How much does acyclovir cost without insurance

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Avatar n tn 12/2/05 I just got diagnosed with zoster sin herpete. Basically, shingles without a rash. It does exist. Please check some of sites on the Internet. I was amazed at how many sites there were. I have had to do my own research. Hope your health imporves.
Avatar n tn But otherwise, I cannot imagine one month of 500 mg once day being that much. Somethings' up there. Glad the acyclovir was much cheaper for you.
Avatar m tn Thank you so much for all your help Doctor.
Avatar f tn I don't think I'd want to then anyway. So from the outbreak, taking acyclovir... how long does it take to heal plus how long is the shedding? From what I am understanding, it sounds like the shedding is when its transmittable...and we don't know because it may not be visible at that time??? Let's take the last time...Jan. 15th...outbreak 1st or 2nd day after so let's say the 3rd day, I start acyclovir for 5 by the 23rd, I stop taking acyclovir, no more visible symptom.
947843 tn?1255192936 You can get daily suppressive therapy with acyclovir for under $20/month even if you don't have insurance. why not consider going on it for awhile so that you don't have to worry about ob's since it's a recent infection for you?
Avatar m tn doses are determined in studies for what is the minimal dose that does the most good for the greatest percentage of subjects. The majority of otherwise healthy folks will have significantly reduced shedding and significantly reduced ob's with the 500mg - 1gm/day doses of suppressive therapy.
Avatar m tn She has been on suppressive therapy (Acyclovir) for the duration of our entire relationship, and while we have used condoms and other barriers of protection during imtimacy, we mainly are intimate WITHOUT barriers of protection. Moreover, we are using lubricants (Astroglide) to reduce abrasions, etc. Again, I understand the self-imposed risk exists, but this is the woman I am going to marry. I am not running away.
Avatar n tn but I'm open to suppressive if it doesn't cost too much. It does help with shedding right? That would give me peace of mind to know I'm not potentially spreading herpes.
Avatar n tn And is it legal to bill people for services without telling them how much they cost beforehand? Thanks, and sorry for the long post.
Avatar m tn you can get daily suppressive therapy with acyclovir for around $10/month most places in the US even without insurance. Valtrex will cost you more and the price will depend on if you have insurance or not. lysine and garlic aren't going to protect a partner. have you read the free herpes handbook yet? Is this a new diagnosis for you?
1562866 tn?1297190771 0( {aprox 5months ago} and both my gp and the doctors at the std clinic recommended i come off it if i wasn't finding any relief, there was times on the medication i felt my outbrakes were worse than better, i was tested for every other std/sti and was also checked for bacterial and yeast infections everything else is clear, i went back to the doctor on Tuesday with what felt like a bigish outbreak in the front region to be told i had one red lump under the skin { which she tought could be anoth
Avatar n tn But this time since I do not want to shell out the $$ for a RX because I am poor w/no insurance and the meds cost a TON! Putting abreva on the sores down there does help with the pain but I've never tired to just "tough it out" before and I want to know if that is a good idea? Has anybody else let their's clear up on there own and if so how long will it take to go away?
Avatar n tn He is taking acyclovir instead of Valtrex because of the cost of Valtrex...he doesn't have insurance to cover the cost of $965 a month. That was another shock. This is SOOO confusing and I apologize for sounding so naive, uneducated....but all these questions seem to pop up. Thanks again everyone!!
Avatar n tn You probably could get effective suppression for under $1.00 per day, probably less (e.g., generic acyclovir). How does that compare with what you spend on coffee at Starbucks or the occasional glass of wine? Acyclovir, valacyclovir, and famciclovir do not cause liver damage. These are extraordiarily safe drugs; you almost cannot give enough to a lab animal to make it sick. In 30+ years of using them, I have never once had a patient with a significant side effect.
3228682 tn?1346371118 if you do confirm that you have hsv2, acyclovir is way cheaper - $4 at walmart without insurance for episodic therapy and under $20 for daily suppressive therapy.
Avatar m tn what is the best way to prevent a coldsore outbreak when your immune system is weak? is there a way to get acyclovir without a prescription. last time it cost me an $80 clinic visit just to get a prescription for acyclovir.........
