How much does percocet go for

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Avatar f tn How long does the internal shaking last? I, of all people, cannot believe I let this happen to myself. How long are withdrawals using 1/2 - 2 per day for 3 years. ANYONE??
Avatar f tn what is used to detox from percocet and how long does it take with drugs or cold turkey?
Avatar m tn I've gone through this time and time again only to have the pain over whelm me . I would take them Sunday morning then see how long I can go before the pain overwhelms me . I don;t get upset stomach or some of the other things I've heard about just a lot of pain . What should I do ?
Avatar n tn I have done what your friend is done that is how I know there will be two felonies charged to her...... one will be for possesion and the other for fraud.....the 4 and 5 are degrees of felonies....... because the cop was there he was taking a report from the Phamacist....she does not have much time there coming (cops) to arrest her soon probably a week or two tops she needs to make some arrangements before they get there.............
1080427 tn?1256076553 I started taking percocet in june of 09 for a hernia sx i had, I have been taking them ever since basically for fun, the energy and the happiness. I want to quit cold turkey i want NOTHING more to do with percocet. Today is my first day not takin anything. On any given day i was taking 3 or 4 of them... Today i have the chills, I feel like I have a fever, jittery,and lots of anxiety.... How long does this usually last and is there ANYTHING at all to help even feel a little better???
562343 tn?1233605524 never done drugs for liesure before this. Please advise how to take myself down slowly to lessen the withdrawls and is there anything to help the withdrawl symtoms I can do on my own at home..
Avatar n tn Well if you consider cardiac arrhythmias, seizures, kidney failure and **** load of other ills to feel good then go for it. But you might want to go to Google or Yahoo and type Demerol side effects and then decide.
Avatar f tn Did u give them to someone to hold for u? I just know how hard it was for me to stick to my taper with my pills right here...i did manage to get my dose down but i tapered fast..10 days...i was glad when i was off work so i could get it over with...
2110255 tn?1334192149 Breakthrough pain may not occur everyday as for the most part long acting opioid medications do work as they are supposed to. Percocet is a short acting opioid medication that is used a lot for acute pain...pain after surgery or for a short duration until an injury has healed. However, it is also commonly used as a rescue medication for chronic pain patients that are on a long acting opioid medication (Fentanyl, Morphine ER, Opana ER to name a few).
566544 tn?1219441277 I'm currently detoxing cold turkey from 75mgs of liquid methadone. And dropped immediately to 0...I'm miserable, and I've called sooo many places about detox treatment.. but from what multiple rehab centers have told me... U have to wait a week until they can switch u to subs anyway... After a week of withdrawing from methadone... I don't see any reason or point to go to subs of you've made it that far... Get a strong sedative.. maybe nuerotin/gabapentin for pain.. Something for anxiety.
Avatar f tn How much were you taking and for how long. Were you taking it for pain for did you just enjoy it? The detox varies for everyone but typically it can last from 3 to 7 days. The withdrawal symptoms usually peak on days 3 and 4. Again everyone is different.
Avatar f tn Or wait till my body gets used to 4.5? Does .5 make that much of a difference? (They are 5mg percs) I have to go back to work tmrw. And btw this forum is helping me tremendously with the emotional part! Yay!
Avatar f tn you cannot make him drink. Unfortunately, no matter how much you care and how much past and present you have with him will make him go to treatment or counceling until he decides for himself....You can however arrange an intervention or (I hate to use this word....Altimatum). He obviously cares about you or he would not make up the lies and try to decieve you, usually people who don't give a rats will blatantly go about their way.
Avatar f tn Buprenorphine (the opiate in Suboxone) is actually much stronger, with a much longer half life than the Oxycodone. How much does your husband take, and how long has he been taking it? Has he ever tried to getclean before? If so, what did he do? If his usage isn't overly huge, it may be better for him to try to either just taper off the Oxy, or go cold turkey.
Avatar n tn And it does depend on how much you take. You're probably going to go thru withdrawals, but many people have made it. When we take something for so long, we really dont know what normal is anymore. You will feel better than you have in a long time after you quit. Then you can take that money and spend it on stuff that really make you feel good, like a good massage or a vacation. Read the other posts about withdawals from painkillers. That will give you an idea of what to expect.
Avatar f tn Hi..Does anyone know how long these hellish withdrawl symtoms last...oh my sweet jesus...Day three of Percs..took up to 20 a day..last Friday I had seven pills left...Im so done with this..but its hard..I read the posts and realize how many people are going through what I am..Its nasty..oh my ...going to the doc this afternoon...going to get something to help me sleep..took the last three days off work..but nobody knows anything..kept this addition to myself...until now...
