How long is morphine in urine

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653169 tn?1303449969 Of course that dr now has me set up for cardio and pulmonary tests, and made me think my kidneys are failing. It's just the morphine...I'm sure of it. The swelling is worst in feet and ankles but includes the rest of my body too. I need a new pain med.
Avatar f tn I really need to know, i'm the only one that works here in my office (it's a company that has two venues) and I do 'everything' and there's NO replacement or stand in. I'm not even sure how my boss is going to handle this news, but HEY, it's my health and it comes first! Please advise ASAP! P.S. I really liked the idea of 'pre-making & freezing' meals, this way I don't have to rely on hubby for that. As for the 'constriction' after surger....
Avatar f tn I am taking 16mg of suboxone a day, how long will the subs last in my urine? I have been taking subs for about 3 months and i would have like a day or two break in between taking it sometimes. how long will the subs give me a hot urine for??? will it still be 72hrs to clean out of my system or will it take longer since i have been taking it for 3 months.?
541953 tn?1262589826 There are tests to assess your ability to metabolize various opioids -- perhaps your pain doc should follow up, or established the appropriateness of morphine via you urine scans. 2) your baseline dose of morphine is still too low to be effective. 3) your preference for IR medication may indicate developing opioid addiction. Yes, #3 is shocking.
Avatar n tn The DR does not want to give us a time, I know everyone is different but this is tearing me up. When she is home, it is up to me alone to take care of her and she is basically an invalid. Mom cannot eat at all, only gets TPN and saline. She also has a stint in her rt uriter of the kidney. Dr said it would only last 3 - 6 months. We are almost at the 3 month mark now. She is not strong enough to go thru surgery again I know. I just need a basic idea of how long this can go on.
Avatar m tn When the medicine is metabolozed it releases metaboloites unique to the medication into your urine. Depending on how much your taking that amount of matabolites will be present in your urine(someone correct me if I'm wrong) so a level can be done. It takes time for the drug to metabolize out of your body and into your urine so whether you take your medication early or late in the day probably wouldnt effect that or the DR would have to ask what time your taking it.
Avatar n tn Pushing a lot of water helps a lot but a spa or sauna could help also just remember that it is excreted in urine through the liver and kidneys. If you take hydrocodone the day of it will take up to 6 hours before the metabolites show up in your urine. Let me know if you need anything else. I hope this helps.
710547 tn?1295449630 Nor massage, or physical therapy. Arthritis is no respecter of people---my back is sore all day, every day. I'm active and involved in life---and evidently, a drug abuser. Very, very depressing. Maybe you can change drs? Find one who is compassionate and not judgmental? Ask around, look on the internet. People live with chronic, severe pain and they ARE being treated--I just don't know how they found a decent dr.
Avatar n tn I'm up to 10 to 15 a day now and take five just to get me moving in the morning. This is no way to live. How long and how hard are the with drawals from it? I don't want to live my life around this drug anymore. Just a word of encouragment some times is what I think I need and to know that I am not alone.
Avatar f tn I don't know what the normal amount of morphine is to give to someone in the hospital but I don't feel I was abusing it by any means. I think it was very rude of her, at first I felt like she was accusing me of faking (even though I had the CT scan and the scope done to show what was wrong with me) and then when she kind of quieted down when I told her that I had to be admitted into the hospital because I was unable to control my pain at home.
Avatar n tn She took opiates up till a month ago but has stopped. Now she is afraid that they are going to drug test the newborn. How long do opiates stay in the amniotic fluid?
4929120 tn?1361162745 then to have to keep worrying about the morphine. I know it is silly, but what if there is a major disaster in my state and it just happens to come when I have maybe 4-5 days of medication left. Good luck going to a different doctor to get morphine, if I could even get there at all. So I would end up on forced withdrawal plus the pain. I know it is silly, but who knows.
Avatar n tn Yes it is still from whats in us. Think how long we put the **** in us. Keep drinking fluids until your going to burst and eat good to this helps flush our systems out. Get exercise too.. Myself I hate this part but the more we exercise the better we feel.. I hope I helped some it take along time to get our minds and bodies back. But it took along time to get us where were at too.. Hang in there it does get Easier and better over TIME!!!!! Ill be praying for you. God Bless..
Avatar f tn I have reported you to the health department as how you perform urine tests and they are not watched and can be tampered with. This is not in the best interest of any patient and can cause misdiagnised and untreated problems. Something to that effect. Then if they refuse or refuse to send you a letter back resond agian and you can keep a letter in any future medical record you have so it does not negativly effect you in the future.
Avatar n tn I've just done a double-detox from methadone (60ml), diazepam (10mg) and am well into secondary withdrawal (my back feels like its gonna ****** break!). Methadone IS (in my opinion) MORE addictive then heroin, it has a long half-life, is longer acting and after continued usage binds itself to your bones especially the spine. If you are reading this and are on the gear and are thinking of getting a methadone script STOP, THINK!
