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Avatar m tn I am currently taking 60 units a day of Lantus and do Humalog 3 times a day. I seem to be controlling my BS pretty well. I went to the Dr. last week and he said I should be taking equal amounts of Lantus and Humalog daily. Is this correct and why? Also can anyone explain to me the exchanges of carbs and how much humalog I should take to counteract carbs at meal times. My Dr. has never explained any of this to me!!!!
Avatar n tn 10 units would put me at a drop of 600. I've take as much as 10 units of humalog with a bloodsugar drop of maybe 40-50 mg/dl. Am I reading this correctly?
Avatar n tn Yesterday was told by a nurse that the Lantus I take is really low compared to amount of Humalog I take, but she never told me HOW much she thought I should be taking. I take 1.5 u Humalog per carb for all meals (for last 3 weeks - has changed many times). I'm supposed to take 11 u Lantus in am. My morning BS is usually 300-500. I think the Lantus is not lasting 24 hours. If I try to split the dose, I'm wondering if I need to just take 5 and 6, or if I need to up the overall dose.
Avatar n tn I give myself about 21 units of insulin per day--13 units of Lantus and a sliding scale of Humalog between 6-10 units--depending on how many carbohydrates I have eaten--So, it takes me about 2-3 months to use a bottle of Humalog and the Lantus would take longer, but I must open a new bottle every month for consistency issues. Does that help?
1340011 tn?1276621367 I take humalog 75-25 now in the morning and before dinner. I believe I need to cut back on my carbs sort of like the fiber diet (can't think of the name of it) I have some issues 2 herniated disks in my neck and I broke my foot (which stills hurts when walking too far) so exercising is a bit hard but I am trying to do water aerobics 3 nights a week which is hard to do and then I am going to try stationary bike. I am overweight by about 70 pounds. I had it all off and gained it back.
Avatar n tn So if you will take 10 units of humalog to cover food then you should inject 6 units in one spot and 4 units in another. IF you take 13 units, then do one injection of 6 units and 1 of 7. ALso recommendation to avoid injecting into legs. The absorption can be uneven. I could also recommend that you increase your consumption of vegetables (other than potato or corn which are very high carb) and maybe decrease the rice consumption a little.
Avatar n tn I have been using a Cozmo for just over a year and am delighted with it. Like all the newer pumps, it has some great features to take some of the "constant mental math" out of my head. One of the features I like is the "insulin on board" which, based on settings we can make for ourselves, tells how much insulin is still *in our bloodstream* based on boluses we've taken and how long insulin stays effective in our system.
Avatar n tn I have been told the average honeymoon period lasts 6 months to a year after being diagnosed. Right now I am not taking any Humalog (fast acting insulin) at all and I only take 4 units of Humalin(long acting) in the morning and 1 unit of Humalin at night. Most people usually end up taking as many units a day as half their body weight. I still end up low in the day sometimes and I do not understand how that is possible on this low amount of insulin.
Avatar n tn Had steroid shot today, blood sugar's are 343 now. Take 10 units of Humalog before meals and 55units of Lantus before bed. What is the sliding scale when sick. Have sinus infection and bad cough.
Avatar n tn For those of us with this problem, the solution is to talk to his doctor and slowly over a period of time, start to change the evening dose to become a morning dose, with maybe a few units injected at bedtime just to keep sugars from rising too high while the morning dose peters out in our sleep. For me, this has completely removed the danger of severe night lows.
Avatar n tn how many units per day are you shooting? take that number and divide into the capacity of the pen and you have your answer.
Avatar n tn No I have not had that experience with Humalog-in fact it works very well for me. I use a sliding scale of Humalog at mealtimes and I use 14 units of Lantis each evening. Lantis is a 24 cylce insulin or a long acting insulin where Humalog is short term or short acting insulin. But this just shows you that different people have different needs. Before I used Lantis I used to use NPH-which is a shorter long acting inuslin-more like 8 hours. Have you tried giving your Novolin before you eat?
Avatar n tn to stop acting more quickly, but like all insulin, we learn to see how it affects us individually -- and how to work with/around how it works. Once you've learned about insulin:carbo ratios and insulin sensitivity, you may also talk with your son's pediatric endo about an insulin pump. There are fewer pokes with a pump, and yet they do require a deep understanding of the details that're best learned with shots or pens initially. Good luck; there's a lot to learn and relearn over the years.
Avatar f tn I take 80 mg of Lisinopril per day (which results in a nasty, constant dry cough), 60 mg of propranolol per day, 250 mg of Lyrica per day, 50 units of injected Lantus, and 90 to 120 units of Humalog per day. I also take Xanax and Vicoden as needed. My blood pressure is still NOT well controlled. You're not doing so bad... yet. But I agree with Marbles... Get a hobby to take your mind off your troubles, or adopt a cat from a shelter and spoil it rotten.
