How long will breast milk keep in fridge

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11367320 tn?1421799959 I was always told by my health visitor 5 days in the fridge (make sure you keep it at the back of the fridge and not in the door), 5 months in the freezer, also to defrost breast milk by putting it in the fridge over night.
Avatar f tn How long can ur milk be kept in th fridge for? I no it can be in freezer for up to 6months. Im a ftm and its my cousins wedding in a few weeks and my mum will be watchen my little man, all day. It will be th first time i leave him and dnt no how much milk he will need while im gone. I will leav as much as poss and will b bak for night feeds. i will b gone about 10hrs. Wat do use reccomend to leave for him?
823825 tn?1265071431 hi im new in here n i have a question bout breast milk i breast feed on one side n the other side leak so i took the baby bottle so i can save it how long is breast milk good for??
Avatar f tn The website for LLLI, is very helpful they even give you hours on how long you can use your breast milk if you keep it at room temp. Which is 6 to 8 hrs. Or if you keep in the fridge. So i suggest to look up the site and i think you'll find it very helpful for what you are looking into.
9889855 tn?1412479178 How long can you store breast milk in the fridge? What can I store it in so I don't have to buy an excess amount of bottles.
Avatar f tn If you have drawn it out, you will notice it will separate in the fridge and have the fattier hind milk on top while the watery foremilk will be on the bottom. Gentle swirling of the bottle under running warm tap water will help mix it and warm it at the same time. Let him snack at the breast, Kim. In time, his feedings will get longer as the size of his stomach increases.
Avatar f tn So i live with my hubby and his parents, hes 21 working and going to school, im 19 and on maternity leave if anyone was wondering. My father in law is a very picky "clean" person and hes really strict. Whatever's in the fridge for long or if theres somerhing in there he doesnt like he'll throw it out, so im wondering if its rude or improper if i start pumping and freezing milk for my baby... i dont wanna be rude or later have a problem because its his house his rules.
Avatar f tn How much does breast milk last outside at room temperature,freezer and fridge?
266539 tn?1281402152 Ashiepooh got the times right though is is up to a week in the fridge, up to 6 months in normal freezer, and a year or longer in deep freezer. When milk is thawed if it has a sour smell, throw it out and grab a new bag.
7868606 tn?1410358984 If you have a deep freeze place them In there. I used an old diaper box to store in. Breast milk will hold up for 12 months in deep freeze.
Avatar f tn How long can u leave it out after being pumped? Or can u put it in a cooler pack thing for how long?
Avatar f tn There should be an insert in the freezer bags that say how long the milk will last about a weel in fridge and up to a yr in deep freeze forgive me its been a lil while I dont remember specifics. I defrosted in fridge overnight or in a bowl of warm water never in microwave I labeled all bags with big fat marker with the date as soon as I pumped and if I had just put it in fridge with a F beside that date I hope ur new lil one latches well!
Avatar f tn I breastfed but wasn't able to pump, my daughter feed to often and I never had enough to then pump after, but I was always told by my docs that breast milk can be stored in the fridge for up to 5 days (at the back of the fridge, don't keep it in the door) and up to 6 months in the freezer. Always try and defrost breast milk by putting it into the fridge to defrost, not just leaving it on the side.
Avatar f tn I pumped nd stored sum breast milk in the refrigerator nd forgot to label the date I think its been in there a lil over a week my son has his doc app tomorrow nd I shall be given it to him then will it be still safe or should I throw it out??
Avatar f tn I will combine milk that I've pumped over a 24 hour period. Especially if I'm only getting a small amount each time. Yep just put it in the fridge over the day and then combine it.
1396867 tn?1520810258 I pump milk for while I am working, I immediately place it in the fridge as I work from home The sitter then warms the milk in a cup of warm water for Quinlan. Sometimes she doesnt finish the bottle as she falls asleep. So my question is once the bottle has been warmed how long can it be left at room temperature before it is no longer good?
1194973 tn?1385503904 If it will be a while, you can either put it in the fridge or put it to room temperature. The fridge will actually keep it somewhat frozen for a while. I would use that method if it were for the following day or so.
1080032 tn?1326414386 After pumping can I leave my breast milk sitting out if my daughter will be eating 2hrs later? I don't have a bottle Warner so I would hate to put it in the fridge.
7381903 tn?1391464888 I worked in the NICU and was responsible for mixing breast milk with additives for babies that needed it. You can keep fresh breast milk in your fridge for up to 4 days. If it is not used in that amount of time you freeze it. Use the fresh before you use frozen! It is a good idea to use stickers to know which milk to use first.