How long does it take to get pristiq in your system

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Avatar m tn I am tired all the time, my muscles are sore, have no energy, no motivation, have gained wieght and havent had a good nights sleep in years. Does Pristiq make you feel great? My Psych doctor wants to put me on Pristiq. Yes, the same doctor who never mentioned the side effects of Lexapro to me. So, I am naturally worried and have done a ton of research on Web Md and other sites.
532417 tn?1410534049 So my first question is how long did you take WB? It takes 8 weeks to build up in your system, so any shorter period and you don't know what it could do for you. Lots of its nasty side effects, like suicidal thoughts (I experienced those but can't tell if it is fair to blame wb or my situation for that), can go away quickly or over time. That is one problem, you have to evaluate your own mind to determine if something is working for you, at a time you don't feel much like doing that.
Avatar n tn So for people in other countries that think we have it made because we have so many doctors and Psychiatrist to select from and get us in fast..... There is a HUGE price we pay for it. Literally hundreds a month just for partial coverage. The cost to us Americans is massive, and if you don't have the money for your meds (even life saving meds) "then you die and they don't care.
Avatar n tn and I take ambien at night to sleep does it interfere with either medication and does it matter if I take it at night before bed?
Avatar m tn I have been on pristiq for almost a year and it works great for me, as long as I remember to take it. The biggest problem is that if you forget to take it, it effects your whole body you feel like your coming down with something. I would say about a day and half after not taking it the withdrawl symptoms start and they are horrible.
Avatar n tn I just had a hard time the side effects (especially trying to stay in a relationship). I'm just trying to get an SSRI back in my system in an attempt to being some normalcy to my life. I don't know if I'll even stay on the Wellbutrin but my body and mind handle another change like that right now. UFCFAN, Have you experienced any side effects on Paxil? I've done some research but am still trying to get a grip on the fact that I need to be on meds all the time.
Avatar f tn I have heart palpitations I'm very nauseas anyone else get this way? How long will this take to go away I can't go on like this. I am doing 50mg every other day i'mg oing to do this for a few weeks then try and break them in half being that 50 is the lowest dose. I want to feel better. It is also making me think crazy things...i'm lead to believe this is the medication I was never like this. I have nightmares :*( I'm trying hard to hang in there!
Avatar n tn I took Effexor at 350Mgs a day for 4 years and in that time it gave to me 99% remission from my severe depression. I had to get off it and switch meds after 4 years because it slowly stopped working for me. This may not be the case with you. I am forever grateful for the 4 years of normalcy that Effexor provided me. Are there side effects? Oh sure there are, but I will suffer any side effect not to be tormented by my severe depression and anxiety everyday.
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Avatar f tn It changes color because of the cholesterol that gets attached to it and the shape changes as it slowly makes it through the digestive system. Then to test my theory I took 2 laxatives and 1 hour later took my pristiq, within 4 hours my stomach was ready to empty after fasting all day, liquid diet. Sure enough after I finished I looked and there floating was the Pristiq and since it had only been in my stomach 4 hours it still had same shape as there was not enough time for it to change form.
Avatar f tn Severe anxiety can lead to sleeplessness, loss of appetite, sickness due to a weakened immune system, etc. It does take a heavy toll on our bodies. Your weight loss can also have a profound impact on your health as well. You mentioned a doctor but you didn't specify if it was a GP or pdoc. You said you have not been diagnosed with anything so I'm guessing it was a GP. If it was a pdoc, then it is clear that you two never hit it off.
3093770 tn?1389742726 The main problem I can see about ADs is some people don't respond well to them and it can take time to find the one that does work for you. Some of our members had a much easier time with them, it's all up to you. My top notch hepatologist's approach is to prescribe most anything that is not damaging, in order to keep the patient on treatement. As far as your white blood cell ( wbc) question goes, there is a 'rescue' med for low white blood cells.
Avatar f tn It may be wise for all pain patients facing urine screening to ask the test be modified so that you take your meds in the office, wait the amount of time it would take for them to show up in your urine, then get the sample. Present your argument for this change with some documentation from a reputable online source, stating that you would like to be sure the test isn't flawed.
