How long does it take skelaxin to work

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Avatar f tn I think it would be fine to take. I use to use it.
Avatar f tn It wasn't too hard to get off of. Skelaxin didn't work as well for me either but did work some as I felt it after I got of of it. For short term I would take Flexeril at night (5mg). Apparently Skelaxin doesn't work for you.Flexeril only works for 3 weeks then it is a sleeping pill really. I would go on an off as needed.
230948 tn?1235847929 does that still make you sleepy/ can you take it when you need it or is it something you take all the time?and does it work? And what else is out there? going to my rheumy tomorrow in london and want him to write to my GP with a precription as she wont do anything without a consultants say so.
694135 tn?1299022583 I would like to know how ALL the other Fibro sufferers make it day by day and still go to work in so much pain. I can't take this anymore. I walk to hurts, I drive it hurts, I sit it hurts, I can't even blow dry my hair without all the back pain. I have had 4 steroid shots in my hips and 6 in my necks and shoulders. I am now on the Linocain pain patch (12hrs on 12 off), Nicodin and Skelaxin 800mg 2 times a day. Has anyone have advice as to what has helped them?
Avatar m tn This is such a weird thing for my brain to wrap itself around. Shelley - how come it take so much for this to be diagnosed and seems like it so ambiguous.. I mean how obvious to these symptoms have to be.. I think the only way for me to tell if I have symptoms is to take the medicine and see if I feel better.
585414 tn?1288944902 This is the closest I've come to recovery from tardive psychosis. I've had it for 10 years, most of the time, it was not known by anyone. Including science. There were sporadic case studies of this "hypothetical condition" and one that said "tardive psychosis is the hardest form of psychosis to treat". Let's change that to "was". It CAN be treated. And identified. But how did it start?
Avatar f tn How to wash a toilet This was simply too much of a time saver not to share it with you 1. Put both lids of the toilet up and add 1/8 cup of pet shampoo to the water in the bowl. 2. Pick up the cat and soothe him while you carry him towards the bathroom. 3. In one smooth movement, put the cat in the toilet and close the lid. You may need to stand on the lid. 4. The cat will self agitate and make ample suds.
514273 tn?1311613235 That it was okay to do something about it and not just ride it out. I know how much easier it is to function when I take a pill. My pain does actually go away and I've felt that relief..and I know that relief will be 15-20 minutes away...i keep asking myself..why should i suffer through it..why bother with the pain? I wish I could be stronger and just take it as needed right now..but I can' I have to just keep on doing what I'm doing.
Avatar f tn Not great and doesn't take away the pain but it does prevent my freaking out over it. (BTW my GP does know what pain meds I'm on and my pain doc knows my other prescribed meds although the xanax is new) Butrans is hit or miss. I'm having issues with it staying on my skin (especially during the summer) but I do feel more relief than when I haven't. I know the stressors don't help my pain.
1307610 tn?1273352927 there are also other similar meds like Lyrica I've been lucky even after taking the gaba for 7 yrs I really can't complain of any side effects....but there is a possiblity of many so research it well if you decide to give it a try....for me it was a god send!
Avatar f tn I started out on Kadian which as everyone has stated DOES provide more steady management of pain if you are able to take it AND you can find insurance that will pay for it. I later had to switch to the Fentanyl transdermal patches. They provided the most overall pain relief of anything I ever tried but working at a surgical clinic at the time, I was scared away from them VERY quickly.
Avatar n tn my wife and daughter say and watched me almost die. i want to REMEMBER that. take it all in... less chance u will decide to want to have to detox again. i had a dr tell me i was going to end up dying. lost 20lbs in 7days. hope my story of hell can help you. if you chose to taper with that small amount its going to take even LONGER. but that is your choice man... im not saying a taper is not possible but can you control your use?? i sure as hell cant..
Avatar f tn I know how much pain I am do I need to suffer through it? or can I take a few to try and get a little relief.? I did go to the e.r. and got a few shots the other day..but I can't just keep going there..what the hell do I do..I can't handle much more of this..I have been laying on heating pads,ice,frozen veggies..I have taken motrin,skelaxin,flexoril,advil,nuproxin..nothing is helping..I had an MRI @ 6mo.ago so i know what the problem is..usually though it gets better after 3-4 days...
Avatar m tn 1000 mg of morphine a day is not gonna be pain free/in fact a bit scary and I am on the positive side as a rule but u know sounds like u will suffer then refill on tuesday..merry go round? is it not? geez...u dont feel well at all i am guessing? u have nothing to tide u over?..when u get ur refill..sounds like that is ur plan..then post and have someone help u taper if u r tired of this..i would be sick and tired of being sick and tired by now...
1531526 tn?1330739676 There is every chance that the meds you are taking are now creating a majority of the pain your feeling. Weird huh? but I understand it does happen. Take pain killers long enough and your threshold for pain gets so low that stubbing a toe feels like someone chopped your foot off with an axe. Get away from the pain meds, get clean and then assess you pain level. May not be so bad afterall.
