How long does milk protein take to digest

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3211536 tn?1359389169 How about adding a protein powder from a health food store to a glass of milk? Nut butter like almond butter? Do you like beans?
Avatar m tn Some studies say whey protein contains blood antigens and can induce some reactions in individuals that consume it. I don't know how true is this. I would like to supplement but which one should I take. I am tired next day after exercise and sports and it takes long time to be okay. Plus I am out of shape and that is also the reason. How is vegan protein supplements. I have also lost weight mostly muscle and bone, and that is most likely because of inactivity.
979080 tn?1323437239 When and how to take meds ? After reading this thread, if there is any justice in this universe, 15 minutes should be taken from your life and added to mine.
315996 tn?1429057829 protein, yes, you need it, not all from animal sourses is good, read diet for a small planet for getting protein from other sources many drinks are NON digestable and they say high protein...matters not if you are not a cow with 4 stomachs cause YOU will not digest it. So yes to alternate sources, BUT some animal sources are necessary for most folks to get enough. you cannot replace tissue without the building blocks.
Avatar f tn Easy to Digest, NOT Causing Digestive Stress Many whey products contain long-chain fatty acids which are hard to digest and require bile acids to absorb. You want a whey protein powder with medium chain triglycerides (MCT). These are easily absorbed, digested quickly, and utilized as energy without causing digestive stress. Ideally, you want a product in which the MCT come from the best source of all -- coconut oil.
Avatar m tn Most of us get plenty of it, but it’s how often you eat protein as is how much! Your body can’t store protein. So if you eat more than you need it gets stored as fat! Eat not enough and your body will take it from your lean mass to get more! You need a steady supply of protein through out the day. you can get about 11 grams from 2 tablespoons of peanut butter on whole wheat bread or 10 grams from a quarter cup of nuts. About 16 grams from a veggie bean chili.
Avatar f tn I'm tired of not knowing what to eat, what to do or who to talk to. Does this sound like something any of you know about?
Avatar m tn What study are you in? I am in a Vertex study and I was told to take only a multi milk thistle, no ginger for stevia in my oatmeal...nothing! Until after I was done taking the Telaprevir/Placebo (12 wks). Then I can take what ever I want. I am under the impression that they don't want anything to skew the results of the trial. I have been very fortunate with mild sx...I have 4 weeks left on the trial drug/placebo then SOC for at least 12 more weeks....
162948 tn?1205256292 I know your period is the lining in your uterus which the mirena keeps it thin so obviously keeps mine to nothing since i dont bleed. I am really concerned now as to how long it is going to take me to concieve. I had a friend who got hers pulled out and got pregnant the next day. Now I really wonder when I should get it taken out. Now or when hes here so we can have sex right away.
184674 tn?1360864093 I'm not sure if it's lactose he's reacting to or the milk protein, casein. All I can say is that *anything* with a milk ingredient on the lable--breaks him out in a hot, red rash and hives. Even if a product does not have a milk ingredient, but is highlighted with an allergy alert that says something like "may contain traces of milk" or "processed in places with milk products" or something to that degree, he has a reaction.
Avatar f tn Give yourself 2 solid weeks of rest if you want to really give your body a chance to heal properly. The third and fourth week, keep a low slow agenda or you'll regret it in the years to come. It takes a good 2 -3 months to heal internally, so don't stress your body out during that time.
1666434 tn?1325265950 You may not be able to digest the protein in coffee that is similar to the protein found in gluten. I developed this same problem! I am gluten intolerant! I began to realize that after drinking coffee, I had the same symptoms of swelling eyes, nasal drip and itchy ears! After doing a little research I came across a few articles about coffee and gluten sensitivity! Google coffee and gluten sensitivity! I love coffee and this was very disappointing for me!
Avatar m tn How does milk help you? Just because of the protein in milk?? Or is it because milk is loaded with hormones? Milk is like a poison these days. There is a wide range of diseases caused by milk. You're much better off taking just the protein drink. Milk has very complex proteins in it that are very difficult for the body to digest I don't see any benefit. You will have to do some other things like take a lemon detox drink in the morning. 1 lemon in warm water.
Avatar n tn which is good for me because all my life i suffer from constipation and eating alot. how long does it take to lose weight with this product all I want to loose is 15lbs.
1222635 tn?1366399886 i know it works great and it will because its heavy and stays down but i she may just be pluged up to much just a thought would know best though! how long ago did she start haveing it in every bottle?
1353650 tn?1429466974 Even with all of these symptoms he was still going to put me on immune suppressants. You are not suppose to take that stuff if there is a chance you may have an infection. He said there is no cure for what I have. I was very upset but I told him I was not going to take meds that could possibly destroy my kidneys or worse kill me. I left and decided to look into lyme disease. Had persistent health problems after surgery and seeing my rheumatologist.