Avatar f tn Or wait till my body gets used to 4.5? Does .5 make that much of a difference? (They are 5mg percs) I have to go back to work tmrw. And btw this forum is helping me tremendously with the emotional part! Yay!
Avatar f tn My biggest concern for you is that you just stopped the xanax. This is a benzo and should be tappered from very slowly, due to the possiblity of seizures and stroke. How long have you been on the xanax? As far as the other stuff, look into the Health pages for the Thomas receipe, that will help alittle. There is no magic cure for withdrawels except time. Please respond back about the xanax. Going cold turkey from this can be extremely dangerous.
Avatar m tn I only have off from work tomorrow and I have 17 percocet left,is there a way for me to wean off with that little bit in able to go to work.On tuesday?And if at all possible I will need someone to talk to tomorrow because I start feeling withdrawal after a bout 8-10 hrs. without any meds.Also how long will it last?Ive heard people say that the worst part is the first 1-2 days then its manageable but you still feel crappy.
Avatar f tn I'm a 56 year old grandmother and have been taking percocet for approx 5 years. I started with 15 mgs per day and am now up to 40 mgs per day. I stopped taking them cold turkey on New Years day. My doctor perscribes me 120 per month, I never took that many until recently. I take them for arthritis and fibromyalgia and they worked wonders for most of the past 5 years.
Avatar m tn Hi Thomas~ You're a good friend to find this place and be comfortable enough to ask questions. I have a question for you. Is she quitting for now because she's out, or does SHE want to stop permanently? If she's just hanging in there for now, you're wasting your time. This is what you really need to find out from her. As bad as the withdrawals are for her right now, my guess is she's looking forward to the next fix if she hasn't set a plan.
Avatar f tn I was thinking of dropping down to 10 mg for 1 week, then 5 mg for 1 week and then 2.5 for one week and then off. Does this sound reasonable to you to avoid withdrawals? Right now I can't sleep more than 1 hour a night. Started out at up to 70 mg/day. Good luck with your plan of ending your taper today. I was also using my meds for pain (never exceeded dr. recommended dose), but have been on them 12 years. Now I don't know whether the pain is from withdrawing or actual pain.
Avatar m tn welcome! First off get plenty of Gatorade & get Imodium. The first few days will be the worst depending also on how much he was taking. He was not on them very long so that will help. Also vitamins help. The best way to deal with it is to keep moving and getting fresh air! Also make sure he eats that helps a lot in the healing! Keep us posted please and we are here for you!
Avatar n tn Or do I just let her hopefully find her way and not kill herself in the process. I have offered for years to go with her to a twelve step for support ( I come from an addicted family), but she's never taken me up on it. She is pretty well off financially and her family has no idea.
Avatar m tn I feel a little better this morning physically but still a little achy. I'm hoping tonight will be much better for sleeping alot longer. Is it too soon to hope for a good nights rest? Thank you to everyone who has posted back to me. I truly appreciate your support, help, and guidance. I know once I get past the physical part I will need to focus on the mental part. And that's where I know I'm going to need much more help and support to stay away from relapsing again.
Avatar m tn And I will tell you that Percocet does not work for Fibromyalgia. They have non-narcotic medications that they can give you. Please cancel the script and speak with your doctor. You were not taking them as prescribed..running out early. That is classic addict behavior. Before you cannot be a mom to your girls, get help. Get honest with your doctor and ask for help with your pain issues.
216878 tn?1196041120 Last night I slept with the help of Lunesta 7 hours. But each night is different. I would like to know... how much longer this will last for me? Two weeks tomorrow and I still feel bad. I take vitamins, I drink plenty of water I am eating but I have the muscle weakness bad, I'm lightheaded. Every morning I wake up I wonder.... is today the day I will feel my self again? I guess everyone's body is different. I wish you the best of luck Hopless. Write soon and let me know how you are doing.
Avatar f tn ve never admitted it, but I've been addicted to Percocets now for about 2 years. I probably average 5 a day, but then go a week or two when my stash runs out. I had some questions for the community on here. First of all, what are the actual dangers of long term percocet use? I mean i know its bad....and I especially know that the tylenol is bad. But are there any references that people could direct me to for this? I'm read that the maximum daily dose for tylenol is 3-4thousand mgs?
Avatar f tn My boyfriend does percocet...well at one time i believe he was doing a lot each day. He gets them from a friend who has them as a perscription. It is putting a strain in our relationship. He said that he stopped using them and i did notice and he did admit to some withdrawels ...he was VERY irratable. But the withdrawls that i seen sound nothing like anyone is describing. Does this mean that he may still be taking them? Does everyone have these withdrawl symptoms? ...