How much does strattera cost without insurance

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405614 tn?1329147714 I'm afraid that the Ritalin will give me tachycardia, as a similar medication did several years ago. Now I'm thinking; will my insurance even cover the Ritalin, without a diagnosis? I should grab my formulary... It lists Adderal as a tier 2 drug, with a higher co-pay; other amphetamine salt drugs (generics) are tier 1, and it doesn't list needing a prior authorization. The side effects look a lot worse than those listed for Provigil.
Avatar n tn We both each use daily betweens anywhere from 60-120 mg, depending on how high we wanted to get or how much money we had. Recently we both have been having a real hard time, feeling like what used to get us high for 8 hours feels like about an hour or two if that. And all the money we earn or work for goes straight to perc 15s-30s or oxys. It feels like ive been working the past year for percs and was wearing on me.
649926 tn?1297661380 I have heard such great things about it but I can't afford it without the insurance companies help. Maybe they will change their mind down the road. I have never heard of Strattera so maybe I can ask the doctor about that one. It's good to have options. I hope that you are able to find another med that helps for a long period like the Ritalin did.
Avatar m tn All you have to do is call around and ask how much is this med, this mg, this amount, without insurance? Find a cheaper one, tell your pharmacy to call them, provide the number, and please match this. Not every pharmacy matches though. Check first. If I recall correctly, I paid under $100 for 30-20mg XR's. Its cheaper to get the IR doses. Hope this helps, sorry its so scattered, I'm dealing with my own med problem and on borrowed time. Good luck!
Avatar f tn I am going to try and pay much more attention to how everything is affecting me in the mind was so messed up I couldn't even remember if I had had a problem before I started the new med....So please, be careful with all the meds out there....the side effects can be worse than the disease!!!!! I hate the thought of trying yet another new med but I really do need something to help w/ fatigue....I'm having a lot of trouble making it through 12-15hr workdays......
Avatar n tn We live in Pennsylvania and I had to contact our local assistance office. I can't tell you how much this has helped. They will also go back I believe three months and pay for those medical bills as well. I hope this helps some. Good luck! I know it is tough trying to get a correct diagnosis we are going through it too!
Avatar f tn I'm now tapering off zoloft and switching to Keppra (for seizures.) Not sure if I'm feeling much relief yet!! (Been a few weeks into this) How come I was into the docs over the years w/diarrhea complaints and none of the docs ever told me Zoloft was one of the worst SSRIs for causing d.??? Also in last couple years having problems w/insomnia...Docs never told me about that side effect either!!! Just gave me Ambien!! I want my bowel back to normal!! Help...
211940 tn?1267884866 I am 21 and having the same syptoms in my right arm I thought maybe it was contributed to being on the computer all day at work and got a wrist brace for when I type, that has not helped, I have gotten to where I have to sleep on my left side with two pillows in front of me to lay my right arm on and it still does not help that much I wake up off and on all through the night. I am also having back pains and numb hand and fingers at times, the numbness is in my left and right hand.
Avatar n tn Prostatitis. That's what it sounds like you all have. I have it too, and I regularly experience this pain upon ejaculation. Also the urinary burning, frequency, urgency, the whole shebang. The bad news is that antibiotics really don't fix it, because something like 90-95% of prostatitis cases are non-bacterial (no one knows why they occur). The best theory out there is that somehow urine travels back into the spermatic cords and back into the prostate, causing the burning.