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Avatar f tn my questions is how do you know when it is not safe to keep them at home any longer? I work out of my home so I am here all day long. I rarely get any time alone and when I do leave it is disasterous. I am not sure what to do.I wnat to keep her with me as long as possible, but I see her slipping away at a alarming rate. Non of us realized how badly she was deteriorated until I brought her tolive with me. Her apartment was filthy, not at all like my mother. She had simply gotten beyond it.
Avatar m tn I am now in my forties and I just try to make the best of them because life has to go on. Ecspecially with children, anyway, how does phenobarbitol work to stop the pain of a migraine??? At the moment I am only on Topamax and take tramadol for fibromyagia, so I use that for the migraines as well. Triptains give me sever heart palapitations and cause my stomach and colon to bleed so they are not an option??? Any feedback???
Avatar n tn dumping garbage out into the street instead of the garbage. My husband was very good at cleaning and he couldn't understand how the vacum cleaner could work with the long hose on it. You need a name for the degenerative brain disease. It helps alot to finally know what it is and How they can treat it. good luck. I went to regular doctor and other people and they said he was a very smart man and past all their test.
767538 tn?1276578920 I'm wondering if they do find that it does work and there aren't any long-term negative effects from it if they will end up doing a clinical trial on it and also if it gets "approved" and used more often, if the cost of it will go down and/or be covered by insurance.
Avatar n tn Alcohol could have been a major cause. I am surprised he does not have balance issues. Chronic (long term) alcohol use leads to atrophy of the vermis (part of cerebellum, concerned with balance and equilibrium). You should first think of Dementia of the Alzheimer’s' type. There are specific psychometric tests for dementia. You should also get an MRI of the brain. It will show atrophy of the brain.
Avatar f tn About 2 1/2 years ago my father had a heart attack at work nobody preformed CPR on him and the left him lay their for 45mins there were a few guys from his work that arived at the hospital and told my sister that my father collapsed at 400pm and the 911 report said the call wasn't made till 445pm anyways my question is now the doctors said my father has moderate alzheimers all he does all day long is lay around the house he is living with my sister at first he pee'd the bed he doesn't do it anym
491030 tn?1242428366 I already take 2 meds norco and xanax they continue to want me to be on another med and I am afraid to take it ...has anyone taken this medication and how well did they do on it or if they had really bad side effects..
Avatar n tn I so know how you feel.I went through the same thing with my Grandmother but thankfully,I talked her out of driving.However,looking into it I found out (well,here in Canada anyway)that when you go to renew you drivers there is a question about ones mental status & if it is documented & you were to have an accident there would be a question of having insurance coverage.
Avatar f tn I told her daughter yesterday that I am not happy with the abusive situation I am in and cannot continue to come to work knowing I will wind up leaving upset and demeaned. The daugher basically told me that as soon as I quit they'll put her mom in a rest home. How totally unfair is that? This woman has 6 kids, all live within 2 miles of her and all are filthy rich ( as is she).
Avatar f tn 30 and the Dr new nothing about me never read anything that was faxed to him from my PCP he has never seen a patient w/bilat nerve damage which no one has but he looks at me and points to all the drugs I am on, I brought them with me and lined them up on his desk for a reason and he says, I do not give out narcotics like this, now he is the PAINPRO I am there to tell him I am on all these drugs and my pain is still a 10, and all he cared about was I don't give out meds like this, never even aske
398059 tn?1447949233 We hopedd it would clear my thinking, but that is expensive too. I forget how long i had tha and not sure why i stopped.
Avatar m tn My mother has had all the classic Alzheimer's symptoms for the last 5 years. My father has been in denial and would not get her tested or make accommodations. He was just sure if she would be more active she would "remember" more. The family doctor could tell and put her on Namenda (don't know if I spelled it right). I think that has slowed her progress. However, she has become increasingly distant, inactive, and was actually hospitalized in Feb.
Avatar m tn I agree with Tuck and Red that you need to get a PMP that offers other ways to relive your pain and panic attacks so that you can reduce the amount of meds your on. May I ask how long you have been on the MS Contin? I ask because I am hoping that is not a starting point at the dose your on. When the time comes that you need an increase due to tolerance issues your going to be in trouble fast .
1627868 tn?1333889942 I have worked for the same company for 5 1/2 years now. I am beginning to mix things up at work and while they aren't major things, I worry. I mix up my schedule; like who I am supposed to see in a given day and when. I mess up my paper work more and more. Thanks be to God, I have NOT done anything to cause any kind of harm to a patient and if it ever came to that I would take a leave of absence on the spot.
Avatar n tn So I'm on the computer, using the phone, calculator reviewing budgets and analyzing data all day. How does this play a role in my headaches. Because by the end of the day my head in ready to explode, usually my blood pressure is up, and that's when I feel the pressure/pain behind my right eye.
