How long does seroquel withdrawal last

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8520825 tn?1398515060   1) How long does my brain take to feel emotions again after I stop this medication ? I am wondering if being on it for such a long time has permanently affected my brains ability to return to natural functionality. Any insight you can give based on your experience would be very helpful.  2) Can a person's dopamine, and serotonin receptors become unblocked after quitting ? How long does the detox take ?  Thanks everyone for your input.
Avatar f tn People have been asking this and I haven't seen an answer, so here. HOW LONG DO WITHDRAWALS LAST FROM SEROQUEL??? I was looking for an answer cuz I went off seroquel 400mg cold turkey. nobody had an answer so I documented my painful withdrawal process. Follow my process and withdrawal symptoms will be gone in a week or less!!! FYI: seroquel withdrawals are he worst thing ive ever experienced! The key to seroquel withdrawals is SLEEP and FOOD.
Avatar m tn I need anyone here who has taken seroquel, and or has been on Subox for as long as I have to please help me out here or PM me.
Avatar f tn After hearing all my info,and doing blood work, the only question the ER Dr asked was about the seroquel--how long I had been taking it--and then gave me some shot and a Rx for Xanax, dropped me off at home the same nite. Needless to say, i have not taken the Xanax but continue with the seroquel. i have yet to get a Dr here, but am trying to remain sane enough to plan some appointments.It has been 3 days and every nite i have several attacks starting in sleep.
358304 tn?1409713092 To me, and what do I know, it just doesn't sound like you were on Remeron very long this time to have such a bad withdrawal, though anything can happen with these meds. What it does sound like is you're having a bad panic period and need to separate out what's real and what's imagined because of your distress.
3119293 tn?1342054132 First, can someone point to a reliable web site where they list the symptoms? Second, how long I can expect this general lousy feeling last? And last, how long will it take to get back to a feeling where I want to do more than just lay around all day? Thank you all in advance for answering my questions.
Avatar n tn for any CII script filled, so the most you could fill at one time was 100 tablets, capsules, patches, etc., but no restriction on how long that had to last - you could fill one every day if the situation required it. The question of upper dose is nearly always up to the judgement of the prescriber. There are often administrative limits by insurance or whoever is paying (e.g., Medicare), though those most often are aimed at controlling costs more than they are concerned with therapeutic value.
Avatar f tn Had 8 yrs of fentanyl 4 micrograms and dilaudid 2mg pumped in me for MV acct. QUESTION is how long will the withdrawal be? I'm on day 8 and only 20 hrs of sleep. With the worst case of RLS ever. Don't crave the drugs, but the racing thoughts r making me delirious. When does it get better. Snots, squirts and vomiting. Went on for 6 days. Liquid N-Quel works wonders also Amodium AD. Godsend. Need some sleep the creepy crawlies gone and racing thoughts to disappeare, before I go crazy.
Avatar f tn I started seroquel 3 weeks ago. I take 2 - 25mg during the day and 100mg before bed (cause that will knock you out cold). Putting 50mg under tongue will make it act a little faster. For me it grows in gradually until I finally fall asleep in a bang. Calms me down and is helping me recoverer from a bad benzo addiction. But I am also concerned about its dependance rate and bad side. I dont want to take this too long.
Avatar f tn However, I did read an article published by the maker of Seroquel acknowledging withdrawal symptoms. If word comes out that Seroquel is physically addicting and causes horrible withdrawals, people probably wouldn't be eager to take it and sales of the drug could drop. Seroquel is huge right now, this website is covered in ads for Seroquel. As far as the insomnia, I took Seroquel before bed because of how sedating it was for me. After 2.5 years, my body didn't know any other way to sleep.
Avatar m tn I used to think of Seroquel as a straightforward heavy sedative. Thanks for all the feedback. I spoke with my doc on the phone and we agreed that the rage was an isolated incident. It wasn't entirely isolated though, but I like to think that if I weren't living in a hostile environment that I wouldn't ever lash out like that. I still want to get away from Seroquel, but I find it terribly difficult to reduce my dose.
Avatar f tn If you had stopped and had uncontrolled withdrawal, you should have been put back on the Seroquel at the last dose at which you felt fine and tapered off it at your speed. I would assume that decreased dosage would have limited your adverse reactions.
