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Avatar f tn Today is my 1 week with no smokes. Actually it's ok I don't even want one MOST of the time. Mornings are hard. What is coffee with no smokes? The husband is still working on it and it doesn't even bother me when he smokes around me. Here's hoping this time ity sticks. After 32 years look at all the money we have spend on cigaretts!!!!
427279 tn?1210923421 i was just wondering if any one here uses chantix and is it helping you?....
Avatar f tn the only side effects i have had from chantix is the insomnia and vivid dreams when i do sleep, which is about 2 hours at the most at a time.....
380558 tn?1309045987 they should think hey if we pay now for chantix, and we quit how much money would the insurance save in the long run..silly how the insurance company's work.. are you going to fill your script??
Avatar f tn I've quit several times, no drugs and ended up with too much anxiety. The Chantix has really worked, but I'm concerned about the leg cramps which are getting worse. I thought they were from the treadmill, but I stopped about a week ago and the cramps are getting worse. I'm wondering if the drug company is responding, I read some really bad stories on another web site. I'm concerned; I've been telling other smokers how great it is to get them to quit.
Avatar f tn Pretty sure it is the CHantix. It appears that this is very common, but I bet Pfizer is getting away with it since there is already a causation shown in studies between quitting smoking and thyroid problems.
1349676 tn?1277916049 I have to ask the same much and what and where are you getting them? If you are getting them fro a doctor then you can speak with them about a taper plan that will ease the withdrawal process. All is not dead so please don't give up. Talk to us.
1000946 tn?1253811447 I was curious, how many on this board still smoke? And if you do how much? Also, how long ago was your diagnosis. my family thinks I flipped out to soon and that my quitting is making my stress level worse and they think that Im making myself sicker in other ways now. Just a note " family members that live with me are behind me not smoking all the way".
Avatar f tn So until i see him, i wouldn't even know what drug he's gonna put me on to ask if my medicare part d rx coverage would pay for it, or how much they would pay. This is alllike a nightmere, truly. As i'm sure it was/still is for many of you and I don't have much support. cerrtainly no financial support, Iwork and am on SSD. As a woman, I'm thinking to much about my hair (sorry for all the misspellings, my anxiety is showing!).
Avatar f tn The counselor says there are no mental issues she can find and sent me back to the doctor. Is it really PTH? I have an appt with Dr. Norman from but we don't have insurance and it is expensive. I don't want to waste any more time. None of my other blood test have been abnormal.
5079728 tn?1365553589 I have found that it is NOT the company policy, It is the agreement that my company has with my insurance company...that is who continues to pay me and they run a tight ship. It depends on the biopsy now...
1222635 tn?1366399886 I just wanted to chip in my 2 cents worth here. As an ex-smoker, I know how tough it is so I won't bore you with what you already know. It's been my experience that when men act like this about money and are in a situation where the wife is at home, its usually because they are feeling a little resentful that they are going to work everyday and the wife is staying at home. I think they feel they have more rights to the money because they are earning it.
Avatar m tn ) Most of us are/were long time smokers and we can all sympathize with what you are dealing with. I quit with chantix and have never looked back. That was over a year ago. I will post my meter at the end of this and tell you where to get it so you can download one yourself. I find that it hlps reinforce all the reasons I quit. A really great site is whyquitdotcom. There is an article there for every question you may have and a solution for every craving you may face.
Avatar f tn Hi Mandy, Welcome. Chantix is not on any how to get MS lists. I'm a little leery of the source you found that states this. The documented side affects of Chantix include some of the affects you described initially in your post. I'm very sorry for what you are experiencing. You sound very scared, and no matter the source, symptoms of this nature cause understandable fear. I'm glad you found us and hope we can help you out. Sorry I cannot say if this is MS.
Avatar n tn Hello, I have just been told that after my chest xray and ct scan that I have a spot on my lung. The way I get informed is from my Drs receptionists,I am completely blown away. Both my family dr and gynie have these girls calling me and then stating "how important it is to have another ct scan in 3 months. My question is why in 3 months and both say that the radiolgist suggest that. I AM SO SCARED!!
Avatar f tn I don't think I'd have been able to do it without the Chantix. I don't see how the Chantix would be anymore unsafe than for you to continue smoking. There are some people who have mood changes, depression, etc on Chantix, but I had none of that... I sailed right through. Chantix works by attaching to the same "feel good" receptors in the brain that nicotine attaches to.