Avatar f tn loseing his glasses or cup was way be fore the 7 years so I don't know how many years it really has been. He started to work for a grocercy store for our insurance and worked the night shift cleaning floors and stocking shelves. He would come home from different direction every day. He took our daughter to school one morning and that was 8:ooam and the school is 4 blocks away and she was late for school. I think he took her to the grocery store and than figured out the school.
Avatar f tn Of course, there are people who have been successful with an SNRI for anxiety. How long were you on the Lexapro? I'm wondering if you gave it enough time, as typically any start-up side effects usually resolve around the 2nd week, and what you describe sounds pretty common, side effect wise. What dose were you on, and for how long? You may have started on a dose that was a bit too high. Did you already start taking the Paxil? If so, what dose are you on?
1635132 tn?1305067530 It never gets through the blood brain barrier so that's why I can't see how it can work. Additionally, some individuals end up with far worse migraine/headaches and to me that's scary especially with the number of episodes my wife has had to date (2,574 medication days since 1999- and that's not a typo).
Avatar n tn The result was that I was feeling as drowsy as anything - and my leg was bouncing around like an idiot as it always does. So that depressed me even more!. Sorry about the long list - but I have no one to talk to about this.
Avatar n tn How long have you been on the topamax and how much. I am having a hard time with the side effects of it and since we have not been able to up the dose it is not really helping the headaches. I feel so out of it. Not even myself at time. I am not sure if this is a side effect that goes away with time. So on top of the headaches I feel very disoriented. Not sure If I should just try to stick it out. I have read a lot of bad on it.
5887915 tn?1383382380 Hi everyone, I hope you are all having a Merry Christmas or holiday season. I saw my Neuro recently & he wants me to have some cognitive testing done. He seemed a little concerned about me which is nice but also a bit of a worry. :-( I will be having a repeat MRI soon as well. I have noticed my cognitive problems, speech problems & memory problems but hadn't realised they were that bad.
Avatar f tn And you've tried oxygen? Because it does work, off label, for migraines too. I've never tried oxygen, but every one I know who has managed to get an off label prescription for it has said that it has worked for their migraines... the only hard part is getting the off label prescription. And, it's not an opiate or a drug. But... you've tried it and it didn't provide any relief?
Avatar f tn Yes chronic pain (CP) often does become a huge part of our lives. The journey through CP is challenging to say the least. If it is life long than learning how to deal with it and not allow it to rule our lives is important. We should not be defined by CP. You're correct, ppl that have not been there often have no concept of the challenges we face. In time some of your friends and family will come to understand at least in part, your CP.
Avatar m tn And definitely ask for the nerve block and trigger point injections. Not all neurologists know how to give them. And some of them only know how to do a couple to the back of the head. If you can only get the couple to the back of your head at the time of your appointment, get them. I get the full set of about 15 injections which are given to the forehead, sides and back of the head, the neck, shoulders and your back.
1109293 tn?1258333223 I feel like a junkie - and I happen to be a recovering alcoholic and addict, so I have to be very careful about what meds I take. Does tardive dyskenesia usually go away after a short period of time? Does it mean that some part of my brain has been damaged? This happened to me before with Seroquel but I stopped taking it and it went away. I am really scared and concerned.
Avatar n tn Yesterday we got into a fight and he dumped all of my pilld down the toliet and It has not even been one day and I fell like I want to die the pain I can't stop moving I toss and turn all night and I just down't know what to do anymore I am soo scared my mom died of taking pills and I don't want to end up like her Please someone help please give me some adive how to stop or how to make it feel better. How long does it take to get it all out of your body so you don't want it anymore????
Avatar n tn even if you are taking high doses of vitamin C to make up for what the vicodin does, it's not enough. You will truly see how full of crap you've been once coming off these, that's why I recommend not leaving the house the first 3-4 days.
Avatar f tn Yes although medications work in specific manners exactly how neurotransmitters function and how medications effect them is still advancing as regards research. The dopamine hypothesis as regards schizophrenia is well known. The glutamate hypothesis is still under research but clearly effects the specific parts of the brain and their functioning that can be shown to be the origin of the cluster of symptoms of schizophrenia that also would be noted in a Pet scan.
Avatar n tn pain varies from mild to moderate during the course of the day, mostly it doesn't throb, but sometimes it does, especially when I'm standing or speaking with someone; never have headache upon awakening; headache gradually "awakens", sometimes before I've had any food, sometimes 1-2 hr. after awakening and continues through the day. I've investigated food triggers, and they don't appear to be the cause.
Avatar n tn The doctor made the decision because he said he couldn't give me a clear date on how long she could live. He then said even if he approved it that the hospice nurses would have to look it over again. I am going to see how she does in the next couple of weeks and make a determination on if I should move her or not. Her mental state is on and off. Sometimes she is very clear and knows what is going on and other times she doesn't know where she is or why she is in bed.