How long does pacemaker surgery take

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Avatar n tn Patients who undergo heart surgery and/or have cardiac health problems have higher levels of depression than the general population that seem to last longer. First, any experience like you describe during your pacemaker implantation can have long lasting effects if you don't have an opportunity to process the event and the emotions connected with it, so I believe it is possible that you have had a PTS type reaction.
Avatar n tn How long have you had the pacemaker? Instead of using the free weights, I wonder if the machines would be safer (this isn't a suggestion to use them, it's a question)? Typically there's less need to control the balance of weights with the machines and they can be done slowly, no heaving and jerking. Slower movement and less weight is often recommended by the trainers. Get the same results without as much risk of injury.
306245 tn?1244388567 But he's been through so much already I'm sure he'll just take it like the trooper he is. Let us know how it goes and how he responds. When do you all go in?
Avatar n tn My mother-in-law will be 90 in April. Her doctor wants to put in a pacemaker to stabilize her heart. She has lung cancer, quite a large mass but apparently not very fast-growing. She has diabetes, which might mean amputation in her future, and she has Alzheimers that is no long mild but not very advanced. She often recognizes my husband. Some days she seems to really enjoy life. I cannot understand the doctor's recommendation.
Avatar n tn How dangerous would it be for her to have this surgery and anesthesia? How does the pacemaker affect her during the surgery? Would it be able to control her blood pressure during the surgery? If not,could she go into shock because of this?
Avatar n tn What are the pros and cons of this approach? Prior to this surgery I only took coumadin. 3. How long does it take for the ablations to heal? I have a lot of bigeminal PVCs with any activity right now, less with rest.
967168 tn?1477588089 Has anyone experienced depression, anxiety or ptsd after being diagnosed with medical problems and having surgery? Normally I'm not an anxious type of person but this is driving me bonkers. I have been so stressed from the moment I found out from my pcp that something was wrong - I knew the way I was feeling wasn't normal for me. In a period of a month, I was in my pcp's office - specialist, testing etc & surgery, so it was very quick finding out.
Avatar n tn Gee, and a lot of the US advocates of governmental intervention in health care say "look at Canada"... I think in the US most of us would simply change our doctor if we got the kind of responses you describe. I know a couple of people with Pacemakers and they seem to get along fine with the devices.
1331422 tn?1326570197 My EP said I would need to take medication with the pacemaker. Can anyone tell me what kind of med that would be? Can anyone tell me what it's like to have one? Any problems that come from wearing one? Is it a long recovery period? I was to nervous to ask much about the pacemaker because I was asking questions about the EP study. If I have to get a pacemake, it will be done on the 10th so my son can come be with me during recovery. Anything anyone can tell me would be appreciated.
88793 tn?1290230777 I asked a lot during the Cardiac catheterization. I want to wee after they inserted the cath at my groin. Take a long time in that drama. I told them I can't wee when so many pair of eyes staired at me. I want them all out. Of course they won't. They pushed in some drugs that I can't move or complaint but I was concious. Then they put a lot of towels under as a nappy. Finally, I wee when I wheeled back to the ward. This time was first pacer implant.
Avatar n tn Proper investigations necessitates an Electrophysiological study and pacemaker implantation. Strange but true !misdiagnosis does happen.
Avatar n tn Is her heart that sluggish that she would have been in danger to wait another 12-24 hours? Let us know how she does. It shouldn't take long.
Avatar f tn I am not sure how long it would take normally but it was about three weeks before I started feeling better. It is really sore the first three or four days. Did you have it yet?
Avatar n tn Are there other foods I should eat or not eat? Is pacemaker always forever? How much more effective is Coumid vs aspirin....In my case does my condition usually worsen (become more frequent over time? or sometimes does the heart settle down? Thanks!!
Avatar n tn If your montior revealed that your heart stopped, my opinion is that you take your doctor's recommendation for the pacemaker. I would get the test also. It will most likely identify what is going on with the electrical impulses within your heart. If you have had an Echocardiogram and all of your valves and chambers are normal you should do well with the pacemaker. Good Luck to you. I hope you get a diagnoses and the treatment you need soon.
Avatar n tn If the syncope was in the setting of low blood pressure, that might have been the cause rather than pauses, but again it depends on how long the pauses are. the decision to put in a pacemaker can be very difficult and requires a lot of thought. The fainting my have forced their hands. I hope this helps.
