How long is antibiotics in your system

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Avatar f tn I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend last night and I am just wondering how long does the antibiotics take to get out of the system and will there any chance I could get pg??
Avatar m tn The question i would like to ask , What are the beginning symptoms or ARS? How long can Doxycycline hyclate 100mg stay in your system. It has been 3 weeks and symptoms persist. Its March 31 and i still have these pains. Cranial Headache, slight back pain, Stomach discomfort and minor Fatigue. I am Worrisome, I do not want to infect my girlfriend of 4 years. I plan on marrying her soon. People have said no risk but these pains seem like a coincidence.
Avatar n tn Should he have been on something stronger in the beginning stages of meds? How long do most stay on orals before IV? Help...I'm totally confused with all of this. Do the bar levels decrease when the anibiotics work? Thanks for sharing info.....
Avatar n tn How long do they stay in your system after you stop using them? Anybody know? Specifically Keflex(Oral Antibiotic), erythromycin gel, and differin gel.
Avatar f tn Acidophilus is the more commonly used probiotic, but it is killed by the antibiotics you take if taken too close together in time. How much time is needed between taking the acidophilus and the antibiotics? At least a couple of hours, as I recall, but a pharmacist could answer that more accurately. The advantage to S.boulardii is that it is *not* affected by the antibiotics you take, so S.boulardii can be taken at any time without conflict. [Side note: I had a reaction to S.
5264083 tn?1404669334 The only possibility is the antibiotics. I avoid antibiotics, because I am a real health fanatics, and I know how damaging they can be to our biological systems. I know many women have experienced late periods from antibiotics. I'm hoping that someone can tell me their experiences, and how long it took for their period to come.
Avatar m tn • Breath with a musty or sweet odor • Change in sleep patterns • Changes in thinking • Confusion that is mild • Forgetfulness • Mental fogginess • Personality or mood changes • Poor concentration • Poor judgment • Worsening of handwriting or loss of other small hand movements More severe symptoms may include: • Abnormal movements or shaking of hands or arms • Agitation, excitement, or seizures (occur rarely) • Disorientation • Drowsiness or confusion • Inappropriate behavior or severe personali
Avatar n tn Your doctor should include these limitations in your medical report so that the SSA includes them in your RFC. How Your RFC Affects the Disability Determination If the SSA finds you should still be able to do your prior job despite the limitations in your RFC, you will be denied disability benefits. However, if the SSA decides you are unable to do your past work, the SSA will decide if there is other work you can do.
Avatar f tn when the antibiotics kill off the spirochetes they release a toxin and thats what makes you sick.. thats herxing. herxing can go on for a long time depending on how active the disease is in your system. but it does get a lot easy as time goes on.
Avatar f tn in your case probably it's Candida or other common yeast that reside normally in the mouth and vagina but has flared up because of a momentary imbalance in the immune system. did you take anti-biotics? antibiotics kill the good bacteria that control Candida. one other thing they suggest for Vaginal Candidiasis is to eat yogurt with pro-biotics.
Avatar m tn If you get sick now, how long is it for? I currently haven't had treatment yet, but when I do get sick now it is for 3 weeks at a time(for the flu and lingering cold or coughs) After treatment, have things like this returned to normal? I never had issues with anything before HCV> but now my body seems to be super sensitive, even with low levels.
Avatar f tn Bacteria are everywhere, including on the skin and in the digestive system of humans. While bacteria are critical to normal bodily functions, some types can cause illness. In humans, antibiotics are used to treat health conditions caused by bacteria, including ear and skin infections, food poisoning, pneumonia, meningitis and other serious illnesses. These are also used to treat or prevent it can complicate critical medical procedures including surgery, cancer therapy, and transplants.
3060903 tn?1398568723 By Dr. Mercola The featured video is a fascinating visual demonstration of how bacteria develop resistance to increasingly high doses of antibiotics. In this experiment, E. coli bacteria develop increasing resistance, ultimately surviving antibiotics at a dose 1,000 times higher than they could initially survive, and they do so in a matter of 11 days! Tami Lieberman, Ph.D.
Avatar n tn I took the first course of antibiotics the last week in December and then didn't have any more until Saturday, January 4. About how long does it take for oral antibiotics to get in your system and start to work?