Avatar n tn Is taking 1mg of xanex to help she didn't know she was in trouble, how long would you expect the withdrawral to last would the aleve help.
Avatar n tn are these side affects normal? and B: How long until the drug is completely out of my system?. I also must say that the severe side affects I had before have now disappeared, especially the paranoia which I never had EVER in my life...... My Doc keeps telling me all I experienced was due to anxiety but honesty that's what they all say and I think they're full of crud... please any advice for me...
5093508 tn?1390547531 Good to see you, my friend. You've been doing so well. I'm not sure why your Dr. suggested Zyprexa. I have friends who were not schizophrenic, Bipolar or psychotic and were prescribed Doxepin & Seroquel as 'comfort' Meds during withdrawal. I was 'given' Doxepin during the worst of my post-detox Methadone Withdrawals. I had to take more than prescribed in order to sleep and I found that I literally couldn't move the next day. (This doesn't mean that this will happen on Zyprexa).
335707 tn?1197306785 Does anyone know if this feeling is from the seroquel and if so, how long does it last? Could this just be some of the damage he has inflicted to his brain/body from the vicodin abuse?
Avatar f tn He has not taken a tablet since the night before last and is really suffering but is determined not to take another, does anyone out there have any idea how long it takes for these withdrawal symptons to pass as I am realy worried about the affect this is having on his mental health, he has started to say that he would be better off going for a walk with one of his rifles and sadly I am concerned that this is not just talk.
Avatar m tn How long can I expect this to last and is there anything I can do to ease these symptoms? I am a 58 year old male, 5’10” and 200 lbs. I do not smoke. Also, my primary care manager doesn’t know much about opiate withdrawal symptoms and as a result isn’t much help. How does one find a doctor with knowledge and experience with opiate withdrawal and should I be looking for a medical doctor or a physiatrist?
Avatar n tn How long will suboxone withdrawal last? I am at 39 days off suboxone and still experiencing mild withdrawal. I was on sub. for around 2 1/2 yrs. and jumped off at 12mg. It is definitely not as bad as the first few weeks but this is lasting forever. I had to withdraw from college this quarter and haven't been back to work for a while. Is anyone going through the same situation?
Avatar n tn If you have 4 drugs in your system, as this poster does, how would he or she know what is what? No doctor could tell either. Do you understand this issue? I'd much rather be safe and know what is causing which effects than have a cocktail and problems which cannot be identified. What's your preference? I might add too that of all the people who have complained about the withdrawal effects of Effexor not one I've seen has said "Go on Wellbutrin top stop the effects".
777206 tn?1235693114 I just signed up full fledged for disability today and am quite shocked at how long she says it usually takes. She said I will probably be denied my first and second attempts and a lawyer will help me get it on the 3rd attempt.
Avatar n tn You are not alone.
Avatar n tn How long will the tramadol withdrawal take to be completely over? and How long can I use a small amount of Kratom on a daily basis without just creating another addiction that I have to get over? Or can I just slowly reduce the kratom to avoid the withdrawal since it is a powder and very easy to measure out? Any thoughts on this would be helpful. I am reluctant to engage my physician in this too much.
377493 tn?1356505749 It's definately taking the edge off anxiety wise, but I don't like how deeply it makes me sleep. Does this change after my body adjusts to it a bit? It would be fine except my little guy still often wakes up in the night, and I didn't even hear him last night. My husband is home and got up with him, but he travels at times and I need to not sleep through everything. Anyone know? I do have another appointment to discuss with my Dr., but it's not for a few days.
1117252 tn?1259723379 How long were u in w/d for after going to .5?
1671244 tn?1304794585 I have Zanaflex, a muscle relaxant, but it makes me sleepy, so I do not want to take it all the time, but the achiness is constant. Big question is how long does withdrawal last. Was on clonazepam for about 4 years. The first thing my primary care doctor said when I told her about the pain you want more clonazepam? I sent away for supplements from The Road Back program. Anybody try these?
Avatar n tn How long does the body take to get rid of a drug such as Effexor? I have read anywhere from 2 weeks to a year. I have been taking good care of myself (without any help!!) eating right, drinking lots of fluids, and of course the uncontrollable sweating. Can this help? Please tell me some good news. Thank you.