How much does methadone cost on the street

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Avatar n tn $45-$50 at pharmacy where 10 20mg oc's would cost that much at pharmacy or 4 or 5 oc's on the street. The price for 360 10 mg methadone would only equal 1 80 mg oxy on the street and maybe 3 or 4 at pharmacy w/out insurance.Methadone last approx. 24 hrs where you are lucky to get 6 or 8 hrs from an oxy. Believe me I have been down the oxy road and will NEVER go back.I was also a 12 pk. a day beer drinker before methadone and now I do not drink at all.
Avatar n tn Thanks for the note Brian. Does Methadone leave the patient very tired? What are the side effects? Just wondering. I think this is a life long plan for now which is why I really want to know what people are like on methadone versus the other pain meds. Thanks for your input. Is it possible to be tapered off of methadone ever - if necessary?
Avatar n tn you can go throughout your day without the need of getting high. It does a great job keeping you on baseline, without the highs of getting high and lows of not. Methadone will make you very lathargic and sleepy all day. Why not sub? most people here would say that is the lesser of two evils. good luck, but the sad truth is there is not much positive to come from any drugs. its all destructive.
Avatar f tn no body here said NOTHN about her not loving her son gezzzz all a few of us were sayn cause were so soon outa recovery probably and some younger is that we see it in the kids perspective and how i woulda felt if i woulda been thrown out on the street, im not a parent and have NO idea what shes going thru but i was were her kid is at and no how i woulda felt and me personally do not thnk that its a good idea.
Avatar n tn You can always tell when someone is fishing for a source, and when someone is looking for information to quell their curiosity. I think everyone in this discussion is doing so to discuss how and why these drugs are so prevalent illegally. I personally think that at least 80 percent of the opiate prescription drugs on the street are sold by people getting them prescribed to them legally.
Avatar n tn Oxycontin led me to the gates of hell and Methadone rolled me on through the gates. At the time it seemed like a better alternative because of it being legal and all. I spent 2 years laying in bed, not getting "rem" sleep. I was going insane and couldn't concentrate or accomplish even the slightest tasks. It is frightening to know how may people suffer from this. I felt so alone. Finding this place has been a god send!
Avatar f tn I think you wrote in another thread that you also buy methadone on the gets a little confusing with all the different threads going... If I'm understanding correctly, you were taking high doses of pills every day and you have to buy extra methadone away from the clinic. That makes you unstable right now. You have to talk to the clinic about this because its their job to get you at a comfortable dose and you need to keep yourself safe...
Avatar n tn I am now 6 days off the methadone totally. I tapered with the dr.s help. He was the one who prescribed it and he told me , after i was in withdrawels, that he has never seen anyone get off of it before. I hope he thinks more than twice before he prescribes it for anyone again. you are right. it is the worst.
541465 tn?1219431486 With me it was all water retention. For some reason it held all the water in me. When I stopped the methadone I peed so much and the weight came off. Good luck.
Avatar f tn we addicts sometimes forget how much we hurt the ones we love...and i'm sure that he does love you very much. i don't believe in coincidences, him getting arrested now has to be his journey--some have it harder than others, why? i'm not sure. this will be a test in it's truest form for both of you. do you believe in God? if so cry out to Him for help for you and joe...He will deliver! you both will get through this and your relationship will be stronger because of it! hang in there!
Avatar n tn To the Doctor & Everyone else who commented: Thanx for your information, Doctor. I found it highly informative and I believe that I can continue my intake of Dr. Pepper without serious side effects. I don't drink any other caffeinated beverages so I might only slightly decrease my intake of the Dr. Pepper just to make sure. The worse part of physical withdrawal for me was the alternating chills/hot flashes/sweat breakouts.
Avatar n tn Read all the info on that site. It does cost some money, but no nearly as much as a detox clinic or the cost of the drugs shes paying for now. Suboxone is a very workable option for someone who has failed at cold turkey or tappering. It very well could save her life.
Avatar n tn This is about the 3rd story I've heard in the last week, including here, that methadone could be found on the steet. Methadone can be found in pharmacies. I knew a guy that was into the 300-400mgs of Morphine a day. How'd he get that? Pharmacy. His dad owned it. Same pharmacy I used to get my Vicodin from. Under the table. So it's all to be had. You just have to look.
Avatar n tn If not, I would probably get off the Methadone and just go cold turkey, although I am sure my symptoms would be hell because of the size of my habit. How much Methadone were you on for that extended period of time? Did it help you get off the smack, or did you relapse?