Avatar f tn Only after dinner, it goes up from around 115 to 200 and then return by itself to normal in three hours time. I take small shot - three units of Humalog - anyway. During breakfast, glucose level behaves best - rising from around 100 to a much lower value, say may be 140, and then starts falling back to where it started from in two hours time. Any advise as to how to minimise this - apparantly medicine induced - Diabetes? Seems like Wysolone is the real culprit.
Avatar f tn I have always tried to keep on top of my blood sugars, and have maintained a Hemoglobin A1C of 6 or below for years, using a combination of Lantus and Humalog injections. Currently, I take 15 units of Lantus, and Humalog on a sliding scale. I am a vegetarian, mostly vegan, and eat a diet based on a large amount of fruits and vegetables and hardly any refined foods (maybe whole grains 2 or 3 times a week, no refined sugars, etc.
Avatar n tn 4 to answer the question straight up marajuana doesnt effect your blood sugar although the munchies you may get after can but to take care of that try to eat meat protein stuff without to much carbs or sugar (which yo hould be doing anyways) if you do happen to stumble apon a reeses or some kind of candy take a few units for it make sure its the right dose!
Avatar n tn How much 1 unit lowers your Blood Sugar and how many carbs to treat that 1 unit.. if you have a Sf of 1 unit treats A BG of 30 And 1 unit takes care of 10 carbs..x 25 units ? 250 carbs are in order, and forget the Peanut butter trick..won't last long enough in your system.... get out Reg. Pop or Gaterade.. and a 3-5 candybars..
Avatar n tn I am not a doctor and I can not say this will work for everyone but if you can test a few time to see how much you bs drops with 2 units of humalog you can gage yourself pretty well this way and just take the humalog after you eat instead of before you eat and test after eating to tell where you need to be. I hope this helps. If anyone disagree please post your concern.
Avatar f tn It just doesn't make much sense why the NPH isn't working anymore. She's on a sliding scale for Humalog and she gives a shot of 40 units of NPH in the morning.
Avatar n tn I take 35 units of Lantus and I'm on a sliding scale of Humalog (I take anywhere from 3 to 10 units of Humalog). I just got back from lunch (I ate about an hour ago) and when I checked my blood sugar it was 310. It has gotten to where 250 - 300 is more the normal than before when it was about 80 - 120. My last A1C was 6.5 and I know that is within the normal range but before my surgery, it was more like 5.7.
Avatar n tn The 72-hour glucose monitor is used often by doctors to attempt to ascertain what kind of glucose patterns a patient is having or how certain foods or activities affect that patient's glucose readings. If you are having trouble fine-tuning your insulin regimen, then your doctor may hope that using this device for a short period of time will help him or her try to establish a better combination of basal dose and mealtiime bolus to keep your glucose levels more even-keeled than they are now.
Avatar n tn I take the levimir, however, it doesn't seem to matter how much or how little I take. In the morning, I have been experencing many more lows, like lows (35 or so). I had been on pump therapy for 15 years, so I guess I'm still getting used to this.
Avatar n tn You don't say when or why you also were taking Ultra with the NPH and Reg, but it sounds like overkill to me. I probably would have gotten rid of the NPH instead of the Ultra, but you really need to have a doctor's advice before changing any routine. The other question is why now? Has anything changed in your routine or your physical activity or even other medications, like birth control? Has anything changed at work or home? Is your stress level higher or lower?
233382 tn?1193661741 If I am low, or seem to be on the way down, I drink a small amount of juice. If my test come in high, I take an appropriate amount of quick-acting to lower it. The result is that my sugar levels are never out of range for more than a couple of hours. After almost 38 years on insulin, I have no complications. I wish your son the same good health.
Avatar n tn Now I've cut back the amount of Lantus to 22 units in the morning and I take 1-2 units of Humalog before breakfast and then occasionally at times during the day if I find that I'm eating more than usual or if I eat something very sweet that may spike my blood sugar level. I take the Symlin before lunch and before dinner. And if I'm not going to be eating a big meal, I have the ability to decide whether or not to take the Symlin. Symlin is not for everyone.
Avatar n tn Today they had more endocrinologists come in to re-evaluate my insulin needs of the U500 vs. something like Humalog but we already know I can't take it becuase I was using about 180 units a day and my sites couldn't handle it. I can't count how many times they have "almost" delivered me. Now I am here in the hospital even longer and no one knows what to do with me other than tell me not to get pregnant again any time soon. Any suggestions, please share!!
Avatar n tn They key is to understand the activity profile of whichever insulin we use, to understand how to correct highs and avoid lows, and to understand how to adjust our dose for our food, exercise, stress, illness, etc. Here is one reference that describes the activity of insulins: The article is written largely for professionals and aimed at Type 2s, but there are sections that make perfect sense to the rest of us!
Avatar n tn So it needs to be done 1 unit at a time in order to not rock the boat too much. Now, many type 1 folks who take the morning main dose of Lantus find that they need to stick to 2 separate doses of Lantus rather than 1 because their glucose levels will actually rise TOO much while the Lantus is petering out in their bodies during their sleep.