518117 tn?1429279873 i try not to argue with him lately. got too much going on as is. been real quiet actually. i mean how many arguments can you have with someone that doesnt get it. honestly he can have a real vulgar mouth anyway. god how i hate that. sure who doesnt cuss from time to time. but it is f this and f that with him. embarassing. but i am real good at the put downs and quick on come backs. he knows that too. i just dont want to be that way. certain names he has stopped calling me.
566103 tn?1228389367 I really hope that the ENDO will be able to help me out as to why I have so much trouble with this.
Avatar m tn I too quit with Chantix and my side effects were minimal......bad dreams and a little stomach upset, but it was a small price to pay for getting back my life, which, after smoking for 40 years I never thought would or could happen : ) In addition to Chantix, I also found, which supports a "cold turkey" quit....everyone has access to the articles regardless of the method you choose to aid in your quit.
380558 tn?1309045987 after a second relapse, today is day 6 for me and I still feel congested with a little coughing included, but I feel so much better physically. Every day gets better and like I said earlier, if you can distract yourself from even the strongest cravings, then before you know it hours have gone by and............then you're having another one, lol!!! Seriously though, you just have to be really ready and committed to your quit.
Avatar f tn I think the worst part about it is I am so disappointed with myself. Just wondering if anyone else has the same problem: I have recently been dx with having seizures and have noticed that smoking makes me feel worse, crazy as it sounds I still smoke. I only smoke 1-2 cigs per day but cant seem to stop. Not sure if it's the combination of the meds or what. I was taking Wellbutrin which has a double function of treating depression and smoking cessation but stopped because of headache.
230262 tn?1316649534 I do know that i dont want to try that chantix (even if i could afford it, which i cant, have no insurance). Too many scary side effects! I guess I just have to try harder with the CT. Even after only one and a half days of trying to quit, i feel that i can say its harder than getting off the pills. its crazy how addicting nicotine is!! I keep telling myself i have to pretend im stranded on a desert island and have no smokes and just deal with it!
Avatar f tn I'm right here with you! today is first day w/o pills...and I have an appt with the Tabocco Treatment Center after work. Chantix worked wonders for me back in April. Lucky for me, someone gave me 5 weeks of the stuff. It was lack of desire for the cigs. After I was off the chantix I was still good...but then I got ahold of vics...there went that idea!
518117 tn?1429279873 They assign someone to you that will work with you in those difficult times. There is also a website called It is free and it help you, help yourself. It teaches you how to do the same things that you did as a smoker, but as an ex-smoker. Give it a try, you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Recently, we have had 2 posters that were also diagnosed with COPD, one in particular, Teko, is a veteran in this community. Please read that thread if you haven't already.
147426 tn?1317269232 But my insurance won't pay for it, and it is for me anyway very expensive. $135. a month. I buy my cigs on a rez, so much cheaper than the Chantix!! Isn't it amazing how many excuses the mind can come up with! LOL. Now I have to do the whole thing over again. But I know it is worth it. Congrats Rena and Bio.
3167587 tn?1343964176 i thank you for your answer, the first urine collected was somehow lost or misplaced by either drs office or lab, this was what upset me, so i was taken back when just 11 days later asked for a urine, it is so hard living in pain, there are so many factors in my life that aggravate my conditions, that are painful mentally for me to address, my pain management is finally where i can function, it is the insurance company trying to make me switch meds i am sure my dr is protecting me i have no
195469 tn?1388326488 I am now in week 3 of taking Chantix..It is the best thing I have ever tried. You smoke for the first 7 days taking it, then quit. I do not even have a desire for a digarette, even if I smell it. I only think about it maybe twice a day. I took Wellbutrin before, but Chantix beats it hands down, for me anyway. It is expensive, and insurance won't cover it, but at 2 packs a day I figured cigs......pills......cigs........pills....the pills won.
768479 tn?1234910906 You really have to want it for yourself, never mind doing it for others. With all of the education out there, knowing how much it harms you and even more so with secondhand smoke, it's amazing that there are people who still smoke! I was one of those idiots : ) Long after the warnings, long after my children getting multiple colds and long after my daughter's diagnosis of asthma, I was still smoking. I didn't quit until I could barely breathe anymore.
Avatar f tn It is so difficult to offer advice on choosing to quit and how to go about it. A great many choose cold turkey and swear by it. You might want to go to and read up on the tons of articles there. A new way is to learn how to do things without the cigarettes. You can read about it at: There are a few on this board who talked about hypnosis......... My personal favorite is For every question I had, they had the answer.