942290 tn?1252622149 795 or so were from methadone !!! the key was to get, IV street users and other heavy opiate addicts off the streets, and away from the nightmare of heavy street addiction. it did its job in the day, but now being used as an anagesic? a local kid ,whom was a big 6"4 kid at 18 years old, made the mistake of eating a whole waffer.......was dead the next day. very sad. I can say i will never forget the wd's from the 'done !!
Avatar m tn Thank you so much for your advice on the vitadone. Seen it on the wall at the clinic and been thinking more about it. My husband and I are both going to try it out. The methadone makes us tired, constipated or just can't get the deed done and also have no motivation or energy anymore. Not always so tired for him, I always am but we both just don't feel like doing anything and feel like our dose is too low and we are both on 100. THanks for the advice. We will try it!
Avatar n tn if he wasnt on the methadone, hed probably be on the streets and god knows what else. my point is, its not the methadone, its a behavioral problem he has. i hope that he can open his mind to change.
Avatar f tn It enters the blood slow and builds up in your system. I have overdosed on methadone, as it is a pain med now, and you can buy it on the street now. If she is using heroin on subs, I would stay away from methadone. Suboxone and methadone are both opiates and very addictive. Neither of them is a blocker, but they are stronger opiates than heroin, so heroin has little effect, as it cannot compete with buprenorphine. Using heroin on methadone could easily lead to respiratory arrest.
Avatar n tn The mentality of the clinics is that they would rather someone get methadone there than heroin on the street. So they aren't pushing the person to detox. They feel they are 'safer' attending the clinic everyday. I guess in a way, they are. Also, I think they administer too much at times. My guy was on 70 mg, and when he started to come down he didn't feel any different even when he made it to 30 mg. Finally he felt the withdrawal symptoms around 15 or so.
Avatar n tn * This opinion is based on the Assumption that you will depend on either oxys/roxi or the methadone. I obviously choose the methadone.
Avatar n tn I am not 100% yet and look forward to that time but I would have to say I am about 75% and that's alot better than a year ago when I felt as though my whole life depended on when I can get my next refill and how (consumed more than the prescribed amount and pharmacies and doctor started catching on). Never knew you could get them on the street and it's definately a good thing.
Avatar n tn withdrawl from meth is much worse then all of the meds you have mentioned and it goes on for a very long time ,how long and how much methadone have you been taking
Avatar n tn If she's actually tapering, she's probably feeling tense, irritable and low on energy much of the time.It does get better. But I'll tell you now, the success rate for people actually detoxing off metahdone and staying off is miserable. It's in the health care industry's best interest to make it that way. I'm just about to come off myself and have done *alot* of research on appropiate aftercare.If you want, let me know and I can arrange getting it to you.
Avatar n tn In the freezing cold at 5 AM in the morning, an hour away in a bad part of the city. That illustrates the hold Methadone has on people. (Personally I would be on the first train off that stuff so fast it would be record breaking!) From experience, I recomend trying anything end everything before going on Methadone, ESPECIALLY if you are seeking to end an addiction.
Avatar n tn mixing methadone with klonopin is very dangerous, It makes the effects of the opiate in methadone much much stronger and causes enhaced CNS depression and can cause respiratory arrest causing death.
Avatar f tn that was 4 years ago I went back to the va agian to help with my detox after several surgeries and multiple spinal fractures this is when I found out about the new regulation.
20391860 tn?1497234141 the formula for methadone is how long you been on it.....10+ years is a long time...the dose your on dictates the severity of withdrawal then your age is also a big factor....I was on a high dose for a long time and was 47 when I detoxed in 2009 it is not so much the severity of the drug but the long recovery time that makes it a perfict world...
Avatar n tn If you are on Any kind of detox and you are still craving the drugs, it means you are not being dosed high enough, correct me if I am wrong ok Dan? All I know is I am on 50mg of methadone a day on the MMT, and I do not crave heroin at all. Sure I think about it, but the OCBhas left me. I am very comfprtable where I am at,please Gina if you want to use, tell your counselor,like yesterday!!!!
425312 tn?1279969779 Well Now I am out again and no way to get any, and I am so sick and tired of spending all of my money on this ****. In 4 years time I have spent $28,000 just on Methadone. Someone please kick me. Today is February 19, 2008 and tomorrow I will start the withdrawals all over again. I wish I had the means of getting that recipe, it sounds like it would make it at least tolerable. Well with or without it I am going to overcome this demon, it has had control over my life for far too long.
Avatar f tn I've noticed about the 3rd day after I drop a dose I always start getting more withdrawal symptoms, but about by the 4th day it seems to get a little better. How long have u been on methadone? Have u been taking the calcium/magnesium/zinc supplement? It really seems to help. Try and stay positive u will get through this!