How long does it take zofran to work

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Avatar f tn Does anyone else on here take zofran? If so How does it work for you? Have u expericed any side effects.
11529448 tn?1419056125 I have also tried every natural remedy to no avail. After having iv hydration twice i decided to take the zofran because it helps some. I am also doing acupuncture this time around. As my husband says, you have to be alive to grow a baby :) My doctor also told me to ignore the tv as nothing is proven at this point. You just have to figure out what is best for you.
2147300 tn?1369693288 Everyone's symptoms are different and vary in severity. The best advice I can offer is contact your doctor when side effects begin, so that you can hopefully get them managed properly and quickly. That will help you stay on treatment for the full course (and also help your family too!). Make sure that you are taking your Riba with food, and make sure that you are drinking enough water. Rest when you're tired, and don't overdo. That can lead to nausea as well.
Avatar f tn I cant stop vomiting. A few times they had to sedate me to stop to give my body a break. I know how hard it is to chase the kids. You just want to lay down in a really dark room and just sleep through it. Im surprised that your up posting this note because I know how hard it is when your so weak. Im all for the Phenergan like 40smama suggested. It didn't help my nausea that much but it would really put me to sleep. I would vomit a few times during the night too.
Avatar m tn 5 MG and now I’ve broke pen the capsule and I’m taking 45 pellet of the 105 that are in the capsule … I went to my Doctor who said I should be able to quit it by now and I went two days with out it and I feel like I’m going to die. He gave me Zofran for the nausea but I’m afraid to take it because I don’t trust him now. Will Zofran help? Has anyone else taken it?
Avatar f tn Some of them have tried other anti nausea meds and Zofran seems to work for most people. I have used it to manage nausea after chemo treatments. Zofran Why is this medication prescribed? Zofran (ondansetron) is used to prevent nausea and vomiting caused by cancer chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery. Ondansetron is in a class of medications called serotonin 5-HT3 receptor antagonists.
162948 tn?1205256292 I know your period is the lining in your uterus which the mirena keeps it thin so obviously keeps mine to nothing since i dont bleed. I am really concerned now as to how long it is going to take me to concieve. I had a friend who got hers pulled out and got pregnant the next day. Now I really wonder when I should get it taken out. Now or when hes here so we can have sex right away.
Avatar n tn It does get better Ladybug. Actually your hitting about the worst part of it, and in a couple of weeks it will gradually staret getting better. By about 14 weeks the MS and fatigue should be gone or at least diminished a LOT. But really things start feeling a bit better by about 9 weeks (they start improving). You will still be tired and have MS, but you will have days where you "almost" feel "normal" again.
Avatar f tn The mental stuff comes flooding back and all the emotions we numbed come back and you have to learn how to work your way through them. But wow what growth. I have learned so much about myself. But you need help understanding yourself. Go to na or aa, counseling, church. Reach out to as many as you can. This is a we diease not a me diease. Try to surrender to the process. You have got to get those pills away from your access so you dont have to go thru this again. Hang on it will get better.
Avatar n tn Any thing that leaves you feeling like that is not worth it! Plus if it does that to you body when you stop it can't be good to consume!
165078 tn?1255610007 My baby is 6weeks 4 days and has a heartbeat - I had an ultraasound Saturday. Thanks for the wrist band idea - I am going to stop there on my way home from work to see if it helps.
2046312 tn?1360383200 just 12 weeks, and i did it. take it as it comes and don't think about the long haul. i am taking Zertec (antihistamine OTC) for the rash and itching. you might want to ask you DR if you should start taking helped me a lot. this is my second treatment. i didn't take Zertec the first time and i paid for it....killer itching and rash. also you might want to ask your doctor about getting Zofran for the might not need it but it's nice to know it's there.
Avatar f tn Now is when it hits the worse, when I have nothing to take to help numb me so to speak, what I have realized slowly is that each time I do this to myself, it's harder to deal with. And I am only making things worse. There's just so much to deal with that I don't know what to focus on first, or even if I want to any more. thank you for your kind words of encouragement you were a god sent to me tonight. I will get up tomorrow and just see how it goes.
585414 tn?1288944902 This is the closest I've come to recovery from tardive psychosis. I've had it for 10 years, most of the time, it was not known by anyone. Including science. There were sporadic case studies of this "hypothetical condition" and one that said "tardive psychosis is the hardest form of psychosis to treat". Let's change that to "was". It CAN be treated. And identified. But how did it start?
