts out of the doc's dead bleeding hand (another humorless bunch).
10623623 tn?1414295689 If you decide to detox please let us know exactly what you were taking, how much and for how long so we know the right advice to give you to help you get clean. Please keep checking back....more people will chime in with other suggestions and advice. You will be in my prayers.
Avatar f tn it gets better with time so have patience and give yourself time, you will feel better with time, you will learn how to deal with life, depression, your emotions in a much healthier way. there are some advices which can help you alleviate some 0of the wds.... read the thomas recipe and the amino acid protocol on the health pages ( right side of your screen) and keep posting and keeping us informed how you are doing ok ? :) ...
Avatar n tn now it's just me and the kids following my sister to NC and my sister is not going to be much help if i freak... that's why my dad is coming to NC to get us and take us to Florida he is kinda still protective ...i need suggestions on how to get through the mountains...kerrie? lea? jenny? angelica? anyone who lives out this way? california won't help..LOL or maybe it guys have mountains out there don't ya?
524281 tn?1212959048 A couple of times in the past I’ve had to get a temporary script from my family doc, not because I used too many but because his scheduling practices leave a lot to be desired and my appointments don’t always come soon enough he is only there once a week and the girls who do the scheduling never take into account how much meds I have and when I am going to need more.
Avatar n tn I recently went about a day and a half without them (ran out) I had to fake an injury to get more. I was sick to my stomach, had diareaa my heart pounded in every part of my body even relaxing and my anxiety was pretty bad. if I put these down 4 good how long does this last. I'm scared. imagine that,guys are supposed to be stong and fearless but this is breaking me. any help would mean the world!
Avatar n tn My problem is I almost lost my job because I was acting crazy cuz of all the meds. Now Im trying to get off the darvocette and I find it much more dificult to get off of then the hydrocodiene. That was nothing I don't even miss them. But the darvon withdraw is killing me is it true it's synthetiz methadone. I had to call my doctor to get more zanex to help me with the pain meds withdraws today. I need advice quick on this darvon stuff. Will the Zanex work for the serious withdraws.
Avatar f tn So since I couldn't get my rx back I went to another dr the next day (who had also previously prescribed me tussionex) he wrote me an rx and I went to another pharmacy to TRY and get it filled but I was told the exact same thing about my insurance. So I waited a couple of days and decided I would pay for it with cash since limy insurance wouldn't cover it.
1071153 tn?1255372815 It was explained to me that when you start using drugs in High School you stop your emotional development. That puts it pretty strongly but it has to do with learning how to tolerate bad feelings without instantly making them go away. Its about learning that everything passes and it is not necessary to panic or feel trapped by a bad feeling. You have a lot in your life to protect, ride this WD out. I like to picture myself balanced on a surf board in the midst of huge waves and rocky waters.
Avatar n tn or Excedrin Nightime, but don't abuse it. Don't try so hard to get to sleep either. When your body is tired, you'll know. I personally think you've been blessed with not needing much sleep. I HAVE TO HAVE at LEAST 7 hours or I am in a world of ****. Just enjoy your recovery and try and stay sober. I was an alcoholic myself, I know exactly what you are talking about. It will go away with time. It took me nearly 2 years before I had regular sleep patterns.
Avatar n tn Anyway, im discusted with myself and needed to talk to someone who understands. Does anyone have any idea how long it will take to get these withdrawal symthoms over with, has been a week and im still feeling lousy??
Avatar n tn you NEVER get that 1st high again no matter how much you take but that dont stop us from trying and thinking "if i just take enough il get that high again" but nothing could be further from the truth. many times iv gone as far as spending 100.00 or more on heroin just to get ONE high (i know thats stupid..and im not proud of it) but even spending all that money i still didnt get that high like i did when i first started using..its just a waste of money..
Avatar f tn These pills aren't going to do anything but make you feel worse and they will eventually get worse. Please stop taking them and go talk to helps so much to talk to a counselor. I know you can do it because I've seen much worse stories on here than yours and they are now living happy and healthy lives. I hope that today is the day that you decide to change your current lifestyle and take your life back!
Avatar n tn Don't I know how you feel hunny! Except I'm not tryin to get off tussionex or vicoprofen anytime soon. The withdrawal symptoms can be very dangerous which most prople do not know about prescriptions. Lortab is basically just a stronger vicodin. It is hydrocodone with acetominophen(tylenol) If you would like to get off of this medication you can talk to your doctor about the best way to wean yourself off of it.
Avatar n tn The mental ride sucks but I know when I get back to the station to get off, IT IS GOING TO BE THE BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD. That really got to me, I have to go chill for a little while this shitoi230y48awdrjnoadfsoi;hklj ds is hard.
Avatar n tn My favorite is Delsym. Tastes very similar to Tussionex suspension (yummy). You need to take about 4 to 5 times the package dosing. Be careful!!!!!
Avatar n tn It seemed to help at night for a long time which made it easier to get some sleep. It doesn't seem to work as well anymore which kind of scares me.......leading me to take Xanax periodically because I get panic attacks. I know the reason for this is mostly because nobody can tell me what the cause for the cough is....and also because I know a lot of other people have this cough and do not have any answers, either. It seeems like an epidemic of some kind.
Avatar n tn Harley, It is has been a tough day for me too. I called my doc. Not good. This battle, this struggle, its everyday. I am trying to get through it minute by minute. Yet it seems so hard. Chezz I don't know where I am at or where I am going. I feel like an emotional roller coaster. I just want to do the right thing. I have the pain, but I haven't been able to get the treatment I need.