How much does concerta cost without insurance

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Avatar m tn There's Nuvigil, a similar medication used strickly for fatigue, but I am unsure the insurance coverage or cost on that. Concerta is of the methylphedamine type or in the same class as Ritalin, it is just newer than Ritalin and thus formulated differently. So something you might offer up to your doctor is a medication that was one of the first used in ADHD treatment and that is Adderall, which is of the amphetamine class, which is more pure in form.
Avatar n tn If you try to help too much, the parent will probably dump you. So be careful how you handle this. The school is really the one that will have to do it. Sooner or later, the teacher and the playground supervisors will give up, and the principal will get involved and that may help. It sounds like the teacher is really trying to help. She needs to get the principal and school psyc to all work together on this.
374262 tn?1215201805 for some kind of sleeping meds because I can't sleep but it all cost so much that without insurance I can not get it. Why in the world do they charge so much for it??? I always think if I can sleep through the bad times I can make it but the only sleep I can get is if I take xanax or somas. Was out of xanax and broke down and took somas. I had not been taking them. So now I have let myself down. I swear, I hate this stuff!! I hate it so much.
Avatar m tn But what is shocking how can the doctors go along with this system . Because they are a big part of it. The let the insurance companies dictate them how and for how much money to treat a patient.
5757880 tn?1395581622 Unfortunately, my insurance now has a high deductible and the Concerta, even generic, is no longer affordable. He is currently diagnosed with ADHD and there is a possible diagnosis of PDD in the future (further evaluation is required). I was wondering if anyone can tell me their experiences with the Plain Methylphenidate and also the whole "taking multiple doses" a day rather than one pill a day.
Avatar f tn You'll definitely get confirmation on what tests were done. Out of curiosity, how much did the insurance co. end up reimbursing the Dr. for as they usually adjust down? Good luck in getting your correct info.
572651 tn?1333939396 I work for an insurance company and also had trouble getting it approved, largely b/c of how much the med costs the insurance company. Because of the cost, the company has a medical policy for which conditions the med can be approved for based on best practices guidelines set forth by FDA and medical community. Even for those conditions it cannot be first line treatment. In appeal, MD had to outline that other first line meds were tried first without success.
172715 tn?1285498090 Now I have serious problem again with depression and suicidal thoughts. I don't know what I am going to do now. How can a generic drug cost so much. My thyroid medication is only $4 with any insurance. Nobody in the insurance companies really care about mental health issues nor do the government until someone kills someone then they are all talk and no action.
Avatar f tn As i said, his doctor thinks he is doing wonderfully considering his severity of ADHD. i happen to know how bright he is and how much better he could be doing. Seeing the post did help, in the long run. He has been to seven places to put in applications this week and Wegmans called him back for an interview for overnight stockperson. Since my son is tired during the day and has insomnia at night, this might work out if he gets it. Thanks for all your advice and insight.
480448 tn?1426952138 ONE important thing to remember that I learned, and have never forgotten is that these two effects CANNOT exist without anxiety.....but that anxiety can exist without these sensations. Derealization is basically a change, an alteration in the PERCEPTION or experience of the external other words...everything LOOKS very strange, very "unreal" (movie like, in my experiences). Depersonalization is a subjective experience of unreality of one's self. So the difference is...
Avatar f tn I'm riding it out to see. It's still early in the process and I'm not fully sure how much or how little it is working. This may be something to think about. Perhaps it could be he needs less than the recommended dose. BTW I remember in a confrence someone with autism who benefited from prozac. She took it at a fraction of a dose required for depression and that amount worked ideal. Any more or any less she found bad. She would have ups and downs but found it good to keep the dose the same.
Avatar f tn You will find both people with both success stories and difficulties. Without an EP study they can't tell you how difficult the procedure would be. She can live a long and safe life with SVT. Part of the decision should be based on how symptomatic she is. I don't know anything about sotalol. If she is not that symptomatic you may want to wait until she is older and can help in making the decision. I would write down your questions for the doctor and take them with you.
Avatar f tn We have now had 2 that worked for a little while and then stopped. For us, cost was also an issue for a bit. The kids were in between insurance agencies and the long acting medication is more expensive. The bottom line: Yes, meds can help, they can also be a problem. Always keep in close touch with your Dr and pharmacist. IMHO if a child starts new meds, the rd should want to do a follow up in 2 weeks. 4 at the most. Also read all product inserts. Talk to your pharmacist.
Avatar f tn Get to really know him, go places only with him, watch for his mood changes and facial expression very closely when you ask him questions, and especially about how he truly feels about his stepfather, how does his stepfather makes him upsets, how does he makes him happy, what's wrong with school and how he feels about you and each of his siblings and particularly his absent bio father, than gently ask him why he is so sad and unhappy at home and in school; Listen between the lines.
Avatar n tn im a 23 year old male id just like to say that ever since i was diagnosed with ADD in the 5th grade which was legally the age/grade in which you could put a child on medications i was on that boat from day one i remember the tests leading up to the diagnosis as well as my first prescription of adderall all the weird questions from my parents and my doctor about how i felt if i felt funny during the day i was 10 years old i had no idea what amphetamines were or meth or drug addiction i had been w
Avatar f tn I want to learn from others how it has been for them after treatments.... 6 months and longer. I sure would like to feel better... I expected to feel better and so that is why I am disappointed... I sleep a lot. I am truly tired. All tests are good but.. thank you "CHICKEN" Question: what have others experienced as far as side effects after treatment?
Avatar m tn I can walk around a little with the Rollator, without the portable oxygen tank. And I can walk much more with the oxygen tank. I recommend a Rollator to people to help them walk better while on portable oxygen.
Avatar n tn anyone start on 25mg and have more headaches than before meds?
Avatar n tn I looked on the web and do find a lot about head pressure, but nothing too much about pressure on top of head? Does anyone else have similar feelings? Can this all be stress related? Opening my mouth seems to help the pressure I feel temporarily with my ears and laying down seems to help with the head pressure. I always find that helpful when my neck bothers me and I get a lot of pressure in the neck area as well. Could this all be related to just stress and muscular tension?
Avatar n tn , but I am determined to stop. I have come to far. How long will this last. I honestly don't know how much more of this I can take. I can't be around anyone. The irritability, the headaches, and I even have a jaw ache that is hell. My muscles hurt, and I cannot stop crying. If anyone is contemplating trying Paxil, please do not take it. Horrible. I am just hoping that I will make it through this.
Avatar n tn Others have said it went away eventually without anything worse happening. The body does an amazing job of repairing itself, and there is evidence nerves are able to recover more than was ever thought possible. My personal hypothesis is that stress caused a little nerve damage by either: A. more muscle tension in my back, compressing my main nerve OR B. lots of "stress" chemicals in the blood for a long period of time - known to hurt nerves.
147426 tn?1317269232 During the next year I was dieting and lost 50 pounds slowly, but developed intermittent urinary incontinence. (losing weight is supposed to help that!) I also became much more fatigued than I was before, but wrote that off to being so deconditioned by spending all day in my recliner. Also, after years of living in the desert, became severely sensitive to even mild heat in my apartment. It made me weak and irrationally irritable. I was trying to get in short daily walks.
Avatar f tn They were about normal, but the vertebral arteries were tortuous at their bases. Cindy763, how is your mg treated. How was it diagnosed? I have had an ENMG of right side muscles in 2009. I had muscle weakness in my legs. In the ENMG, there was nothing else but slow activation in two muscles. I think that my symptoms result from my internal medicine diseases or from chronic sinuitis. I feel like my neck muscles were inflammed. I also have dysautonomia.