How long does wisdom teeth surgery last

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4518471 tn?1355802457 I am at the part I flush it with mouth wash and water mixed together which has been getting some food and junk out yay but i still got blood and the holes and cuts from the surgery still their how do I know how long will it take to fully heal bc soon I am suppose to make teeth impression for my Invisalign again I have been going through my day with out any pain killers and it does still hurt to eat.
Avatar f tn I'm sorry you're having the wisdom tooth pain! There are no doctors on this forum, just people dealing with Chronic Pain, supporting eachother and answering questions to the best of our knowlege. I had a wisdom tooth grow in completely in one quadrant on my mouth. I had had a tooth out on that side and the wisdom tooth filled in the space. It's possible that your tooth may grow in, but in some cases they are impacted and have to be taken out by an oral surgeon.
Avatar n tn I had 20 teeth pulled along with 2 wisdom teeth its been a week now an I had started having very bad headache is this normal and how long will it be before the headaches stop Hurts So Bad!!!!!!
Avatar n tn 1.How long does it usually take to heal and how many days should I expect pain? 2. I had them packed Tues and Wed and today he just put in the paste. How long will this give me relief? 3. Is it safe for me to start an exercise program next week? Thanks in advance for your time, my OS seems to be in too much of a hurry to give me time to ask questions. He told me just to cancel my last appt (tom.) and call if problems arise. He didn't even look at the top ones, I assume they are doing ok.
660300 tn?1224793961 I had my Wisdom Teeth taken out 2 weeks ago...ever since then my right lip and chin have been completely numb...I went back to the Oral Surgeon who wants to wait a month to see what happens, I have a follow up appointment in November right before Thanksgiving. Is there anything I can do to help? Based on common experience, how long does nerve damage "usually" take to heal? I feel like I am in the dark...I cannot stand it...
Avatar n tn he told me to check on how long the withdrawls last cuz he might be wrong on that. does anybody know how long withdrawls will last? is he right about the anxiety, if he is what do i do for that? i would like to know how long withdrawls last?
Avatar n tn how long do these withdrawals last if I'm on day 14 and was throwing up today and still feel all those symptons they say happens to you? i stopped cold turkey and i just want to know when all the pain will go away.
Avatar n tn I do not want to discourage you from seeking help from this impairment but I do want those who are researching wisdom teeth extraction to know that this does happen to people, more than you would think - I am not one in a million.
Avatar n tn I have 5 teeth pulled out on Aug 6th (four wisdom, one fractured). Now the bruise and the swollen has gone. But every time I try to open my mouth, the right side of my mouth would be very hurtful. Now I can only open my mouth to the degree that to put one finger between the upper and the down sides of my teeth. Any wider than that would cause a lot of pain in the right side of mouth. I'm still taking antibotietics every day. Could u tell me what might happened and what shall I do? p.
Avatar m tn they got a little close to your sensory nerve during surgery. When I had all my wisdom teeth removed, I remember that my pain last for 3 weeks, but I was very ill for 2 weeks and cold not go to work. As you are concerned, I would suggest you contact the dentist that removed the teeth just to make sure that there is no infection. The dentist can also do xrays if he feels that this is needed.
Avatar m tn My doctor gave me diazipam for help but I have had to increase this medication as needed. No more than 5mg at a time but how long does this withdrawal last. Shouldn't I be getting some results? I get some sleep but last night my legs were doing a dance on me I could not control. That was rough but of course I made it through with the help of the diazipam. When will there be light at the end of the tunnel. I know there has got to be and July 12 will be a month off the fentanyl.
Avatar f tn I am scheduled to get my wisdom teeth out this coming Friday. I took antibiotics two weeks ago due to the flue and my doctor prescribed me antibiotics for after the surgery. I am scared to take two antibiotics in one month. I heard that is not good for you. Also, I am not sure if I currently have an infection now. I went to the dentist last week and he didn't say I need antibiotics before but I'm slightly swollen on my cheek but no pain.
Avatar f tn this is my first day without taking anything in a few months. i didnt sleep at all last night. how long does no sleep last?
Avatar f tn Can they just use Novicaine or must they use something stronger? How long does the surgery take (as my baby nurses every 2-3 hours)? I have to wait until after Christmas to call a dentist since no one will be available until after the holiday. In fact I don't even have a dentist in this area so who knows how long I will have to endure this pain. So any information would be most helpful!
