How long will my breasts be engorged

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Avatar f tn My baby is 4 days old and I'm breastfeeding but my breasts started to get really hard/heavy and they hurt. My baby can still feed but I feel like I have an overproduction of milk.Is there anything I can do to alieve this?
Avatar f tn So I just gave birth to my beautiful son on Friday and today my breasts are hard as rocks and so painful any one know how to get some relief fast??
Avatar f tn how do u relieve engorged breasts. I'm 30 wks 4 days. n I'm nt leakin milk or anything yet. my boobs are jus so swollen n sore. idk wa to do.
Avatar f tn I am bottle feeding and my breasts became engorged and they hurt so damn bad and are getting worse. They were just hard at the bottom and now they are all over. What do I do?? I read that squeezing them will make them produce more.
Avatar f tn I will agree with emi326 though that after the engorgement is gone, a warm shower before breastfeeding will helpthe milk flow and then you should try to feed baby more frequently if possible and make sure the latch on is giving baby enough milk to prevent becoming engorged again.
Avatar f tn I had my beautiful son Feb 25 at 11:09 pm 6 lbs 8.
Avatar n tn How do i even it out? And after breastfeeding will my breasts go back to its original size? I dont want a perky or tight breasts. Small but sagged one will do. Tired of having heavy breasts and with uneven breats my back is aching and mynposture is gone so bad. Neckbpain is too much. Sorry for the ramble but this is affecting my confidence.
Avatar n tn My breasts are small as well. With my first they didn't grow or hurt but after i started breast feeding my breasts were engorged, but ended up going back to normal maybe just a bit bigger after stopping breastfeeding. You will produce milk without your breasts growing. So don't worry. I'm on my second pregnancy now, and they maybe grown a little.
Avatar f tn You can apply a hit compress to relieve some of the pressure with it engorged she may not be able to latch on. You can also hand express enough to soften the breast enough she can latch on .
Avatar f tn Cold cabbage leaves are commonly used to help with engorged breasts and mastitis. If you want your milk dried up it can take months or you can take a pill that will help dry up quickly that your doctor can prescribe.
2020005 tn?1628125976 Chloe has been 4 days boob free, my breasts are definitely full, just not engorged or anything, we slowly weaned so I'm sure that's why, I'm wondering if anyone knows about how long til my milk dries up? I know it takes longer, the longer you breastfed I'm just wondering, thanks!!
3055148 tn?1368211800 I assume this means your milk has come in and there getting engorged! Should hurt long, keep a bra on 24hrs a day even in bed and the shower it really helps to 'dry up' your milk supply!!
1528695 tn?1360582320 Your breasts won't stay engorged. Once your body adjusts to what baby is eating, they will be soft. If you aren't pumping enough, then nurse or pump more frequently.
Avatar f tn I had colostrum dripping down my belly. How can I make this stop?
Avatar n tn Also that will help lo latch as it can be difficult for them when your engorged. Give it a bit and your body will regulate how much milk you need and that will stop happening! Good luck!
6337597 tn?1396556014 Ugh so I'm 3 days postpartum and my breasts hurt SOOOOO bad I'm pumping and my baby is breast feeding fine but the pumping isn't helping!
Avatar f tn I'm 51 and was wondering is it normal to have tender, engorged breasts? my menstration have basically stopped.
Avatar f tn Well you can try to squeeze some milk out to help with the pressure. ..
Avatar n tn My baby girl is 4 days old & I have had much success breastfeeding. Yay! I have only feed her directly from my breast but I would like to pump as well. One because my nipples are sore plus my breasts are a bit engorged & my bf would like to feed her. Do you moms think its best to only give her direct breast at first & pump a few months from now ...or?
938812 tn?1297651988 How long have you been feeding for, is baby latched right and is it pain in the whole breast or nipple area.
Avatar f tn m having a problem with engorged breasts. Any ideas of how I can dry the milk up or at least east the discomfort. I tried pumping it out manually but only a little was coming out at a time and I also don't want to keep stimulating the production of milk by pumping . Any suggestions?
435985 tn?1249067908 This time around I am in so much pain I almost had to go buy formula last night because my nipples are so sore and my breasts are so engorged. I had to feed her last night and I cried through the whole thing because it felt like my nipples were on fire. There are red blood blisters at the tips. Does anyone know how long engorgement lasts?
Avatar f tn I guess my milk came in bout two days ago and not only am I in some of the worst pain ever but I am very worried bout my breast and implants.I dont no what to do,Any remedies for engorged breast?How long will this last?Is there anything I can do to stop it or make it quicker?
2020005 tn?1628125976 Chloe is almost 9 weeks and still EBF, lately it seems like my breasts are getting larger, maybe because increased milk production as she gets older, she's eating more? Anyone else notice their breasts getting larger as baby grows?
Avatar f tn I get up twice in the night to feed my two week old but end up also having to express because my breasts are engorged. I want to eliminate night expressing as during the night im so tired and from feeding and changing my little one - expressing adds another 45 mins to my time when I could be banking sleep in order to be fresh and be able to continue through the day.
4873770 tn?1360339228 Hi everyone! I am close to tears for finding this group, i hope i get some help. I am 30 years old i have two children aged 4 years and 2 1/2 years. I breast fed both for up to 1 half years with no problems,i have always had large breasts but minus the weight i have on me now. I have Polycystic ovarian syndrome yet i fell pregnant naturally both times,i dont get a regular periods so this is where i am at now...
Avatar f tn I massaged the both for about an hour one night and woke up the next day and my whole shirt and blankets were soaked!
Avatar f tn Your breasts will go down a after a few days and not be so engorged just feed as often as baby will eat the three your schedule that try to get you on is crap. just feed. and then pump once baby falls asleep.. I was pumping 2 1/2 ounces out if each breast in 5 minutes 6 times a day at first and now I just pump in the morning and feed more often..hope the best for you!!