How long for aids symptoms to show up

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Avatar f tn How long can can the virus be in your body before you start to show signs and symptoms of HIV or AIDS?
Avatar f tn Yes, symptoms may not show up for 10 years or longer. If you have some concern over an exposure more than 8 years ago then get tested.
Avatar m tn How long does it take for the initial Herpes breakout symptoms to occur and how long can they last (maximum)? I was possibly exposed on November 2nd.
Avatar m tn I want to get tested to see if I am clean, but want to wait until things will show up. I am asymptomatic. How long should I wait for an accurate negative diagnosis, and also, what are the chances I caught anything. Thanks.
Avatar n tn would ars symptoms show up after 2 months? and how qucikly would symptoms(illnesses) of aids show up?
Avatar m tn How long does it take to have skin ploblems from hiv like red or purple spots.Or is that later in the advanced stages of hiv?
16729681 tn?1450900862 Lot of people worldwide showing these symptoms I have the same , now very poorly I am scared this is a serious epidemic , you will start getting severe anxiety and panic attacks the doctor will say that your depressed and give you anti depressants where you think great I feel better only to go downhill again a few months later , sound to me like the Chinese like AIDS virus or some bse epidemic , call me paranoid but I've had all tests all show up negative but so did bse and this Chinese like
Avatar m tn Thanks you two. I have every single symptom on that list, but I also found out last night how long it will last (should start subsiding in two days and completely wear off in a few VERY LONG weeks). I wouldn't compare it to the addiction associated with opiates, as there is no risk of death for me from the physical withdraw symptoms.
Avatar n tn Hello all, how long it takes to show symtoms for stds after last exposure..? Does exposure to blood by needle sharing can cause STD ? ...
Avatar f tn Also, his joints and muscles ache so bad he can barley lift our 2 year old. Combine that with the headaches and inability to remember anything, and it equals missery for the poor guy. Is their anything I can do to help him?
Avatar f tn So, you often see a complaint from first time moms about how long it takes to show. Definitely longer than 10 to 12 weeks. Many women also often have few start up side effects with being fatigued often as the first one. Around 6 to 7 weeks is when the hormones are kicked in enough to create more 'symptoms.
Avatar f tn That's not sick. I mean sick as in hospitalized. Unable to function at all, period because death is imminent. Your symptoms are not full blown AIDs symptoms so you'll have to keep working with your doctor to figure out what's wrong. HIV tests are among the most reliable and sensitive tests on available on the market. Negative results at any time 3 months post exposure are more than conclusive, assuming that no other exposures have occurred after that time.
Avatar n tn org/posts/Anxiety/Globus-hystericus-/show/765624 i get all those symptoms a lot to, its terrible, i get and get a big blanket around myself, drink some calming tea, and i calm down pretty fast, it took me a long time to figure that out, try it, i used to sit there shaking for like 30 or 40 minits it was terrible but it happens now i dont feel so afraid, its just something that is caused by anxiety and will go away after some time of relaxing...
Avatar n tn is it in any way possible for HIV to progress to aids in a 4-6 month period at all?? I had an encounter on november 29th and tested march 24th negative... just wondering if it could've progressed... I'M WRECKING MY BRAIN OVER THIS.. PLEASE HELP!!!!
Avatar m tn They don't tests for AIDS, they test for HIV which causes AIDS. If you tested 3 months post any unprotected anal or vaginal sex or sharing works with other IV drug user and your results were negative then you don't have an HIV concern, you have a mental health concern.
Avatar n tn Blood tests for Lyme are not recommended until about 30 days after the bite. The body takes about that long to make enough antibodies to show up on a test. Two days of Doxy won't do much of anything. You definitely need 30 days worth. The IDSA (well, actually just Gary Wormser) recommends a single dose of Doxy for a very recent tick bite. Unfortunately, this is primarily his opinion and no proper studies have been done to know if this is a reliable way to prevent Lyme.