Avatar f tn Please do not take more meds than prescribed and make sure how long the PM Dr. wanted those to last..I don't see where he expects you to take them every day. They should be helping a decent amount if you had nothing before besides Advil or Tylenol....Percocet is pretty strong as it usually goes from Tylenol 3, to Ultram/Tramadol, to Norco/Lortab, to Percocet... steps....
Avatar n tn When I detoxed they gave me Zanaflex, which completely took away the muscle spasms but also really doped me up, knocked me out. Which was good as I had zero desire to take it once the WDs had passed. It did work, though. Good luck.
Avatar f tn In that I have to go to ER due to shortness of breath, lips/tongue swelling, etc. The meds I CAN take for pain don’t even come close to touching it – but I guess it would be worse if I was not taking them. I’m seriously considering finding a good chiropractor, but have been putting it off because of horror stories. I understand that there are wonderful ones out there – I just don’t want to end up with the QUACK! lol I do have hypertension – fairly controlled on my BP meds.
Avatar f tn And yes, it’s really hard to get used to walking without it. How long do you have to wear it? It’s going to take you a little time after you stop wearing it to feel and walk normal. Right now you’re still healing. I was still wearing mine when I went to PT. I think it was like 4 to 5 months, I don’t remember. Then when I was in P.T they helped me build the muscles back up and It wasn't so bad.
Avatar n tn I have never done it but I know how I have adjusted when I had to do it and I would say do it as slowly towards the end as u can. If u have enough pills to spread it out, do that. I think the shorter the drop - the easier - everytime if u can. That's just what I think, like I said, I wish I had the willpower to do that, so good for you. Are u wanting off them b/c your sick of taking them, or are u scared u may get addicted?
209591 tn?1267418314 Finally, I went with him and I said to the orthopedic guy, * look he's 21 yrs old and this is affecting his life and he's in college and has a lot of work to do, so let's do whatever tests you have to do to find out exactly what it is.* They did an MRI and found a torn ligament and some degeneration in his neck. It wasn't great news, but at least we knew for sure what we were dealing with, and my son felt relieved at least to know this.
1285653 tn?1288362229 Currently - Topamax (its been over ten years since I started taking it) and cymbalta daily, though I want to get off the cymbalta because it does nothing for me and I can't take the side effects. Aleve or migranal on bad days and cross my fingers they work.
Avatar f tn In hindsight, I wish that I was told about how it's actually made to work and mostly, how difficult it is to get off of it. Maybe I would have made a different choice. I excuse the doctor that prescribed me this medication because I believe that he had good intentions and believed what the pharmaceutical company told him. He may have learned differently since then, but he's no longer my Doctor so I wouldn't know. I'm not sure if anyone's been following my posts....
Avatar n tn The best advice I can give is to go to that AA meeting and take it one day at a time. It really takes your body up to a month to get all of the chemicals OUT. Many chemicals such as alcohol, marijuana and opiods will s l o w l y come out of fat cells in the body over the month. Yes, you will have sweating and may feel lousy, but take it one day at a time and you will feel great in a month or so.
Avatar n tn you have no help and your husband is not being supportuive and the need to hide whats going on is causing guilt. it can be done alone but it does make it harder. keep moving forward. it takes one second, one minute, one hour at a time. do you want to be off for good or are you planning to go back to meds once you can? this indecision can also make the pain worse since your spending your time trying to figure out how to get a refill or borrow meds. i am here whenever you need me.
Avatar f tn I took my non narcotic muscle relaxer-and hoping for some relief. Is this how it is going to be in the cold?? I take relafen for anti inflammatory. Anyone out there have any non narcotic ideas for pain-legit? I have counselling tonight-I will crawl there. I am just losing it with this pain today-sorry.
Avatar f tn What are some non-narcotic drugs I can possibly try? I have been taking valium to help relax my muscles, which it does...But it does nothing for the pain that is constant.I have been taking motrin ,aleve,advil.but feel no relief at all. I have not taken anymore pain medicine since I took those Norco earlier this week. I do not want to ruin my progress but I am in pain and need to do something..I have an MRI scheduled for next week to see if the discs that were already bad in my back are worse..
Avatar m tn Please help me iv done oxy roxy and so forth since 2006 and iv been takkng a quarter of suboxin for almost a year. I want to quit but I'm scared of the detox does any one no how long it takes to get over the detox.
Avatar f tn In hindsight, I wish that I was told about how it's actually made to work and mostly, how difficult it is to get off of it. Maybe I would have made a different choice. I excuse the doctor that prescribed me this medication because I believe that he had good intentions and believed what the pharmaceutical company told him. He may have learned differently since then, but he's no longer my Doctor so I wouldn't know. I'm not sure if anyone's been following my posts....