How long does ovulation period last

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613536 tn?1294238447 Does this sound like ovulation pains? How long do ovulation pains last and if I am ovulating within the next few hours, will I miss my time to BD and catch the egg today as I am at work?
Avatar f tn have been trying for a baby since. I done a hpt this morning with a neg outcome. does anyone know how long it can take to get pregnant after having it out. We do have intercourse during my ovulation time & lots throughout the month but it isnt happening. i have a little boy from prev relationship & my partner has been tested to see if there was any probs with him which come back normal. its very upsetting to do a test every month with the same outcome.
737715 tn?1347791040 my periods are usually 30 days apart. the 1st day of my last period was the 29th of december so pls help in the calculations or estimations on when i could be fertile?! also does stress affect the result in ovulation times? please help!!!
Avatar f tn So I had my IUD removed the 16th and I was try to see how long did it take you ladies to get pregnant after having your IUD remived?? Husband and I want to get pregnant fast!!
170623 tn?1242664063 How long does cramping usually last during the frist trimester? Is it more prevelent with me because I found out I was pregnant so early, therefore I just noticed more? I am 4 weeks and a few days, unsure to be exact becasue my period and ovulation is not right on track.
Avatar n tn After trying to get pregnant, how long does it take for you to get pregnant ? or is it best to wait to see if your cycle starts?
Avatar f tn Me and the other half have been trying and then on the 29/12 I was bleeding heavy it was a day after I was ovulation.. I was wounding is this normal and how long did it take yous to get pregnant?
Avatar n tn My last period started July 25. My husband and I had unprotected on August 5 and August 8 which would be my ovulation period right? This morning, August 9 I had some slight spotting when I wiped. I was wondering how long from conception would implanation be? Just didnt know if that was possibly what the spotting was or if thats too soon?
Avatar f tn depends on when your ovlating and how long long your cycle is
Avatar f tn t think you were supposed to get your period during the time ovulation is supposed to take place i am confused if anyone can explain i would appreciate the help
Avatar n tn How long does it take become preagant i mean i have two other kids but we have started trying to have one we have started on the 1st and now it is the 11 and i have already been sick at my stomach and having bad headaches like i did with my other two,do u think i could be already?I dont know how long u have to wait to find out is it true that i could be already?
Avatar m tn m actual due for my period next week. How long will I know that I am pregnant. And do you still think I could still get my period . Will my body hormones change that fast? Oh I'm 23 ,if that's helps .
Avatar m tn G'day all. I googled how the Birth Control Pill works and each website I checked mentioned two pills, the mini-Pill and the "normal" pill. My girlfriend is on the "normal" pill. My question is, if the pill is supposed to PREVENT ovulation/her period, why does it say that she takes 7 placebos to ALLOW for her period? Isn't the point to NOT allow for her period to come? How does this make sex safe if she is still ovulating and getting her period??
Avatar f tn thanx. and if you get that bleeding, how long do you wait to get a pregnancy test.?
Avatar f tn How long does implantation bleeding last and what does it look like? Im curious cuz im on day 10 after sex but its also the day before af is supposed to visit. I started bleeding light but it has since stopped after a few mins. Im going to keep an eye on it just in case but i was just wondering if its still hopeful.