Avatar m tn She has the worst phobia of this and was actually contemplating not doing chemo because of it that’s how bad it is. I told her she had to for our two girls 21 and 15 and myself. I said together we could beat this monster. Ok so enough history and on with the questions. She’s in bed all day long because she says whenever she gets up she always feels gaggy and has a hard time breathing. Is there a something or some way to curb this gag reflex?
561451 tn?1257479950 2 hours later, they finally come and get me, while the guy was pushing me down, he was telling me this lady came in the ER with pain, she had apendecitis, and while removing the apendix, they discovered her fallopian tube was bursted, so they remove that, and then she needed her gallbladder removed. So seeing as how it was a life threatening emergency she went first, okay that is reasonable to be late. No worries.
Avatar f tn / but I say don't be afraid to take a sick day if you need to. I've taken 5 already and I'm 16 weeks. Some days I'm just useless.
284738 tn?1283110419 just know that there are plenty of people out there who can relate to you. my mom used to tell me all the time - if it gets to be too much just stick sienna in her crib with a book/toy & go take a few minutes for yourself. that could mean the difference between "losing it" and not...and there were plenty of times when i lost it & was hysterically crying right along with her! One bonus is that it's summertime. Maybe you can find a mother's helper?
Avatar n tn But that one usually does pass. Yeah, it lasted almost a month and I thought I was going to die, but it did pass. Hang in there. This is very, very hard, but you will do it.
585414 tn?1288944902 At this point I start getting concerned if I am going to keep going to full blown mania or am I going to start spiriling down,and if that happends how low am I going to go and what is it going to take to get back to my confort zone For me during mania there is a fine line between elation and paronia. But there is almost always aggitiation when I start comming down and I usually sleep for a couple of days and become antisocial.
1855076 tn?1337118903 He was given a script for 40 mg of Prilosec twice a day and the GI doc said it could take up to 3 months to heal his stomach and esophagus.
2102223 tn?1389373086 There were periods while conducting meetings, giving presentations, handling difficult situations that I wondered if I'd be able to get through it, but always managed to pull it off. However, after work I often came home and crashed on the sofa. The members of this forum can be a huge asset to help and assist as you go through tx. Sometimes just a few inspiring words can help get you through a rough day. It might be a bumpy road ahead, but you can do it. Best of luck to you.
1711722 tn?1356491154 Most likely, I will re-do labs that day to see how I am doing, plus they want me to feel better between now and then's almost that time of the month. (I know, TMI......but if this can help someone else in the future...) The reason this is a factor is because my past 3 labs have been done (ironically) at that time, so my HGB would be expected to be lower anyway.
670556 tn?1242052860 I need to beable to SEE in Word form inorder to understand it. Can you help me with this? I am believing that I have been cursed with a very bad personality,and have withdrawn myself from human relationships. No meds of any kind have worked for me,this has been going on for many years;still nothing. Just bad side effects or no effects. I am sick of this roller coaster ride!
Avatar n tn I don't know if this is typical, but I was literally TERRIFIED of the side effects of chemo before starting. I was dx'd in early May with 1.5 cm. IDC, node positive 1 of 10, ES/PR+, her(-). I had a lumpectomy and axillary dissection on 5/15. (Due to the one positive node & tumor size & the fact that I only had a lumpectomy, I knew going without chemo & rads was not an option, but actually feared the chemo almost as much as the possibility of BC recurrence.
Avatar f tn I'm only 7 weeks 5 days and I already want this to be over. I don't want to be pregnant. Any other moms feel this way? Does it pass? Cuz I can't handle feeling like I want this baby ripped out of me, and can't handle being so sick anymore. I cry all day long, I just can't do it.
Avatar m tn Also in patients with asthma and nasal congestion it is advisable to not take the medication for too long as it can precipitate an asthma attack after chronic use. You have not suffered any side effects after 3 months of use (which can be considered long) whereas another person may feel the effects earlier. Hence the pros and cons can be decided on case to case basis. Please discuss with your doctor. Take care!
Avatar f tn I go back to the original surgeon and he sends me back to the place where I had the H-scan but this time they put some radiation material in scramble eggs and had me eat them and than lay in the tube again and watched to see how long it took for my stomach to empty it into my small intestines. It didn't go anywhere. He said that I had a lazy stomach and perscribed Reglan twice a day. I couldn't handle the side affects. I decided than to get the advise of a specialist.