4451049 tn?1387157037 I began to feel gradually better over the months of treatment, but did not have anything that felt out of the ordinary misery I had been in for so long. Everyone is different that way, but I can understand your concern that your treatment may be ineffective because you don't feel worse or better on a relatively short time frame. If you feel bad asking for money, then pledge to pay back to the group(s) mentioned above everything they loan/grant to you.
Avatar f tn Suggest you not to associate everything that is happening with your body and long to link mismatching chains.Though Human body is a complex system but still God has designed it in such a way that is easy to explore the mechanisms of each and every of various cells in it.One problem at one time,one exploration after another is the key, unless you are 'The One' miraculous medical mystery.I wish I was such mystery (just kidding).
Avatar m tn One animal study showed Bt toxins produced by GMO corn has been shown to significantly alter immune function in mice and may cause disrupted immune function in the gut. GMO's are in 60 to 70% of processed foods found in grocery stores in the United States. There is no regulation in the United States requiring the disclosure of GMO ingredients to consumers. New studies show too much salt may trigger autoimmune diseases.
Avatar n tn I hope to heal better than I already have, and then again I did take antibiotics for 2.5 months which is quite long. I'm aware my post is very long and just pray that I can help someone else out that is in a similar situation. I want them to know that there is someone else out there that has felt they way they do and that it does and can pass. Its a VERY dark place and i wouldn't wish it on my worst enemies. Peace, and love... Stay strong!
1421029 tn?1282720978 They seem to be saying there is a finding that is 'quite unusual' if you don't have MS, epilepsy or a particular kind of injury, and that your MD should think about whether you have high levels of some toxic drug, your metabolism is temporarily out of whack, your brain is swollen, low blood sugar, or a couple of other things. I would read it to mean the MD reading the test doesn't know and is tossing it back to your MD, but you have to check with your MD on that.
Avatar f tn I have two questions. Prolong use of antibiotics can destroy the "good bacterias" in your stomach therefore making your digestive system susceptible to all sort of infection. One of the common infections is candida (yeast overgrowth). I suspect that I have it because of my history using antibiotics but I experience no candida symptoms. So here goes my first question, do i have candida?
Avatar n tn In addition, if bacteria is still there after the first treatment, it is likely to be resistant to antibiotics being used and hence different combination is in order, which my quack completely was not aware of. Anyway, after the second treatment, my stomach was so irritated with abtibiotics that I could not sleep and go to work due to severe burning and stabbing pain. That is not the end of the horror story..
Avatar n tn Do you think that the Clearlight Acne PhotoClearing System is a safe and effective treatment for acne? My dermatoligist suggested that I consider the treatment. I am in my late 20's and have mild/moderate acne. I currently use Cleocin-T. I have tried a lot of topical treatments (retin-A, differin) and none of them seem to solve the problem satisfactorily.
Avatar m tn pylori infection and a stomach ulcer, i look two antibiotics with lanzaprosole for 10 days, the treatment finished a month ago, i was wondering how long does it take for the body to return to normal i am asking this as its been a month now, but i still havnt gone back to my normal strength at the gym, my full stamina has not returned and i still get tiny bouts of sickness, the treatment was very effective and i have been much better since, but just feel like the healing proccess is very slow an
Avatar n tn The doctors have always told me, and I also worked as a pharmacy tech for 3 years, that if you are on an antibiotic and the pill then you should use protection at least through the rest of your pills.
Avatar f tn er says because i already have surgery schedueled they can do nothin unless it ruptures or infection i have to folllow up with long is too long to wait?
284770 tn?1198183894 thats great that he started the suboxone! how long is he going to do this for? is he doing a rapid detox on it ( short-term ), like 10-14 days or not? just wondering .. i'm on suboxone also, just had another appt today, decided not to take me down another 1/2 since i've been soo depressed for the last 2 months .. anyways, i had the same problem w/sleep - couldn't get any and i felt like a walking zombie .. what did they give him to help sleep?
4451049 tn?1387157037 LOL Ephedra, you did mention having a nurse friend help you. Ain't gonna happen. LOL The agency is in charge and they and your doctor and insurance company are in full command of your health. If she wants to help in other ways, that's great. Oh and the most important thing?
Avatar f tn Bacteria might still be in your system. It is recommended to wait 30 days to retest.