Avatar f tn if they balk at testing you for bv due to lack of symptoms, nicely ask them to do it to make you happy. even without insurance, in the US you can get daily suppressive therapy with acyclovir for under $20/month.
Avatar n tn don't hesitate to give walgreens a call and ask how much it's going to cost to fill them for you and shop around if it's more expensive than the prices I mentioned :)
Avatar n tn I got my test results back for everything (hpv excluded since there's no test for it). This ingrown hair cost me a weeks worth of paranoia and 350$ in tests (since I don't have insurance). But now I have peace of mind that I am negative. I hope that someone will read this post and see that it's VERY VERY likely to not have an STD. I'm not saying you shouldn't get tested. Of course you should. But......I always assume the worst. In this case, it made the best feel much better.
1492233 tn?1288987869 Thank you Grace, do you happen to know off hand how much it will cost me for them to order the test for me? Or how I can contact them to find out about the charge for being a patient and ordering labs? I think this might be the best choice for me as both of my doctors don't seem too interested in helping out with the confirmation, they keep telling me that I tested positive and I should just leave it at that.
Avatar n tn if your doc or lab has a preference, that's OK. (All this will cost $200 or more. But perhaps your insurance will cover it.) Change of subject: Chlamydia blood tests mean nothing, and is not recommended for diagnosis. There is no way to know from that result whether you have (or have had) a chlamydial infection. To answer your hypothetical question: Yes, if you have HSV-2, and if your wife contracts it from you orally, she will not then acquire genital HSV-2.
Avatar f tn I don't have insurance. How can you get acyclovir for $10 a month. Do I just order it online? I would definitely be interested in getting some. Thank you.
Avatar n tn Am I suppose to have sores after few days or weeks? I have nothing. I wonder why and what does that mean? t1234 had said I'm a seropositive, what exactly does that mean? and that I wouldn't spread it to another partner? Please correct me if I'm wrong. I didn't retest yet, I'm saving money for that, I spent like $400 to do my testing last time. I have no insurance but I will test again.
Avatar n tn It didn't really present itself as yeast-nor did it clear up with a diflucan- so that's when they went for the other bacterial and GBS testing. Sometimes I wonder how much of the itching was due to the GBS and how much to the HSV. Yes, my Vuh-J-J (as Oprah would say) has been a mess the past couple of years. Seems to have gotten bent out of shape after placing an IUD (which is now out). Wish I knew why my body is reacting the way it is...
Avatar f tn Do you have any experience with online ordering and with this site in particular? And as far as the WB goes, how does a person go about getting that test ordered? My doctor really seemed clueless, so it would probably blow his mind if I asked for a western blot, LOL. Also in reference to an earlier response, somebody mentioned that your rating doesn't get higher the longer you've had the infection. But most everything else I've read indicates that it does.
Avatar m tn There are lots and lots of places that offer low-cost counseling based on income to those with no insurance. Your wife has said get over it. I have said get over it. Clearly, that's not working, so its time to get some counseling. We don't even think you had sex, and I think deep down inside, you don't think you had sex. Hell, the woman says you didn't have sex, and as I said before, women would be all over that, especially a woman you had some kind of relationship with at some point.
Avatar m tn It could be $80/month or $10/month depending on her insurance. Acyclovir is much cheaper as a generic, even without insurance it's under $20/month with a prescription at most places.
Avatar m tn and I do have bouts where I have to force urination to an extent, and less frequently there is a slight burning. SO I'm wondering how much of this can be associated with hsv, and how much of it means I should go see a urologist. Or have my kidneys checked. I know stress, anxiety, dehydration can cause these symptoms as well.
Avatar f tn 1st question is.. how accurate are the typing tests? And now that I've been diagnosed with 1 and not 2, does this mean that I can transfer 1 to another genital area and how often are the outbreaks? Do I need to take daily meds to prevent tranfer, and can the 1 be transferred if someone performs oral on me? If so, would they jus get hsv1?
211940 tn?1267884866 I am 21 and having the same syptoms in my right arm I thought maybe it was contributed to being on the computer all day at work and got a wrist brace for when I type, that has not helped, I have gotten to where I have to sleep on my left side with two pillows in front of me to lay my right arm on and it still does not help that much I wake up off and on all through the night. I am also having back pains and numb hand and fingers at times, the numbness is in my left and right hand.