Avatar m tn In case anyone else has this problem, I want my experience to be available to them. There was very little to read on the DURATION of initial phenobarbital side effects on the web, and I was very frightened by what I saw. So, here's what happened with my dog. The side effects (which were severe) lasted approximately three weeks. It is possible that they can last this long. Most people say they go away in a day or two, but in very sensitive dogs, it takes much longer.
Avatar n tn for any CII script filled, so the most you could fill at one time was 100 tablets, capsules, patches, etc., but no restriction on how long that had to last - you could fill one every day if the situation required it. The question of upper dose is nearly always up to the judgement of the prescriber. There are often administrative limits by insurance or whoever is paying (e.g., Medicare), though those most often are aimed at controlling costs more than they are concerned with therapeutic value.
Avatar n tn Can someone answer this. How long does hydrocodine show up in your system for a drug test. I take this drug for the pain I get with Lymes Disease. I'm starting a new job and they will ask for a drug test. How soon do I need to get off of them so it don't show up on my test. Thanks.
Avatar n tn I was prescribed the vicodin for wisdom teeth surgery. At times I did mix the two, mostly in the last two weeks. After the wisdom teeth surgery I was given the hydro ES and asked for a refill. Suddenly I started getting violent headaches and then decided to throw the rest away. I have been through about five days of hell, mostly consisting of sleepless nights and persistant headaches. Somebody please give me some helpful hints as to a time frame and a way to nurse these headaches.
Avatar n tn Oddly enough that whole area, including the nasal passages are connected some how. You could have also had an infection prior to having your wisdom teeth being pulled and it is just getting worse.
5264083 tn?1404669334 I know many women have experienced late periods from antibiotics. I'm hoping that someone can tell me their experiences, and how long it took for their period to come.
336365 tn?1213323198 My normal levels in the morning are between 79-83 and two hours after meals my normal readings are 89-95 Two weeks ago I had oral surgery and had four wisdom teeth taken out. The surgery went well, and my dentist says that I am healing very nicely and everything looks really good. Since the surgery my sugar levels have been elevated. Now in the morning my levels are 88-95 and two hours after meals its 95-120.
Avatar n tn I had wisdom teeth removed 15 days ago. After 5 days I called on Sat & my Dr didn't think it was dry sockets but I went in on that Mon as excruciating pain. It was dry sockets & was balling in the Dr's chair as I couldn't take the pain anymore. The Dr (a different one from whom did surgery) packed me with dressings & 2 hours later I was elated as pain was gone.
Avatar n tn I had my lower wisdom teeth removed and am now suffering from partial jaw and tongue numbness. Since the side that is suffering the numbness is the side that had the most work done, I was okay at first with not feeling any of the pain. In addition, my doctor says that it will probably take a couple of weeks for the feeling to return and not to worry. It has only been one week and I am already highly frustrated.
335728 tn?1331418012 Rena, on a MUCH smaller scale, when I had my four wisdom teeth out (they needed a jaw surgeon for it. Teach me to get around to it in my mid-twenties) at the same time I had no way to anticipate the level of discomfort. It was crazy! So multiplying that by 10 is too much to think about! I truly, truly hope this at least becomes bearable for you soon. Or that you can have some relief, pharmaceutical or otherwise. You did an amazingly brave thing to ultimately improve your quality of life.
1418572 tn?1285961261 I have an impacted wisdom tooth. The tooth does not hurt at all. It use to but the pain all of a sudden just stopped about a year ago. Also the tooth is rotting away. It is not swollen and I am not in pain. I have been feel sick and have a lymph in my neck and one deep in the collar that I THINK is swollen. Also my tonsils are red. (both of them.) I am not throwing up or anything I just feel very bad. Every time i eat the tooth will get food stuck inside.
Avatar n tn I had my wisdom teeth removed on 1/30/2009, last Friday, On monday, my togue started to "catch" on something, and it begain cutting it open, I assumed it was the stitches, I called the Doc who did my Surgury and went in today (Wednesday), he removed the stitches from the area and called it good, I couldn't feel it catching any more so I then assumed it was the stitches and didnt think any more of it.
Avatar n tn feeling that constantly goes through my body. Have any of you had similar symptoms? How long does this last? I am scared. Addiction runs rampant in my mother, cousins...I know that I am rambling, but I feel I have no where else to turn. Please...someone...let me know how to do this! I so desperately WANT2BHEALTY!