How many days does suboxone withdrawal last

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Avatar f tn Hi Lona what you should do is go into and you will get info on what this medication does, I mean I can tell you what it has done for me but you first need to learn about the med ok.
Avatar n tn HOW LONG DOES SUBOXONE W/D LAST??? It in no way compares to coming off of oxy's but it still *****, I cant function and I have zero energy. Its 3:02 AM. I CAN'T SLEEP.
Avatar f tn No major withdrawal. When will it happen? Does it take a few days to wear off? How long? Any advice helps. Thanks!
Avatar f tn Kova, I've been on suboxone for 5yrs now.. Even though suboxone is not a real opiate it does have its own symptoms that you will notice when you come off.. I've felt almost the same as when I came off methadone, shakey muscles, headaches, a lot of the symptoms I felt coming off methadone. You DO have to taper slowly off suboxone even down to 1 to 1/2mg. and even lower if needed. I hope the best for you n good luck........
Avatar m tn How many ultrams a day did you take and for how many days after quitting suboxone? What mg of subs did you jump off? I'm taking 2mg once daily and just started taking the 1 mg today. I also have a script for ultram due to kidney stones and have taken 2 today. I tried jumping off at 2 mg before and a day later had restless legs and high blood pressure. I'm now also on a blood pressure pill called bystolic. Do you think I should ween 1 mg each week until I'm down to like a. Crumb then jump?
Avatar f tn had a herniated disc a while back that hurt for like a month, which started this addiction many many years ago. i cannot really say anything about a short term sub treatment other than it must be better than long term. there are people on here i've talked to who went the short term way though and its apparently agreed that the shorter the time on the subs the better. i wish you all the luck and commend you for starting treatment!
Avatar m tn Congrats on your decision to get off suboxone. I know just how hard it is and I was never able to come off it ct and not relapse. I had to go ct off my doc because its so hard. You are 16 days clean so your pretty much through it. Thats huge! U should be proud of yourself because it is a killer to get off suboxone esp. 3 years of using 16mg. Wow. Thats awful that your doctor said youd be on it for life how old are you? Ive never heard that before only with methadone.
Avatar n tn started taking recommended 16mg/day, then started doing 8mg a day then eventually every other day and finally 9 days ago I took like 40mg at once stupidly to get a final high, or attempt to. i felt fine up until 2 days ago... i dont know how but i didnt have withdrawal til then... now i am EXTREMELY tired... like cant walk or do work for long periods of time... i get goosebumps as random as anything... hot/cold flashes, sweats...
Avatar n tn How long will suboxone withdrawal last? I am at 39 days off suboxone and still experiencing mild withdrawal. I was on sub. for around 2 1/2 yrs. and jumped off at 12mg. It is definitely not as bad as the first few weeks but this is lasting forever. I had to withdraw from college this quarter and haven't been back to work for a while. Is anyone going through the same situation?
Avatar f tn this time I have prns however. how many months is this going to take? anyone have any thoughts or info on low dose 3mg daily for increaseing endorphins?
1054484 tn?1255117167 The controversy with this drug is that many doctors market the drug as a cure all for opiate addiction and since it is a partial opiate agonist, many believe that it is easy to quit taking and has less withdrawal symptoms. That was how the medication was marketed to me and I took it for nearly 4 years. In the end, I could not quit taking it on my own and getting off of it was very difficult.
Avatar n tn does anybody know a good dose to take the first time you take suboxone for detoxing. i am coming off 2 bundles a day and i never trust what the doctors tell me.
610505 tn?1329607323 I told him that I only wanted to take Suboxone for 5-7 days, just to get me past the worst of the withdrawal, but of course he said we'll get you off in 6 weeks.$$$ I got 30 Subs filled on Monday and have taken only 1-8mg tablet each day since then. That was all my body seemed to need. Today I've only taken a 1/4 tablet, and would like to keep it that way. I know that the pain meds have to be out of me by now.
Avatar m tn suboxone doesnt get you high but at a high dose you can experience methodone effects being for me not high just about to crash I havent slept for 3 days. this is the best why I can explain suboxone. I think it can be a life savor. infact I think I need a little higher dose today cause of my cravings.
Avatar n tn Doctors arent mind readers that is why we have to be really honest with them in order for them to help us accordingly. Do you know how many he has taken, how many mgms? The first tiem i got mine, he only gave me enough for 1 day, 4mgms every four hours. that night my knees were hurting something terrible, but the next morning he uppped it to 12 mgs for the day and i have been on that for two months now. No withdrawals, no cravings.
Avatar n tn how long do you have to wait from taking your last dose of hydro's before taking your first pill of suboxone?
Avatar f tn Once you get through the rest of withdrawals, the only thing you should keep in mind is as people start to feel really good after a few months out; they forget how bad the withdrawal really was and think they can start using again. Just once or twice.... and they get caught up yet again. Please try to remember how bad it is right now and stay far away from all drugs in the future. It is just not worth it. Good luck to you and my best wishes.
Avatar m tn You said a weeks worth, so is that 7 2mg pills, 14 2mg pills? How many 2 mg pills? Suboxone is probably best used under the guidance of a doctor/psychiatrist. On initial visit the doctor gives you say 4 mg, you wait 30 minutes, and if withdrawals are gone fine, but if not, then another 4 mg. In other words, the initial dosage should be just enough to stop withdrawals. I've heard pf some starting at 16mg or more per day, up to the maximum of 32mg, the maximum dosage.
1909146 tn?1326509308 Hi guys, My friend gave me 12 days worth of Suboxone and told me how to use it. I took the first dose this morning and I am sooo sick! I thought that Suboxone was not suppose to get you high.. Just take the wothdrawals away but this stuff is so strong.. It's way stronger than OXY.. I am really nauseous, throwing up.. I cannot believe how sick it got me.. Anyone has an experience with it? Why am I so sick?
1055085 tn?1254110582 im afraid if i get off that i will use again. does suboxone have a negative effect if used over a long period if time? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/962021'>Suboxone Withdrawal</a>.
Avatar f tn She stayed pretty close to her dosage in this case, thank goodness, but many people make the mistake of taking sub on their own, and have NO idea how srong it is and DO trade off for a much higher dose than they were using originally. It's very important that people are made aware of just how strong Sub is. People see low numbers, like 2mg, or 8mg and assume it's nothing. That's not true. Look, this could go either may be just fine and I hope you are.
Avatar f tn Do you mind if I as how long and how many oxys you where taking last time? I love to hear success stories like that. I did a fast taper on subs, but I was on a lot higher dose for a lot longer than Junip.
Avatar f tn Wow !! I am amazed on how many people are turning to sub. When I first came out here in August of 2007, suboxone was a lot of talk. I now see so many turning to it , but I'm not hearing a lot of feedback on it's success. I'm curious to hear from anyone who has a success story, rather than a horror story about suboxone. Not from people currently on it, but anyone who successfully took it and has been off it for some time. Thanks. Nauty...............