Avatar m tn i am 80 yrs and i have a pacemaker before 10 yrs and for the last 18 days i have headache and starts from my heart and i loss my conssious ness and fent for about 15sec
7014780 tn?1395591257 Wow, 312 is dangerous (same as a rat!). How long did they last? Did your blood pressure drop or was your left ventricle able to fill with enough blood to keep your blood moving? So once a week you were 220 or 4 beats/second (same as a monkey), whereas I'm sporatic 160 bpm or 2.7 bp second. Your accessory pathway in the left Atria was not close to AV node where my Cardiologist thinks mine is, which is often damaged with AVNRT surgery resulting in AV Block needing a pacemaker.
1569985 tn?1328251082   Now on double the Toprol to keep rate down, but supposed to take it easy, so not doing much.  I have a pacemaker monitor and have sent two transmissions, so they can see what's going on. The option, if I'm really feeling bad, is to be put on Tykosin (sp) in hospital for 3 days and then go home on it. Not sure if I should let some time pass -- doctor won't do another ablation right now, nor do I want one right now.
Avatar m tn hello sir,iam anjani pandey,age 32,recently went for sugar test and found that my fasting glucose is really tensed and worried.plz give me advice,wat to do now.I dont want to take medicines right now and wish to control it by diet and exercise . Also want to know about my diet.wat to eat and with whom to consult.. ..
Avatar n tn We don't know how long she will live and we don't know how long any of us will live. Also since she can't have surgery or chemo, see an alternative doctor. They can boost her up with what she is deficient in. The naturopath or alternative doctor will do B12, D, etc. tests that a regular doctor will not do. I just saw one today and she did a thorough nutritional blood test. I hope she is not in pain and you can maybe go on a cruise or take nice drives and family outings.
Avatar n tn I have a biventricular pacemaker and it has made a world of difference for me. I have a long story so I will just summarize it. I had a mitral valve replacement that went very badly and had to have it all redone about 11 months later. During that time I had multiple cardioversions for rapid atrial flutter/fib. Two ablations were done with poor outcome. I went into heart failure with an EF of 30% and had very poor function. I couldn't talk and breathe or walk and was awful.
Avatar n tn When I think of it, the cardiologist I have seen did not even explain anything about the pacemaker. I have no idea what to expect. He isn't very talkative.He says that whenever I am ready, I have to go and sign papers. When I asked him what could cause it to happen only at night, he told me" that could be many things and we could look for a long time to find the cause". How about the main ones...Sleep Apnea, thyroid disorder? He avoids to talk about it.
Avatar n tn Ravenlady-is your sister having the sling put in? How long does the doctor anticipate that she will be out of work? I only have 10 sick days-want to wait-but am afraid of the bladder dropping. I am going to see my primary doctor this Thursday and will talk to her about the anxiety. Today is going to be terrible for me- have to teach all day and stay until 9pm for the Christmas Concert.
Avatar f tn He had heart surgery in July 2008 and today is doing well heart-wise and is able to walk and even go dancing. How is your Mom's doctor? Does he/she listen well to your questions and concerns and explain things so you both of you understand? If not, my advice would be to get a new doctor. Please keep us posted and let us know how things go. Good luck.
765775 tn?1366028291 Also, I have not experienced any palpitations today since I didn't take the pill and I did take my Hyzaar 100/12.5. Does anyone think I will experience any problems not taking the pill? I have never missed a dose for a full 24 hrs. even when taking a stress test. I need to get some sleep.
Avatar n tn It would not be safe to turn off your pacemaker if you have intermittent heart block. Your permanent pacemaker (PPM)is only pacing you when it does not sense a ventricular beat, without the pacing you may faint or develop symptoms from low heart output. Some people are more sensitive to ventricular pacing than others. If you are in good physical condition, you are probably more able to discriminate between feeling good and great by your exercise tolerance.
Avatar n tn The QT interval is hard to read sometimes and it does take some experience. It is helpful that there is not family history of sudden death, seizures, drownings or sudden infant death syndrome. If there is any questions, it is always worth seeing a cardiologist. Sometimes a simple exercise stress test will help answer the question. Murmurs are not related to long QT syndrome. Even if she had a murmur, not all murmurs are bad. I hope this helps. Thanks for posting.
1317224 tn?1378708734 I will be very interested to see how you like the results, as I may have an ablation in my future. I can see why you would not want to have a cardioversion each week. Sending healing thoughts and prayers your way . . . feel better soon!