Avatar n tn Some tranquillisers have varied lives, some short, some long in the system. Lets look at Valium then.........You may know it is long term in the blood....that is OK, but this is where it foxes you. It has a life span effect of 800 hours (33 days +) before it really produces the BAD withdrawal symptoms, these could take on many forms. Many common, many not so common. But the thing here is, you are not prepared for this and it hits you really hard.
Avatar m tn My question is, did you taper? Also, exactly how long did your withdrawal symptoms last? I feel like this is lasting forever!! I know that it will get better and I will normal again I would just like to know when?? I will fight this demon, I will keep strong.
Avatar n tn How long until I start to feel better? I am off of work for a week (I planned this to coincide with my vacation). I would have gone into a detox or something but I have no one to take care of my house, etc.
Avatar n tn even the doctor I went to had that in his paperwork that it wouldn't.. So that is why I said I wasn't sure.. Could there be a difference in the Suboxone and the Subutex formulas that the combo one does not show up??
906738 tn?1251014078 It's impossible to assess how much of that pain is due to your original condition and how much is due to opiate receptors in the brain screaming for relief. It WILL get better in either a few days or a few weeks - depending. Some doctors and clinics run a very tight ship and follow a zero tolerance policy. It's unfortunate, but true. Being put under a microscope and rendered physically dependent on the meds are the tradeoffs to the benefits of opiate therapy.
Avatar m tn Second, fentanyl, being 100-times more effective than morphine, is dosed, not in milligrams (1/1000 of a gram) but in micrograms (1/1000000 of a gram), and operates at such a low serum level, it may be difficult to detect even in chromatography.
Avatar f tn Can this interfere with my body's ability to process the morphine, thus resulting in a false negative?? There is also the question of which U/A test the lab performed.. if it was the ImmunoAssay test then that is extremely inaccurate (according to all the research I have done)... but if it was the Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry test (which i highly doubt) then it would mean that was not my sample that was tested.
Avatar m tn I had my first attack with a kidney stone. It came on suddenly and was so painful I thought I was going to die. Went to the hospital ER and was taken in immediately. I did not receive any pain medication until the blood tests were evaluated. The pain meds only took the edge off the pain but it was a welcomed relief. My pain was a 10+ and pain management brought it down to a 3 to 4 but what a relief it was. After approximately 3 hours in the ER the pain stopped.
Avatar f tn I take fluid pills I listed above and depression pills Lexapro. My question is have anyone's urine test from pain management have cocaine with the pills I take on lab results? I have never taken cocaine in any form and I feel they will dismiss me from the center saying I'm taking cocaine with all these meds! I would surely die if I'm taking cocaine with all my prescription meds! My return appointment is the 28th and I'm trying to make sure I have information to give them protecting myself.
Avatar f tn They generally always prescribe Hydrocodone when a patient is in pain and needs relief. That is their drug of choice in those offices. Don't know why but it is. You did a nice job of standing up and explaining yourself. It sounds like he believes you and will keep you on as a patient. In all the years that I have been in pain management and that is about 13, I have never ever had a problem. I can't understand why so many ppl do have these problems.
Avatar f tn xanax i believe is a long lasting anti anxiety and am not sure how long it is detectable. you know what is expected of you and pain management docs don't play around. if it is not detected this time please don't put yourself in this position again. they will discharge you if you get caught. stop now.
Avatar m tn I did not Ignore it he ignored the message and I left messages at his office. He stated that my last urine test showed low meds in system..I said I came in on Oct31st and I ran out of meds on Oct 27th and told the PA that at the time, he brushed it off at the time. He said we need to do something about that, IT WAS THEIR MISTAKE..I went in on Dec 29th and the doctor would hardly listen to me. he said when I come back on Jan 12 if test show fine no problem.
Avatar n tn I've sat here for the past 40 minutes reading every heart wrenching word you guys have written...I'm touched...and encouraged. I'd like to share my "problem" with you, ask for guidence and prayers... Two years ago, after suffering for 10+ years, I began taking Lortab then the Norco for chronic back pain after totaled 2 cars - (not my fault :).
Avatar f tn I do know that when someone ceases to pass urine, there time is near. That is one of the symptoms used when the body is beginning to shut down. Morphine is used to control pain and also to keep your friend comfortable. I'm assuming Hospice has been brought in and they can usually tell you what to expect. It's so very hard to understand the complexities of life, and equally as sad when someone you love is losing their fight. My only hope is that your friend has a peaceful passing.
Avatar n tn sorry for this long post.. this is like the first time i've posted on one of these but I know how it is people... I've been addicted to vicodin, norco and methadone (methadone is HELL x 100000 DO NOT GET HOOKED ON THIS) sometimes Dr.s will give you methadone to get you off other drugs.. Don't take it. it feels SOOOOO good and one dose feels like being on norco all day.. it's dangerous for us opiate lovers.. anyway, just hang in there.. Don't go back to it.