Avatar f tn I wonder if, the demand for goat milk increases to the point of cow's milk, will the industry resort to the same techniques to continue the supply? Very possibly.
Avatar f tn It was within a week that I noticed a difference in how I felt. How long to see changes? I took several weeks to really see major improvements. I stopped taking it for a few days because I thought I was in a remission and didn't need them but ........wrong! I started getting real sick and sensitive again so I went back on them and by the next day I was feeling much better and I have stayed on them ever since. I have used this product about a year and a half.
Avatar f tn Do you happen to know if whey protein is easier to digest, cause maybe I can mix, half-and-half of the whey and what I got. I was just wondering, is yours made from a company called "Six Star Muscle"? I apologise if I took over this post. All drinks,(coffee only) are on me. To pinkr, first, I feel for you trying to give your family a good vacation and you are feeling sick. That is the worst.
Avatar n tn Thanx for that - I am the same I have stopped consuming any alcohol - I feel like at 44 more of a buzz to be 'sober' in the evening than not - It's been effortles also for me to stop. How long has it been for you? What got you to the liver tests?were you having symptoms? i am going to self heal through diet etc and than go have a check up in a month or so. Thanx for sharing.Be well.
Avatar n tn Since there are several posts on Kidney stones, Id like to share my research results that could possibly afford relief to kidney stone sufferers. Magnesium will dissolve kidney stones.... I am a recently retired ICU RN and I did not realize until now how important Magnesium is in our lives. Its important to know whats the right kind to take as well. This knowledge could help so many people out there .. if they only knew so I wanted to help spread the word......
Avatar f tn Feed him a high-protein snack at night before bed. Proteins take longer to digest and therefore will keep him full longer. Also, put rice cereal in his last drink before bed. This will further fill him up. It sounds like you have him on a relatively liquid diet---he's not getting solid food before bed which takes significantly longer to digest. If someone gives you a glass of milk or a plate of food, which will keep you full longer? Same thing goes for your son.
Avatar n tn Another type of milk you can try is goats milk as the proteins in that are closer to human type milk and might be easier to digest (but I'd go with the plant based ones myself). If he does like milkshakes you can try to make a protein drink using a rice based protein (body builders use them)- you can even use rice protein to sneak into other in scrambled eggs or pancakes (use a gluten free recipe). I also echo other that mention digestive enzymes they may help.
Avatar m tn So it isn’t necessary to eat meat every day to meet your body’s protein requirements. Our body nerves, tissues, bones all are made up of proteins. So proteins become very necessary for them to grow and repair. Proteins are also used to produce some hormones and enzymes in our body and provide necessary amino acids. 4) Fats (oils): The body needs fat. It surrounds our vital organs and prevents essential fatty acid deficiency. It provides insulation under our skin and regulates temperature.
798555 tn?1292791151 Im my experience, ERFA and NP acella (both NDT) absorb better than the few other brands, thus FT4 is a little higher than the others. T3 does not bind to protiens, thus does not seem to matter amongst NDT brands. I also did the whole30 version of Paleo for first three months, now just a little less strict (some non-gmo grains now). Yes it costs a little more, but clean eating is more popular today and its now more affordable.
1580318 tn?1492443745 I'm not sure if I can drink lactose free milk. But I've come to the realization I can't even have ice cream, cheese etc.... Blech! This is gonna be a long 2 weeks!
1717563 tn?1308956022 I may have misunderstood from what you have written, but when a nutritionist puts you on a diet that excludes so much food as that, they give you daily meal plans, telling you what to eat at breakfast, what at lunch etc and even specifying how much. They use spreadsheets to calculate how much of each nutrient you will be getting, to prevent what happened to me. Even then they sometimes get it wrong!
Avatar n tn I used to take it a long time ago and I prolly took it for a couple months and lost 30 lbs. Its really great. Im currently trying to find it in SC area. Does anyone know of a dr. here or how I can find one?
Avatar f tn First off, you never have to apologize for being long-winded. No one is as long winded as I am! LOL I wish I knew how to condense my thoughts, but it doesn't seem like that's going to happen anytime soon! Now back to the situation at hand, I've also had anxiety/panic all my life but was much more able to deal with it as a young person. As we get older, it sometimes becomes more difficult to have to fight off the feelings of anxiety or panic. We basically just get tired.
Avatar n tn To answer the specific question, "How do I know when skipped heart beats are dangerous?" You don't. Only a doctor can determine that with equipment like an EKG. The big clue that something is wrong is if you begin passing out, which from what you say is highly unlikely since your heart tests are normal. If you're just having ectopic beats, this probably isn't even worth you thinking about it.