How long will hiv symptoms last

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Avatar f tn With tapering, you will have withdrawals, but they will be less intense. If you quit cold turkey, you will have stronger symptoms, and they will last for about a week and then start to ease up! As I replied in your earlier post there are things you can do to help ease these symptoms! Try not to stress too much! You will have tons of support here! We will help you get through this!
Avatar f tn How long will this last do you think? I am hoping the anxiety/restlessness won't go past a week. I haven't been taking them for very long at such a high dose so I am hoping for the best.
Avatar f tn I have 2 herniated discs in my lower lumbar spine. I was perscribed 7.5mgs of percocet, then upped to 10mgs, referred to Pain Management and ultimately upped to 15mg Roxi's. I can get by with taking 3-4 percs on a GOOD day (manageable pain) to 6-10 percs on a BAD day (usually when the weathers bad or working really hard that day - I clean houses). I never used to have a problem going without them for YEARS it didn't effect me, I thought I was unbeatable, untouchable. Until now.
Avatar n tn Hello I had a possible exposure about 5 weeks ago and i have been having symptoms like headache and stomach rumbling and other symptoms from week 1 after exposure and I am still having symptoms. Its been a month already with these symptoms so how long does ARS symptoms last? Can they last this long? I also had a hiv architect duo test which was negative at approximately 3 weeks after exposure.
Avatar f tn my body hurts so bad and i feel like im losing my mind how long does the withdrawl symptoms last?
Avatar f tn s will last 4-6 days, but not everyone is the same depending on how much, how long and how many we were using. The good news is you have only been taking them for 3 months and can put an end to this for good. Addiction is progressive, so stopping now is saving you a lot of grief down the road. If you look in the top right of this page, you will see health pages. In there is the thomas recipe and that can help ease w/d's a lil. Best of luck and keep posting, you can do this man.
Avatar m tn For most STDs, how long time do their symptoms last usually if not cured? For example, chlamydia or gonerriha, or herpes, HPV, trich, etc. Thank you!
Avatar m tn I had a question concerning hiv primary infection. I am wondering if if during HIV primary infection that a fever or these "ARS" are if they last a lot longer than some generalized symptoms? I know everyone says don't base it off symptoms yeah, I understand that, I am just wondering do the symptoms of HIV infection linger for a lot longer of time? And also for the fever, was it 101 for 3 or more weeks? Something high, and that lingers?