Avatar f tn Thank you for taking my post in the way that it was intended, because after I posted it, I thought it might have sounded a bit "snippy", and if it did, I apologize. It was not intended in that way.
Avatar m tn This is your path and you have to figure out your next move. If you are in a financial rut it is your duty to change it. I got a message from the other side and told me that they would give up all their eternity of death for one day of life. If you want to talk more, you can send me a private note and will share your sorrow with you.
Avatar n tn I wish everyone luck- and one thing I've noticed is that some people promise to update their results and don't- I know this is easy to do, It's taken me awhile to get back to it because life gets in the way- but if we try to remember maybe one of us will figure it out, or help another. Thanks!
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Avatar f tn I find this hard to believe, I started Paxil when I was 14 I had full Body burning sensations I was sick as for a while but than it started working and was great now at 28 I'm on lexapro and getting body burning again and weird stuff but if I take anti anxiety med it goes away, I think u just had a panic attack from starting the Meds as is common and starting side effects, seretonin syndrome only happens with large doses 10mg is a small dose and usually only happens when takeing more than one me
1046985 tn?1305120648 All I know was for 3-4 months post surgery I couldn't wake up before 10am, and even now on weekends when I don't have to get up to alarm, it is nothing for me to sleep 12 hrs plus at once. Never in my wildest dreams, could I have done that 6 months ago. The only thing I can put it all down to is surgical menopause, as I have had 5 other abdominal surgeries, and have always recovered in the usual 6-8 week time frame.
Avatar m tn They should be able to reassure you about your recovery and if they aren't, you need to get in their face and get the answers you deserve. If you are seeing your surgeon for follow up care, they are notorious for a bedside manner of "treat 'em and street 'em," and to hell with your emotional needs! You say you have been clinically depressed since the age of 9. Are you seeing a doctor and therapist for this? Are you on any medication for the depression?
Avatar f tn or a nurses hotline and get some advice. Sometimes it takes a while for your body to get used to it. I'd say it will leave your body within 24 hours? Maybe not even that long. Lexapro takes a 2-4 weeks to build up in your system. 1 day, especially a 5mg pill isnt gonna do much. Hang in there. Talk to your Dr. if things don't get better. k?
1257808 tn?1322765815 I know exercise does not help at first but doing it and doing it at the same time everyday helps to establish a routine. I like to do it in the morning because it gives me something to wake up for and it also helps my body expect it in the morning which makes it produce more energy in that time. I do not mean to make it sound simple because it isn't and I know that. You are special in certain aspects. We are all unique in our fight.
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5050843 tn?1362873926 Keep in mind that sertraline is not something that is supposed to be in your body. You fed it to your brain to make it feel good and now you are taking it away. Your brain is now acting like a petulant child and trying every trick it can to get you to take it again. Be stronger than the drug. Yes it hurts, yes your family will think you've lost your mind for a while, but if we all talk about it, perhaps more education will help feed more patience and understanding with the process.
5093508 tn?1390547531 And when you transfer to another doctor, this is going to be in your records. It is what it is. You made a mistake (and please understand it is a huge mistake to dispense YOUR valiem to others) and it is over. Vow never ever ever to do it again. If your friends or daughter or whomever has anxiety issues, they can see a doctor themselves and be treated medically as needed and determined by a professional. And I'd just come clean with your doctor. That is your best option.
Avatar n tn Sometimes my heart beats a little fast, but only if it scares me. I have gotten to the point where it happens to me and I just take it in stride. I don't panic or get worried. It is really frustrating though, and will happen over and over so that I don't get good sleep. I have stayed up a full 24 hours because of it before. It doesn't happen every night, it usually comes in episodes where it will happen for one night, or sometimes a number of nights in a row.
723800 tn?1230890834 Although gaining as much knowledge as we can about the effects of anti-depressants, mood stabilizers, anti-psychotics etc etc is important, we sometimes throw all this at someone before they are ready to hear it. polo needs to get through the first psychiatric appointment before even beginning to try and work through the quagmire of different medications. I apologise polo if we have bombarded you a little here.